Top Five Gifts for a Teenager: Featuring Fenix LED Flashlights

Top Five Gifts for a Teenager: Featuring Fenix LED Flashlights

Hello again everyone, this is Brad from the team and today I’ll be going over my Top 5 gifts for teenagers this season. There isn't much time left until Christmas so you'll need to act soon to get gifts for those family members that are somewhat hard to buy for, especially teenagers!


E15 (discontinued; see E09R)


Number 5 on my list would be the E15 priced at $29.95. This light is 270 Lumens and only 2.6 inches long running off a single CR123A battery and features a twist head operated light that will allow the user to select 4 different brightness levels ranging from 8 lumens - 50 lumens - 110 lumens and turbo at 270 lumens however, if you use a rechargeable CR123 otherwise known as a 16340 battery that light will reach 450 lumens! This model is perfect for your EDC collection. carry. Like most all Fenix handheld lights, it comes with a nylon holster and fits well in your back pocket.



The Fenix E09R flashlight is something new for us here at Fenix-Store. This tiny keychain light features a 600 Lumen Burst mode that will give you all the light you may need, plus a choice between a 70 hour runtime with the 3 lumen moonlight mode or a nearly 300 foot throw with the 300 lumen max regular output.

UC02 (discontinued; see E02R)

Next on the list at number 4 is the UC02 keychain light for $24.95. This light comes in 3 different colors: Black, Blue, Purple and we also have two Stainless versions in Gold or Blue for $29.95. All color models will have two operating modes, Low at 10 lumens and High at 130 lumens. This light is ideal to keep on your keychain, purse or backpack and measures in at only 1.7 inches long and is also Micro USB rechargeable so you don’t have to worry about replacing batteries, just charge it with any Micro USB charging cable.



The Fenix E02R brings a new design to our favorite keychain flashlight. The E02R flashlight is a tiny and compact rechargeable keychain flashlight that will be at your side whenever you need it. Fully submersible waterproofing will protect the light when you drop your keys in a puddle and the built-in rechargeable battery will mean that you don't have to go searching for replacements. Just plug in and recharge!


At number 3 is the PD25 selling for $56.95. This light is one of my favorite everyday carry lights! The Fenix PD25 is the perfect size measuring only 3.7 inches in length with a maximum output of 400 lumens with a CR123 battery or 550 lumens with a rechargeable 16340 battery. The PD25 has four different brightness modes reaching from 5 lumens - 50 lumens - 150 lumens and Turbo at 400 lumens plus a strobe option making it perfect for any low light parking lots, driveways or even on the way to your deer stand early in the morning. All four modes can be accessed by the tactical tail-switch making it easy to use for one hand operation.


Number 2 is the Fenix HL26R Running Headlamp listed at $49.95! This headlamp is ultra lightweight and rechargeable specifically designed for trail running, hiking or walking. It comes in 3 different colors: Black, Blue or Yellow and also features a built-in rechargeable Li-polymer battery that can be charged through the Micro USB port. It will have spotlight and floodlight capabilities and also has dual switches for fast operation. With the IP66 Water resistance rating and fully reflective headband, the HL26R is competent for the complex environments of trail running and long distance hiking.


Finally, at the top spot on my list for the top 5 gifts for teenagers would be the newly upgraded UC30 2017 edition on sale for $59.95. This compact tactical light is 1,000 lumens and has a maximum throw distance of 830 feet! It measures at 5.1 inches long and will include a 2600 mAh rechargeable 18650 battery that you can charge inside the light with the included micro USB cable. This EDC flashlight features a luminous green rubber boot as well as a battery status indicator located on the stainless steel side switch and even features a lockout function making the Fenix UC30 a must-have for your flashlight collection.