Top Five Gifts for Dad: Featuring Fenix LED Flashlights

Top Five Gifts for Dad: Featuring Fenix LED Flashlights

That special dad in your life deserves the best in lighting. His days of struggling with the old check-out-counter "light" are over. No more annoying bulb replacements or dark spots in the beam...Here are our top recommendations that your dad will appreciate for years.




The TK20R is one of the newest additions to our rechargeable line. It is a 1000 lumen tactical type light that isn’t too big for everyday carry. Like most all Fenix handheld lights, it comes with a nylon holster and fits well in your back pocket.



The PD35TAC and the UC35 V2 are two great lights that are 1000 lumens. The body and head are only 1 inch in diameter so it makes it easy to carry. The UC35 V2 gets the edge because it is micro USB rechargeable. The PD35 is still one of our most popular lights. Both use one 18650’s or two CR123A’s. Dad will be proud of either or both of these lights.



Everyone needs a good headlight for those hands-free jobs.The HL60 is another rechargeable and provides all the light you will need, at 950 lumens.It also has red lights for situations where the white light is too bright. The head can be tilted for working in close quarters. It is easy to keep charged with its USB charging port. Plus, it comes in either black or desert yellow!




At 3.5 inches and 550 lumens, the PD25 uses a 16340 or CR123A battery. It is a great everyday carry or backup light. It can be carried in your front pocket, but fits great beside your wallet in the back pocket. The PD25 also comes with a FREE ARB-L16-700U USB rechargeable battery!



Everyone needs a good lantern. The CL30 throws a 30-foot radius beam and can be hung or attached to a tripod. This lantern can be used as an emergency light, work light, or camp light. It is USB rechargeable!