Top Five Gifts for Mom: Featuring Fenix LED Flashlights

Top Five Gifts for Mom: Featuring Fenix LED Flashlights

Your mom will be pleased with any of these Fenix products. Yes, mom needs reliable lighting also. Whether it is looking for that lost Lego or checking ears for rocks, one of these lights will be sure to bring a smile to her face every time she pulls it out.


UC02 (discontinued; see E02R)


It seems Moms always have their hands full. At just 1.7 inches in length, the little UC02 is perfect for keychain carry, ready when Mom needs to check the car at night, look for a lost toy, etc. This little baby is a whopping 130 lumens and is rechargeable.



This tiny light will be enough for anything you need. The E02R flashlight is so tiny that you'll forget it's on your keychain until you need it! At 200 lumens it is enough to light up every nook and cranny in the car or in the bowels of a purse! With a built-in battery and direct recharging there is no need for finding or replacing a battery for the light.



When you think of self defense tools, a high-powered flashlight should be included in the mix. The rechargeable UC30 packs an incredible 960 lumens (which in itself is blinding) which can be set to a strobe mode. A 960-strobing light is enough to temporarily blind and ward off an intruder. With the UC30, there is only one button so all modes can be quickly accessed when needed.

E12 (discontinued; see E12 V2)



The E12 is a classic bestseller for all. Its powered by a standard AA battery and can be carried on a keychain. Because it can tail stand, it would be useful for those camping trips


E12 V2


The Fenix E12 V2 flashlight is the newest version of the classic best-selling E12 flashlight. This version still uses the easily-accessible AA battery but now features a 160 lumen maximum output. Small enough for keychain or pocket carry, the V2 version now inlcudes a robust pocket clip in addition to the keychain holes at the back.




Surprisingly, the CL20R lantern is a favorite of Mom. Because it can hang or be magnetically attached to a metal surface, the versatility makes this perfect for Mom. The red flashlight light makes the lantern an important piece of gear for a road trip.





This is small and powerful light--small enough to slip in a pocket. Whether mom is hiking, cycling, or camping, this 320-lumen little torch can be carried and accessed when needed. The incredible beam shot up to 443 feet makes it perfect for all-around use.