Top Five Gifts for the Guy Who Has Everything: Featuring Fenix LED Flashlights

Top Five Gifts for the Guy Who Has Everything: Featuring Fenix LED Flashlights

We all have that guy on our list--whether it is a husband, brother, dad, friend, or boss. They are all just so hard to buy for. This year, skip the "Jelly of the Month" club or the annual Sock Subscription box and buy that someone something they can actually use and enjoy...a new Fenix light.  


TK16 V2.0 Tactical Flashlight



We all know those guys that have to have the biggest and baddest…whether it’s a truck, gun or in this case a flashlight. The Fenix TK16 V2 is the baddest and brightest light of the bunch. With over 3000 lumens and tactical features, it is a beast of a flashlight. The output rivals most sets of vehicle headlights! It’s sure to impress and be a gift that anyone would love.




The Fenix LR35R ultra bright flashlight may be the most powerful flashlight for its compact size. In a palm size package, the LR35R blasts out 10000 lumens of white light illuminating a massive area and reaching far into the distance. Whether you’re looking for a gift for the outdoorsman, techie, handyman, or businessman, I can personally promise you they will smile as soon as they turn this light on!


LD05 V2 Penlight



The perfect EDC tool, the Fenix LD05 V2 is a penlight that easily clips onto a pocket so your guy will never be without his handy flashlight. It runs on two AAA batteries and delivers 100 lumens making it bright considering it's small size. It features a neutral white LED giving the light a soft quality and a UV light that's great in low light areas. Spoil the guy you love with this great gift! 

CL26R Camping Lantern


An LED lantern is so useful. The versatility of the lantern's ability to hang and emit a 360-degree beam is invaluable in many situations. Take a look at our most popular LED lantern - the Fenix CL26R. Your man who has everything will greatly appreciate this item he may never have seen before.




There's a good chance your man who has everything already has a headlamp; however, it is probably one he picked up at the checkout counter of the local big box store--and it is inferior for his needs. The rechargeable, butt-kicking Fenix HM50R V2.0 will blow him away.