Top Five Gifts for the Prepper: Featuring Fenix LED Flashlights

Top Five Gifts for the Prepper: Featuring Fenix LED Flashlights

When it comes to "doomsday" prepping, your selection criteria change a little. Several specifications you want are: lights powered by easily attainable batteries, ability to recharge the light, long run times, self defense, and the most lumens for the size. These are the top lights we recommend when preparing for those times without electricity or other emergency situations:





Prepper gear starts with a power source that is easily attainable. The LD22, which is powered by simple AA alkaline batteries, should be part of a prepper's bug-out bag. The tactical strike head and slim profile makes it a perfect go-to flashlight.





The TK41C is packed with the specs needed for emergency planning. It is powered by AA alkaline batteries, and it has red and blue constant or flashing modes. There is a 1000-lumen setting for searching and security or an Eco setting for an incredible 240-hour run time.

TK75 2018 (discontinued; see LR50R)



You are in an emergency situation; you need to scan your property to assess danger. The 2018 TK75 is the light you turn to. Imagine 5100 Lumens scanning 2,788 feet of your property. This 7.5-inch flashlight takes prepper lighting to the upper end of preparedness.




The LR50R flashlight is a top choice not only for yourself and anyone else with you. Not only will its impressive 16000mAh battery pack last up to 58 hours (over 2 days!) on a single charge but this is also one of our best search lights! Look for anyone lost from your group or survey your property, for a long time, with no charging in between!


E15 (discontinued; see E18R)



At 3.5 inches and 550 lumens, the PD25 uses a CR123A battery. It is a great everyday carry or backup light. It can be carried in your front pocket, but fits great beside your wallet in the back pocket. It has a clip that can be used on your cap for working hands free.



The E18R is a pocket-sized powerhouse. For a light of only 2.4 inches it sure packs a punch! 750 lumens with a wonderfully soft and even beam will certainly be helpful to anyone in their every day lives or in an emergency situation. With the included battery and internal charging capabilities this light is an all-in-one package that will not let you down. The light will last nearly 3 days on a single charge.

HP15 (discontinued; see HP16R)


To be fully prepared, you need a high-quality, high-lumen headlamp. The HP15 is exactly that. It is designed for expeditions, where conditions can be harsh. Powered by four AA alkaline batteries, the HP15 delivers up to 900 Lumens from the front of your head. Think hands-free lighting on demand, powered by the most widely available battery on the planet - AA.



The HP16R headlamp is a compact headlamp that comes with a high-powered battery pack but can use super commonly available AA batteries as a backup. Start off with the awesome 1250 lumen maximum output and still get an impressive 800 lumens from AA batteries if that runs out before you can recharge it with the on-board USB Type-C fast charging port. The HP16R features a spotlight and a floodlight, plus a red light to preserve your night vision that will last for up to 300 hours.