Top Five Gifts Under $50: Featuring Fenix LED Flashlights

Top Five Gifts Under $50: Featuring Fenix LED Flashlights

Everyone is looking for that perfect gift to give to that someone special at a reasonable price.Look no further I have the perfect selection of flashlights for that special someone without breaking the bank.Here is five lights guaranteed to brighten anyone’s day. 

Fenix PD25


If you want a small everyday carry light for your pocket, the PD25 is perfect. Measuring just over 3 1/2 inches, this light goes everywhere. Even though the PD25 is small, it packs quite a punch with 550 lumens and throws that beam 130 meters out ahead of you. It currently comes with a free micro USB rechargeable 16340 battery that keeps the PD25 running. With this light being only $56.95 and coming with a free battery, it is a hard offer to pass up.



Fenix UC30 Rechargeable Everyday Carry Flashlight


Our new UC30 is a fantastic light. The UC30 comes with its own battery and built in micro USB port. Like most of our lights, this one is waterproof. It even comes with interchangeable dust cover for the micro USB port, so you can use the color that fits your lifestyle. It operates on one rechargeable 18650 battery that can be charged either in the light of in a charging bay. This light is about 5 inches long and produces an incredible 1000 lumens with a throw of 253 meters. It is hard to beat for the price. We are currently selling the UC30 for $59.95, so get them before they are gone.




The CL25R is one of my personal favorite camping lanterns. With 360 degrees of illumination at 350 lumens, this is the perfect light for any camping activity. The CL25R comes with a screw on its base for a tripod mount. It also has a magnetic bottom which makes it ideal to stick to any metallic object. It comes with its own battery that charges in the lantern with a micro USB port. If you know someone who loves outdoor activities, then this lantern at only %59.95 is a great bargain.


Fenix CL26R Rechargeable Camping Lantern

The new CL26R is an upgrade to the previous CL25R in every way! 400 lumens maximum output with 400 hours maximum runtime make the CL26R an awesome compact option for camp lighting. It's bright enough to provide whatever light you need but light enough to be included with your backpacking pack. Don't forget to choose the recipient's favorite color!








If you are looking for a small everyday carry light that is easy to charge, then this RC05 Is great choice. It has a magnetic charging adapter that makes charging so easy. Just hold the cable close and the magnet does the rest. If the battery dies, you can always take the 14500 out and put in a new one. With a runtime of about 2 hours on high, you will find you generally can go several days without having to recharge the battery. The RC05 is $54.95, a perfect price for the perfect light.






If you are looking for a light that has a great flood as well as a great throw, the FD30 is the light for you. It is capable of producing 900 lumens with a throw of 656 feet. The maximum runtime is 4 1/2 hours of runtime on high. The 360-degree rotary focusing lens adjusts the FD30's beam from 76 degrees to 7 degrees. This light is perfect for many situations and at only $74.95 with a free micro USB rechargeable battery it is a brilliant gift for anyone.