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Which Keychain Light is best for you?

Fenix E02R

The Fenix E02R is the smallest keychain light from Fenix. But despite its size, it still manages an amazing 200 lumen output!

This rechargeable keychain includes a built-in rechargeable battery that can be charged via micro-USB and it come in three great colors, classic black, exciting blue, or sophisticated brown. The brown is a new color option from Fenix and has been very popular!


Fenix E03R

The Fenix E03R is a more traditional keychain flashlight with its wider, flat body design. The E03R is also a rechargeable keychain flashlight that charges via a USB-C port on the side. The single side-switch makes operation very simple and the lockout function will help to keep you from turning the light on by accident! As a bonus, the E03R is also the only keychain flashlight with red light that Fenix offers! If you like the red lighting option, pick up an E03R today!



Fenix E12 V2

The Fenix E12 V2 flashlight is the newer version of the long-time favorite E12 flashlight. The E12 is a single-AA flashlight taht is a good size for pocket-carry but still small enough to attach to a keychain if you'd prefer. The New E12 V2 includes a pocket clip as well so it really gives you the choice between keychain and pocket options. The E12 V2 maxes out at 160 lumens, an impressive output for just one AA battery! This is a great choice for people who want the reliability of a removeable battery that can be easily replaced.


Fenix E01 V2

The classic AAA battery keychain light, upgraded with the newest lighting technology! The new Fenix E01 V2 shows that even a single AAA battery can give a great amount of light! With a maximum output of 100 lumens, the E01 V2 is truly impressive. Simple twist-on operation and a large tail loop make it a quick and easy lighting option for any keychain! Comes in black or blue!


Fenix LD02 V2

Another upgrade to a previous model, the LD02 V2 is a tiny penlight, just like its predecessor. It uses a single AAA battery and has a maximum lumen output of 70 lumens. The first thing that makes the LD02 V2 unique is the warm light. Most Fenix lights and, indeed, most modern flashlights in general use neutral or cool white LEDs. The LD02 V2 is for those people who like the warmth that you might see from a traditional incandescent bulb but it's still from a highly energy-efficient LED! Warm light does not lessen your night vision as much as cooler color temperatures may, and it doesn't hurt your eyes in the dark. Plus it is better for rendering true-to-life colors when taking photographs or videos. As an added bonus, the LD02 V2 also features an integrated UV light, making it an excellent tool for people in all sorts of professions, from industrial workers, engineers, shopkeepers, and even dentists!



PLEASE NOTE: Lights featured below may no longer be available. See above for currently available flashlights.