What is the brightest Fenix flashlight?

Let's discuss the brightest Flashlight available from Fenix! The very brightest that we have available is the Fenix TK72R rechargeable LED flashlight, it has an output of 9000 Lumens. The runtime on the highest output is 50 minutes accumulated. It has an intensity of 20,500 CD. The TK72R is the brightest flashlight from Fenix that has an instant strobe, turbo, and lockout function. For the lockout function on the TK72R, you click the switch twice within 5 seconds to lock it. To unlock it you repeat the same process. It will return to the last used brightness level. To use the TK72R instant turbo, when your light is on, single click the switch that has the Fenix symbol. Now for instant stronbe, press and hold the switch for 1 second to enter the strobe mode, click the switch to exit to the previous output mode that was used.

The TK72R brightest flashlight is also USB rechargeable. It also has a discharge output port that is located right next to the charging port. The Fenix TK72R includes an ARB-L45-14000 battery, lanyard, holster, spare O-ring and the Micro USB charging cable. The USB power adapter will also be included. This bright flashlight also has an IP68 waterproof rating which means it submersible up to ttow meters for 30 minutes. Some great aesthetic features of the TK72R is stainless steel switches and reinforced heat sinks. This improved heat sinks will help when using the TK72R at the brightest output of 9000 lumens. Fenix has also taken the time to add anti-slip knurling and a super bright OLED digital screen. With this super bright OLED screen you will effortlessly see the output and battery level remaining.

Let's move on to the reflector and visibility range of the TK72R. Many would think that 9000 lumens have long distance visibility, essentially making the TK72R a thrower. However, Fenix designed the TK72R with an orange peel reflector making the flashlight flood light instead of a long distance thrower. Camping, hiking and search and rescue are ideal situations in which you can use the TK72R. The high-intensity brightness allows you to search for an area or even open waters efficiently. Another excellent feature fo the Fenix TK72R is the SOS function. The SOS function has saved the lives of many people in the past. Many Fenix flashlights include this feature, and the TK72R is not the exception. If you find yourself hurt or in a dangerous situation, the TK72R can signal to alert someone that immediate help is needed.

In today's flashlight market you will find many flashlights that are as bright or even brighter than the TK72R. However, many of these flashlights do not have the same features or capabilities. Another thing to consider when purchasing an ultra bright flashlight is the warranty that is included. As many readers already know Fenix offers a 5-year limited lifetime warranty. You can have peace of mind knowing that the great people at Fenix store protect your investment. Choose the Fenix TK72R the brightest flashlight that Fenix has to offer.