What is the Brightest Flashlight? - Fenix

Why do you need a bright flashlight?

There are several reasons why you need a bright flashlight. Whether you just want a reliable tool to use for everyday tasks or you want to feel safe with a self-defense flashlight, the brightness is very important. We look at brightness in terms of "lumens" for a flashlight. Without getting into the technical details, we have found that there are a few different lumen ranges that are most appropriate for certain situations.

10000 Lumens and above


Flashlights that emit over 10000 lumens are specialty lights for special situations. This can include a search light used by a search & rescue team, a spot light used by a farmer to check on the livestock out in the field, or even used for special event lighting. These lights are usually larger and more expensive than your typical handheld LED flashlight. From our experience, the average person doesn't need a light this powerful for general home use. 

The brightest flashlight is the Fenix LR80R flashlight at a whopping 18000 lumens. This rechargeable search light features an easy carry handle, USB charging and discharging, and up to 300 hours of runtime!

Over 3000 Lumens

Flashlights in this range are very powerful and are great to be used in tactical situations and other self-defense applications as simple as defending yourself from a wild animal. High-output flashlights can disorient targets and provide you with a life-saving advantage in tense moments.

The Fenix RC40 is the brightest flashlight we carry at a whopping 6000 LUMENS and a 730 METER BEAM THROW! The RC40 is no longer our brightest light and it has been discontinued. Please see above in the 10000 lumens+ category for the brightest light available. The best light in the 3000 lumens category will be the PD40R V2:




900 - 2999 Lumens

Lights that fall in this category are going to be great for everyday use, providing light for a work environment, tactical use, and self defense. Fenix has come out with an amazing line of flashlights at an affordable price. Users looking for the brightest flashlight are happy when they purchase a light in this category.

The Fenix PD35 Tactical Edition is a favorite among bright flashlight enthusiasts. It has some really cool features as well as an output of 1000 LUMENS!


400 - 899 Lumens

These lights are perfect for general use around the home, office, garage, walking the dog, and on the job. They are typically smaller and easier to carry in your pocket. You can find a wide variety of these lights with different sizes and different power sources. Standard AA lights designed by Fenix can now reach these lumen levels, which have revolutionized the flashlight industry over the past few years. Flashlights over 500 lumens can still provide self defense benefits and blind a potential attacker. Some of these lights have a strobe feature and some are a more basic design for normal everyday use.

Our recommendation for this category is the Fenix PD25 flashlight.  550 LUMENS are packed into a flashlight that is small enough to carry in your pocket! 



How bright is enough for me?

If you have a primary purpose for getting a bright flashlight, then you can use our filters  HERE to find one with the specific features that you want. However, if you don't know exactly what you want, you may consider checking out our "Lights by Activity" page HERE to get a feel for which lights match your needs. Fenix has created some beautiful and durable flashlights that come with a lifetime warranty and amazing customer service. When you buy a Fenix light from Fenix Store, we provide USA warranty servicing and can help you with anything regarding your Fenix flashlight.  Click HERE for more information about the services we offer to our customers.