Which Tactical flashlights do we like the best?

We've heard people ask before what is so great about a tactical flashlight. The answer: everything. There are so many tactical flashlights out in the market today that range from body design to lumens to features so that you can find the perfect tactical flashlight for your needs. What's more, is that Fenix, a manufacturer that creates high quality and high intensity flashlights, provides you with so many options. So now we want to talk about some Fenix tactical flashlights as well as what you might want to look for when shopping for a tactical flashlight.


Let's start with one of our more popular lights and that is the Fenix PD35 Tac. This tactical flashlight, like so many Fenix flashlights, has a high performance with a focus on tactical employment. This light delivers 1000 lumens, a great amount of power that can easily shine through the darkness. A unique feature of the PD35 TAC flashlight are the two modes of operation. The Tactical Mode is for exactly what you'd expect, tactical employment. You can access the turbo mode, the low mode, and the strobe mode. Fenix scaled down the outputs to the most necessary ones making this tactical flashlight excellent for law enforcement or military personnel.


While it's excellent that the PD35 TAC features that tactical mode, the outdoor mode allows this flashlight to be a lot more versatile. In this mode you are able to access multiple brightness levels as well as the strobe mode. So in the Outdoor Mode you'll have access to all 5 brightness levels giving you a wide range of options and expanding how you may want to use this tactical flashlight. Not to mention, the user interface is really great because it's so easy to learn. It has a tail switch with a momentary on and a stainless steel side switch that is very easy to find in the dark. It's important to know that the side switch can only change between brightness levels in the Outdoor Mode. If you're looking for a tactical flashlight that is really versatile, can be used in multiple situations, and is rugged then check out the Fenix PD35 TAC tactical flashlight.


The next tactical flashlight we're going to look at is the Fenix TK20R. Looking at it and comparing it to the PD35 TAC, the TK20R features a more tactical design with that larger head and a more defined bezel. it also delivers 1000 lumens and has an impressive beam throw of over 1000 feet. So as you can imagine, you're going to be seeing quite a focused hotspot that shoots far into the night with this tactical flashlight.


The TK20R is a straightforward tactical flashlight and one that is very easy to operate and learn. You have four different modes and a strobe mode that ensures you are ready for anything that comes. Just like the PD35 TAC, the TL20R features a tactical tail switch and a stainless steel side switch. The tail switch gives you a momentary on which is exactly what you want in any tactical flashlight and you can use the side switch to access the strobe mode as well as to cycle through the different outputs.


It's also a rechargeable flashlight which is always a plus. With a rechargeable tactical flashlight you can easily charge it while working on the computer or while binge watching Netflix. Having a rechargeable flashlight is extremely convenient and once you own one it can be tough to buy a flashlight that isn't rechargeable. The TK20R is definitely a convenient tactical flashlight that has a lot of great features while still being straightforward and easy to learn.


The last tactical flashlight we're going to talk about is the Fenix TK16 1000 Lumen flashlight. The body design on the TK16 is a typical tactical flashlight body design with a crenulated bezel and tactical ring. It has a bean throw of 787 feet making sure that you can see far into the distance. The TK16 tactical flashlight features a dual tail switch design allowing you to easily operate the flashlight with a single hand. The two switches have texture differences so you can easily tell them apart even if you can't see anything. Between the five outputs including a strobe mode, you are covered with any situation.


The TK16 is another straightforward flashlight that is easy to pick up on and will quickly become one of your favorite tactical flashlights. You have an instant strobe mode with the TK16 allowing you to easily blind an attacker in case you find yourself in that situation. The TK16 is rugged and durable and may be considered one of the best tactical flashlights.


So to sum up, there are definitely a few features you’re going to want to look for in any tactical flashlight. You definitely want to look at the power that a tactical flashlight delivers. As you can see from the three flashlights we mentioned, all of them deliver 1000 lumens which is the perfect amount of light for any tactical flashlight. It's also important to know what you'll be using your tactical flashlight for. If it's for work you may prefer the straightforward user interface and design of the TK20R or the TK16. If it's for home use you may prefer the Fenix PD35 TAC because of its different modes and versatility. You want your tactical flashlight to be rugged, durable, and long-lasting. With any Fenix flashlight you'll be guaranteed this. Finally, it comes down to what you really want in a flashlight. For some users they need to have a rechargeable flashlight, for others it's more important to have a certain beam pattern. It ranges from user to user. So keep all of this in mind next time you're shopping for the perfect tactical flashlight.