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Fenix Flashlight Diffusers and filters


Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Flashlight?

Do you know with a small additional investment, you can add versatility to your flashlight. For as little as $5.95, you can change your flashlight into a tracking device, a signal wand, or a lantern. Check out the product pages then see what your light is compatible with

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Fenix Flashlight FiltersFenix Flashlight FiltersFenix Flashlight Filters

Colored Filters Applications

Green Filters: For night vision. Outlines of objects are sharpened, which enhances visibility.
Blue Filters: Expose bodily fluids. In hunting environments, great for blood tracking.
Red Filters: Improve the ability to see at nighttime, while minimizing exposure. Favored by military and law enforcement professionals.


Fenix Flashlight Traffic Wands


Traffic Applications

Traffic Wands: Convert your flashlight into a highly-visible glowing wand. Various wand sizes to convert many flashlight models.


Fenix Flashlight DiffusersFenix flashlight diffusers


Diffuser Applications

White Diffusers: Transform beams into wide-angle floodlights, similar to a lantern. Allows user to have the advantages of a far-throwing/flood beam flashlight as well as a lantern. Adds versatility to your torch.


"Spotlight" on the the LD15R
Hands-free Operation
Magnetic Attachment or Clip Hang


Fenix LD15R LED Rechargeable Angle Light

Fenix LD15R LED Flashlight Rechargeable Angle Light