New Fenix HP25R V2 Headlamp!



(Discontinued: View our current HP25 V2 .)

The Fenix HP25 Headlamp puts you in charge as conditions change with 20 distinct lighting patterns.  Yes, that said 20!  Two dedicated light sources, each able to be adjusted individually, deliver flood and spot combinations up to 360 lumens from 4 AA batteries.  With beam distance up to 153 meters and runtime to nine days, this light will open all seasons, especially those winter evenings when dark comes before you are ready.  Take this headlamp with you on your backcountry excursions, your campouts, your Big Foot search, on your nightly biking rides, or your spelunking treks. It is the ultimate in a hands-free light source.

HP25 no longer available: See HP25R V2


Fenix HP25R V2 Headlamp

The new Fenix HP25R V2 picks up where the previous HP25R left off. With increased brightness and increased runtimes, the HP25R V2 is the among the best work headlamps you can find. With separately controlled spot and flood lights, you can work up close or far away and adapt the headlamp to your needs. With a 1600 lumen output it is among the brightest Fenix headlamps available and the floodlight can operate at an extended runtime: over 400 hours! Buy the HP25R V2 here today!