Fenix RC40 Discontinued - Check out the LR80R!

Fenix's brightest flashlight - RC40 (Now LR80R)

The New Fenix RC40 features our exclusive RAPID SCAN BEAM to deliver an excellent combination of throw and overall coverage. A stunning 3500-lumen output is transformed into a 710-meter throw for long range identification and a 90 degree wide beam for maximum close-range coverage. Combined with advanced power solutions which enable extended periods of runtime for long-running task lighting, RC40 is THE CHOICE for field operations and more.

RC40 DISCONTINUED - PLEASE SEE LR80R as a suitable replacement and now the brightest LED flashlight on Fenix-Store.com

The Replacement for the RC40: Amazingly bright LR80R Searchlight with incredible runtimes

While it has since been discontinued, the RC40 reigned supreme as the brightest Fenix flashlight for a long time. It has since been overtaken by our new brightest search light, the LR80R rechargeable searchlight. This 18,000 lumen whopper of a flashlight is everything you could want in a hand-held searchlight. The Fenix LR80R is designed to keep your search going for as long as possible and make it even more effective. The LR80R is a flashlight with a high output that doesn't sacrifice its runtimes. Even at its highest output setting, the Fenix LR80R's high-capacity rechargeable battery will last for over 2 hours. If you are being careful and try to conserve the battery, it will last for over 300 hours. This light is among the longest-running search lights out there.

Additional features include a detatchable easy-carry handle, tripod mount, IP68 waterproofing, and lockout function. You can also use the flashlight for a powerbank to charge other devices from it when the need arises. Check out the LR80R flashlight today!

Fenix LR80R shown held via shoulder strap or via the detachable handle