Unlocking the Power of Fenix Flashlights: A Deep Dive into Their Pressure Switches

When diving into the world of Fenix flashlights, one quickly recognizes the brand's dedication to innovation, quality, and user-friendliness. Fenix has built an unparalleled reputation for delivering top-tier flashlights for various applications. But beyond the flashlights themselves, it's their accessories that can transform their utility, with pressure switches being at the forefront.

So, let's explore the unique features of each Fenix pressure switch and the flashlights they're compatible with.

The Basics: What is a Pressure Switch?

Before diving in, it's vital to understand what a pressure switch is. In simple terms, it's an accessory that allows users to operate their flashlight remotely from a short distance, such as attached to the barrel or rail of a rifle, without needing to reach for the flashlight's power button. Particularly useful in tactical or hunting situations, a pressure switch ensures quick light access with minimal movement.

Features of Fenix Pressure Switches

Easy Installation

Fenix pressure switches are designed for easy attachment. Simply replace your flashlight's tail cap with the pressure switch, and you're set.

Tailored Activation

Fenix pressure switches come with dual switches with different functionality depending on the flashlight they are attached to. Each switch features a clickable switch for power on/off and a pressure pad which offers either instant strobe when the light is off and brightness selection when the light is on, or momentary-on while the light is off. Which of these features is dependent upon the model of light and switch). This offers flexibility in various scenarios.

Durable Design

Made to withstand harsh conditions, Fenix's pressure switches are water-resistant and built from high-quality materials.

Fenix Pressure Switches and Their Compatible Flashlights

While there are several pressure switches in Fenix's lineup, we'll delve into the most prominent ones and the flashlights they pair with:

AER-01 and AER-02 V2 Pressure Switches 

The AER-01 is a class option with simple operation. The pressure pad on the AER-01 will momentarily turn the light on while it is held. This is perfect for situations where you need to stay hidden and would like to have a quick burst of light to see in front of you, but don't want to draw attention by having the beam on for a significant duration. Key features include a noiseless pressure pad and a coiled cable to adjust according to the user's needs.

You can think of the AER-02 V2 as an upgrade to the -01, though some people still prefer the old style of the -01 rather than the -02. The AER-02 V2 has the same functionality as the AER-01 but with a more distinct separation between the pressure pad and main switch so it is easier to feel where the buttons are without needing to look. The key difference with is the different button style and the lack of coiled cable which, sacrifices distance for a cleaner setup.

Both the AER-01 and AER-02 V2 fit on flashlights with removable tail caps that are 1 inch in diameter such as the PD32 V2, PD35 V3, and PD35R. 

AER-03 V2.0 Tactical Remote Pressure Switch

Crafted for dual tail switch flashlights powered by 18650 batteries, this switch is used with the TK26R flashlight and any other 18650-powered dual tail cap light. With the pressure pad the user can change the immediate strobe activation when the light is off and adjust brightness levels or trigger the strobe when the light is on.

AER-04 Tactical Remote Pressure Switch

Designed for the tactical aficionado, this switch boasts compatibility with some of the most popular tactical Fenix Flashlights including the Fenix TK16 V2, TK30, TK22 V2, and most other dual tail cap 21700-powered Fenix flashlights. It is designed for use with these fantastic dual tail cap flashlights and allows for the activation of the lights' true-instant strobe while the light is off and allows the user to change brightness levels or activate strobe while the light is on.

AER-05 Tactical Remote Pressure Switch

The AER-05 is designed specifically for use with Fenix's flashlights that utilize the patented APF technology. Other pressure switches will not work with these lights, and the AER-05 will not work with non-APF flashlights. Compatible lights include the HT18, HT30R, PD36R PRO, and PD36 TAC.

AER-06s Tactical Remote Pressure Switch

This highly specialized switch is for use with pistol-mounted lights such as the GL19R. With simple functionality comes simple operation, so you'll never second guess your actions during a highly stressful engagement. 

Concluding Thoughts

Whether you're a tactical professional, a passionate hunter, or someone who simply loves the outdoors, Fenix's pressure switches can enhance your flashlight's performance. Visit fenix-store.com, fenixlighting.com, or fenixlight.com to explore these switches in-depth and find the perfect match for your Fenix flashlight.

Note: Always ensure compatibility before purchasing any accessory by looking at our handy accessory compatibility list.

Optimize your flashlight's potential with the right accessories. Dive into the world of Fenix and illuminate your adventures like never before.