Rechargeable Pocket Flashlights

    Pocket flashlights are exactly how they sound. They are small flashlights, usually less than 5 inches in length, that can easily fit in a pocket and be carried. Pocket flashlights are also considered everyday carry flashlights, with simple user interfaces for everyday tasks. LED lights that run on 14500 batteries tend to be the perfect size for pocket flashlights. 14500 batteries are about the same size as an AA battery so you can see how this small power source would be perfect for a pocket light. Because 14500 lithium-ion batteries are rechargeable, you can find 14500-powered flashlights that are also rechargeable. This gives you the added benefit of rarely having to replace the battery.

    Some 14500-powered flashlights are not rechargeable flashlights. However, having a battery charger handy, you can easily charge a 14500 battery. Some users prefer using a battery charger so they can continue to use their flashlights with a backup battery while their 14500 battery charges.

    Compact Battery Size

    14500 batteries are slim and small, around 2 inches in length. Some consider 14500 batteries to be the lithium-ion version of an AA battery which makes sense given the similar size. However, it’s important to point out that lights that use AA batteries may not necessarily work with 14500 batteries and vice versa. Because of their different chemistry, they have different voltages. So using a 14500 battery in an AA flashlight that wasn’t built for it isn’t a good idea. If you have a flashlight that runs on AA batteries and want to know if it can run on a 14500 battery too, check the user manual or check with the manufacturer before testing it out yourself.

    There are some LED flashlights that are able to use both AA batteries and 14500 batteries. Since lithium-ion batteries bring awesome power with them, these flashlights tend to have higher outputs and will have a lower output using an AA battery. However, since AA batteries are more accessible and inexpensive, they make great backup batteries for everyday carry flashlights.

    High Quality Fenix Batteries

    Fenix creates various lithium-ion batteries that have built-in protection. Protected batteries can have different forms of protection, but generally they’ll be protected from short-circuiting, over heating, over charging, and over discharging. It’s always recommended that users purchase protected batteries because they are safer to use in flashlights.

    Fenix ensures their lithium-ion batteries have the best protection so that the batteries last longer and are safer to use. So you can expect the best from their 14500 batteries. You can choose between a standard 14500 battery or a USB rechargeable 14500 battery. The USB rechargeable lithium-ion batteries feature a micro-USB port that allows you to easily and directly charge the battery without purchasing a battery charger. If you’re interested in a powerful pocket flashlight that runs on a 14500 battery, make sure to browse this section of Fenix lights.