A quick Fenix CL20R Overview | Fenix-Store.com



Thanks for joining me today. My name is Brad from the Fenix-Store team and I’ll be going over the amazing, newly upgraded Fenix CL20R camping lantern. This compact new lantern will still come in two colors, Blue and Orange and is fully rechargeable with the included USB cable. The lantern is equipped 16 neutral white LED’s and two Red LED’s and will have a max output of 300 Lumens. One key upgrade that was done is that Fenix has made it USB rechargeable and will include a built-in 1600mAh Li-polymer battery which compares to 7 AAA batteries and will deliver a max runtime over 200 hours as well as a battery level indicator. The IP66 rated water protection helps withstand heavy rain or splashing, magnetic bottom and hanging loop make the Fenix CL20R ultra-portable and convenient as an exceptional camping lantern but is not just limited to only camping! The white light will have 4 output modes ranging from 1 lumen up to 300 Lumens and has a distance of 49 feet. The red light will be 1.5 lumens and can either be used in flashing mode that can be used as a signal or emergency light or in the constant on mode to help conserve your night vision. The battery indicator will be solid green when it has more than 85% charge, flashing green if it’s between 85% - 51% charged. If the battery is 50% - 21% then it will alternate a red and green flash and finally once it is 20% or lower then you would see a flashing red light. Once you have fully charged the lantern it will be a constant green light and will flash red while it is charging. You can still use the lantern in low or med mode while it is charging but it will prolong the charging process.

Next, I will go over each output mode and runtime.

White Light:

  • Turbo - 300 lumens for 6 hours

  • High - 130 lumens for 12 hours

  • Med - 40 lumens for 20 hours

  • Low - 1 lumen for 200 hours

Red Light:

  • Flash - 1.5 lumens

  • Constant on 1.5 lumens for 100 hours

 Once you purchase a new CL20R you will receive the CL20R lantern, USB charging cable, user manual and warranty card. So, as you can tell this powerful and portable little light has endless uses in many situations and can be used while working on your vehicle, camping, fishing, hunting or even used as a night light or reading light next to your bed. Make sure to pick one up today before we run out, you won’t regret it!