A quick Gear Checklist for the 2017 Fall Camping Season | Fenix-Store.com


It happens every time, you arrive at the campsite which is 4 hours away in the middle of nowhere and then you remember you forgot all your favorite gear. We won't let this happen anymore! Fenix-Store.com has created the Gear Checklist for the 2017 fall camping season. This small but efficient checklist will make sure you have the gear you need before you hit the road.

-First, we have our world Famous camping lanterns. Why is this first on the list? When you think camping you think Lanterns, and we have the best lanterns available. A flashlight is great for hiking and late night walks through the woods, but a lantern has the power to bring everyone together to the table for a late night board game or scary story. We have many options, but our favorite would be the Fenix CL30R with 650 Lumens, this includes USB rechargeable capabilities. And it also doubles as a power bank. Pick one up on Fenix Store for only $109.95

-Next is batteries. Fenix is known for the great quality batteries that we offer. And 90% of our devices can use either Fenix 18650's or CR123 batteries, this is including our lanterns also. With this said we recommend having both options available when camping. Having a set of fully charged 18650's the 3500 mAH and maybe 1 or 2 Ten packs of the CR123's. This way if your 18650's are depleted before the end of the trip you can use CR123 batteries. The 3500mAH 18650 is only 21.95 and the 1 Ten pack of the Tenergy CR123's is 12.95.

Third, on our Camping Gear list is probably one of the most important things to have.  A good flashlight! Flashlights can serve a multitude of purpose. We have seen customer defend their families from wild animals with a good flashlight. You can even start a Fire with a flashlight! This is the reason you want to have a light that is dependable and can take a beating. Our number one choice is our number 1 best seller! The Fenix PD35 with 960 lumens there is virtually nothing that this light cannot do. It uses either 1 18650 or two CR123 nonrecharegeables. Pick one up on Fenix Store for only 69.95.

Fourth on our gear list is Gear Gripz! What are gear gripz? They are the safest and most reliable way to get a better grip on all your camping gear! They come in a variety of patterns and can adhere to most any surface. Use it on hatchets, fishing rods, or even your flashlight or cell phone. They may any surface easy to grab and hold. Pick up a pack of Gear Gripz for only 14.99 on Fenix Store.

Fifth on our list is a good and reliable charger. We offer a wide variety of chargers, that are suitable for any situation. But let's say you have a wide array of different batteries, how are you going to charge all of them? The answer is simple, the Fenix ARE-C2+, which can also be used in vehicle or RV via a DC adapter. The Fenix ARE-C2+ has an LCD display that will tell you voltage and charge rate. And it is not subject to just one battery type, you can charge 18650's, 16340's, 14500's and rechargeable AA and AAA batteries. The Fenix ARE-C2+ is only 39.95 on Fenix Store. Get your today.

Last on our list is survival tools. This is one of our favorites. Simply having a survival tool assures you that you will have all your bases covered on the campground. The Urban Operators survival tool is only 29.95 and it comes with Flint and Striker, Whistle, Compass and Includes 1 in/2.54 cm knife blade. This all in one beast is easy to carry and use. Get yours today at Fenix Store.com.

As we had mentioned before this is a small checklist of some of the most important gear you will need for this Fall Camping season. We wish to help you be prepared for your future camping trip. If you are interested in any of our other Fenix products or gear, please feel free to visit our website Fenix-Store.com or you can call one our customer service representatives at 1-800-616-1326. They will be glad to help any questions about these products and any other products that are on our site.