Best Camping Lanterns Offered by Fenix Flashlights

Fall is right around the corner and with it comes great weather for camping, hiking and hunting season! Many believe that Summer is the best weather for camping, but nothing beats the cool breeze when you first step out of your tent during an early Fall morning. The only thing that makes Fall worse than Summer is the fact that you will have less sunlight, meaning that you will want to be prepared with enough light for any situation. And in this case, Flashlights are not always the best answer. So what is the alternative?

Lanterns! Whether you are playing a board game, reading a book, or doing some late night cooking a good lantern can save you the headache of getting lost in the darkness. Good lanterns are hard to come by, so today we will provide you with one of the best options.

Fenix CL20R Best Camping Lantern 

Just recently Fenix released the new CL20R, a lantern that set itself apart from all other.  Let's discuss some of its features. First is the size. The Fenix CL20R is compact in size only 2.8 inches in length, 1.6 inches in width and 1.9 inches. This makes the Fenix CL20R perfect for packing in a small bag without taking up to much space. Just throw it in your overnight bag and you're ready to go!

fenix cl20r best camping lantern

One of the best features of the light is the lumen output and the fact the light is Micro USB rechargeable. First Let's talk about the lumens. The max output is 300 lumens on Turbo mode. This is just 1 of the 4 different modes that the light has, starting with the
Low at 1 lumen, Medium at 40 lumens, and the High at 130 Lumens. The previous version of the CL20 only had 130 max, the new and improved has over double the lumen capacity.  With so many different mode setting it will be easy to choose what amount you need for your different late night activities.

Micro USB Rechargeable Camping Lantern 

The other great function is the Micro USB rechargeable capability and the 1600 mAH Li-polymer battery. First, the fact this lantern is USB rechargeable makes it so much better than any other brand you may find. You will never have to worry about carrying batteries, you can charge the light on the way to the campsite or in the RV. And with a 1600 mAH Li-Polymer battery, you won't have to worry about charging the lantern constantly. The 1600 mAH Li-Polymer battery is equivalent to 7 AAA batteries, giving you a runtime of 6 hours on the Turbo mode.

best camping lantern fenix cl20r rechargeable lantern

Some of the added features of the Fenix CL20R camping lantern is the 360 Illumination giving you an even light no matter what surface the lantern is placed on. The magnetic bottom makes it easy for the light to hang on to any metal surface. This makes it a perfect reading light for the tent or RV. Need to hang it on a tree or on a Nonmagnetic surface? Easy just use the included hanging loop perfect for those late nights when you're working on your car.

The single switch operation makes it easy to use and activate without having to fumble around in the night. Even if your night gets a little rainy you won't have to worry, the Fenix CL20R is IP66 rated able to withstand heavy rain and flashing. All around the Fenix CL20R is one of the best camping lanterns available on the market today. Pick one up at for only $39.95.