Best throw distance Flashlights from Fenix

Thank you for joining us on another blog post. Today we're going to be discussing a few special flashlights that we have in our inventory. Specifically, we're going to be discussing the longest-throwing flashlights. When we discuss longest-throwing, this doesn't mean the flashlights that you could throw the farthest. This means the flashlights that can be seen at the farthest distance, or that their light can be seen at the farthest distance. Let's get straight into it.

At the first place position is one of the newest flashlights from the TK series. This is the Fenix TK75. Now, the Fenix TK75, there was a previous version. The new and upgraded model is 5,100 lumens and it does have a rechargeable battery carrier, so some really great additions to this flashlight. The other great addition is its focus reflector, that has put it in the number one spot for longest throwing distance of light, of all the Fenix flashlights. It is run by four 18650s. Of course, we always recommend using the 3,500 milliamp. Those are going to give you the longest run time. We even have a few bundle packages that you could purchase on

Now, the throw distance on the Fenix TK75, you're going to be looking around 850 meters, or 2,700 feet. To be precise, 2,788 feet of throw distance, so that's a little bit over half a mile. I mean, that's a really good throw distance that you would have there, with the Fenix TK75, taking the spot away from now the number two, which is the RC40.

Now, one of the main differences between the TK75 and the RC40s, other than the lumens, which, of course, we all know, the Fenix RC40 (discontinued; see LR80R) is still the brightest flashlight that we have, at 6,000 lumens, is the fact that they charge differently. The Fenix TK75, as we mentioned, the battery carrier is rechargeable. This doesn't mean the flashlight's rechargeable. What you would have to do is take out the battery carrier on the TK75, but you wouldn't have to take the batteries out of the TK75 batter carrier. It has a micro USB plug or outlet in the Fenix TK75 battery carrier, that you directly plug it into there, and then you would be able to charge those batteries that way. As we mentioned, it uses four of those 18650s.

Now, moving onto the Fenix RC40, as you know, the RC40's 6,000 lumens. It's been the brightest, the top dog in Fenix, for a long time. I know a lot of people are hoping that soon there will be an upgrade to this, something with even more punch than those 6,000 lumens, even though it's still our favorite flashlight, here in the office. The RC40 is so special that it even has its own battery. Yes, the RC40 doesn't use regular 18650s, it has its own proprietary battery pack. This one is directly rechargeable. You just plug it in, directly into the back of the flashlight, and you would be able to charge it that way. It does come with the AC adapter and the DC adaptor, both, so you could charge it either in your car or at your house.

Now, in throw distance, you're looking at 730 meters. Feet-wise, that's 2,395 feet, still over half a mile. You're looking at a really good throw distance on this RC40, especially being the brightest flashlight that Fenix offers, right now.

Moving on, is a flashlight that you would probably call the underdog, which is the TK47. Why would we say that? Because it's only 1,300 lumens. Well, a lot of people are asking, how is it possible that this Fenix TK47 (discontinued), at only 1,300 lumens, is in the third spot for the longest throw distance? Well, its throw distance is 700 meters, or 2,296 feet. The reason being, is because it has a superior focused reflector in the flashlight. Compared to its brother, which is the TK47UE, which has a orange peel reflector, this Fenix TK47 has that really focused reflector that gets the number three spot on the longest throw distance flashlights. It's powered by two 18650s. As we had mentioned before, we would probably recommend using the 3,500 milliamp batteries on those, that way you could get the maximum output and the longest run time on those batteries between charges. The longest throwing light we have is the TK30 Laser LED Light.

The number four spot belongs to the Fenix LD75C (discontinued). Some really cool features about this flashlight. As you all know, the C represents that it has colored LEDs. It is not rechargeable, but it does have a total of 4,200 lumens and a throw distance of 490 meters. That, in feet, is 1,600 feet. To be precise, 1,607 feet in throw distance. It is powered by four 18650s, so we would probably recommend, if you're going to be using this flashlight for a long period of time, is probably have a backup of those 18650s. Maybe have four charged, ready, because this flashlight is very bright and it will use those up if you are constantly using the highest output on that flashlight.

Moving onto our number five spot, is the Fenix TK41C (discontinued). Now, the TK41C, as we have mentioned, all our flashlights that have the C in it represent that they have colored LEDs, but this one is a little bit different than the others. Up till right now, we had mentioned that most of them use 18650 batteries. The Fenix TK41C, at 480 meters, or 1,500 feet, uses AA batteries to reach that throw distance. In total, it uses eight AA batteries to be able to get that amount of lumens, which is 1,000, or reach that distance of those 1,500 feet. If you're somebody that does not like to use 18650s or CR123s, this would be a good option for you, if you're looking for a long throw distance flashlight. It's at our number five spot and, as we mentioned, it would use a total of eight of those AAs.

Next, we have the Fenix TK32. The TK32 uses just one single 18650, has a throw distance of 422 meters, and in total, in feet, that comes out to 1,300 feet. To be precise, 1,384 feet. Nothing really absolutely special that stands out about this flashlight. It does have colored LEDs, as well. We do have a pressure switch and gun mount that is also some really nice accessories that could be used with this TK32, as well. And it's nice that it only uses one single 18650, so you could buy two, have one as a backup, and just put it in there in case you're on a long trip, or a long hunting trip, as well.

Last on our list, we have the Fenix FD65 (discontinued). This one came out earlier this year, about mid-year. I would say June or August, around there. The FD65 has a total of 3,800 lumens, and its throw distance is 410 meters. In total, in feet, that's a little bit over 1,300 feet, and it's powered by four 18650s. The reason why a lot of people like this flashlight, as you know, it's a part of the FD series, which represents the focusable flashlights. You could change it from a spot to a floodlight very instantly, and that spot is what's going to give you that really long throw distance of those 1,300 feet.

Once again, with this one, since it's powered by four 18650s, we would probably recommend having some spare or backup batteries to be able to power this flashlight, in case you're going to be on a long trip, camping trip, or hunting trip, as well. Other cool features about this FD65 is it does tail stand and, yes, even though the head is pretty big on this Fenix FD65, we do have a diffuser tip that can be used with it. So those are just some of the really nice features that this FD65 comes with.

We want to thank everybody today, for joining on this blog post, regarding our longest-throwing flashlights. If you do have any questions or concerns regarding these flashlights, or want a little bit more information, feel free to give us a call. Our customer service representatives are always happy to assist. Our number is 1-800-616-1326, or you could also reach us on our website, which is Thank you and have a great day.