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Welcome to, home of the best flashlights in the world. Today we are happy to announce the newest member of the Fenix TK series family. The Fenix TK65R. The Fenix TK65R is a long awaited rechargeable flashlight, this is the second rechargeable flashlight in the TK series, the first being the TK20R.

The new TK65R has a total of 3200 Lumens with a runtime of 1 hour and 45 minutes. One of the main features is that it is fast charging via Micro USB. The charging port has an inner waterproofing design. The Fenix TK65R uses a proprietary 5000 mAH battery that is designed specifically for this light. No more having to hassle with polarity issues the Fenix TK65R battery can be interested either way.

Included with your Fenix TK65R package is a spare O-ring, Micro USB charging cable, USB Adaptor, 1 Catapult Action belt clip and the warranty card and user manual. The Charing adapter that is included is designed for fast charging. To charge to a full 5,000 mAH you only need 4 hours of charge time. The light is digitally regulated to maintain constant brightness. The light memorizes the last selected brightness level. Intelligent overheat protection will protect your light from high temperatures.

This light was designed with law enforcement in mind. The Fenix TK65R has a Stainless Steel Strike Bezel that can easily be used for self-defense or as a striking mechanism to break a glass. With an output of 3200 and an orange peel reflector patrolling at night will be a breeze. Maximum throw distance is 375 meters or 1,200 Feet, making is easy to see at a far distance for intruders or break ins. You could say the TK65R is all around police flashlight. With the newly designed catapult belt clip, you can easily detach the light and have it ready for use. You won't have to worry about the light turning on by accident either, the TK65R has a lockout function which prevents the light from accidental powering on.

Let's talk about the design of the Fenix TK65R, as we had mentioned before the light has an integrated stainless steel strike bezel. The flashlight body and tail cap are made of aircraft quality aluminum. The Fenix TK65R has a Cree XHP70 LED which allows it to reach its high output levels. Stainless steel side switch and power switch give the feeling of great quality and offer an easy way to find them even in low light situations. Size specs of the Fenix TK65R are as followed: 10.6 inches in length, 2.3 inches in head diameter, and 1.4 inches in body diameter. Full weight including the battery is 14.7 ounces.

Don't wait to get you Fenix TK65R, order one today. We thank you for joining us today here at We hope you have enjoyed reading about the New Fenix TK65R and all its great features.