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Thank you for joining us on another weekly from Today we're going to be discussing a few of our camping lanterns that we have available. Specifically our newest model which is the Fenix CL20R, which is a rechargeable dual lighting source camping lantern with 300 lumens. So we're going to talk a little bit about this lantern and also, actually, we will have a small surprise towards the end of this blog discussing another lantern that is soon to come out.

Let's get straight into it. The Fenix CL20R, 300 lumen, duel lighting source, rechargeable lantern. A lot of people have the CL20. The Fenix CL20R, of course the benefit that is added to this lantern is more lumen capacity and also the ability to charge it via micro USB. Let's talk a little bit about the different output modes, how it works, and some of the features that it has.

The Fenix CL30R, it has a turbo mode as we had mentioned of 300 lumens, with an accumulated run time of six hours. It also has a high mode which it 130 lumens and the run time on that would be 12 hours. Then we'd go to our medium low, the median was 40 lumens and that's 20 hours, and then our low, which is one lumen at 200 hours. It also does have a red and a red flashing. The red is 1.5 lumens and that will run at 24 hours, and then we have the red flashing, which is also at 1.5 lumens.

Now the beam distance that you will get out of this Fenix CL20R is 15 meters. Somebody may ask, "Well, 15 meters is not a lot." What you have to think about is this is a camping lantern. As compared to the flashlights that we sell that we have seen, some go thousands of feet or hundreds of meters. This is actually designed to be something that you would use in more of a camping lifestyle, outdoor lifestyle. Something easy to carry, easy to use, easy to charge as well. Just a few weeks ago, we had gone camping and we were looking for something similar to this and the features that this CL20R has would really benefit somebody that has a RV lifestyle or a camping lifestyle, especially during this upcoming fall camping season.

Why is that? First of all, it has a magnetic absorption bottom. So the magnetic bottom allows you to hang it easily, let's say, from your tent, inside your RV or in your truck or in your car or whatever it is that you're staying in, and the fact that it's only 15 lumens, it makes it a really nice flood light, but it also has that white light as well. It will really light up a table. Let's say it's a nice night out and you're at the campsite and you're wanting to play maybe a game of monopoly or dominoes or something similar to that, and it's a little far away from the fire, so you need a light source. This CL20R would be the perfect light source for that. You would be able to put it on a table, it will light up the table perfectly so you could play all of your board games. Or let's say you were inside your tent, your RV, or your car and you're just wanting to relax and read a book or be on your tablet, something similar to that. Well, perfect for that as well.

It'll light up the tent enough without bothering anybody else but at the same time, giving you enough light source to read your book or your tablet or whatever it is that you're doing in your tent or your RV as well. Now as we may have mentioned earlier, it is rechargeable. What is the rechargeable source that this CL20R uses? Well, you would be able to use a micro USB cable. So this micro USB cable is one that is very common. If you have any type of product that is rechargeable, other than the iPhone of course, you would pretty much have a micro USB cable.

Most products now days use this type of cable to charge the products. Even if you have an AC adapter that is from an iPhone, you would be able to hook up the micro USB cable to that as well. We have these micro USB cables also available for sale on our site at Simply all you do is just plug it into the lantern and you're ready to go. You're able to charge it, you could charge it on your way to the campsite in the RV, if you have a battery pack, or let's say you have a CL30R, you could use the power source from the Fenix CL30R to charge the CL20.

You have quite a few options on doing this. Another cool feature that I wanted to talk about is that it has a hanging loop. So you could easy use this hanging loop to let's say, hang it off a branch, or maybe let's say you're out on your patio, on your deck and you need to hang a flashlight or even if you're a mechanic. Let's say you're a mechanic and you needed to hang this lamp so you could work on your car late at night, or you're wanting to grill a steak at the campsite late at night and you're over by the tree, lighting up the grill, you could easy hang this with that hanging loop as well.

All the features that the Fenix CL20R has makes it a really, really good camping lantern for various purposes. As I mentioned, it would be great for mechanics because it has that magnetic bottom. Easy to attach to the hood of a car. So you could look under the hood and easily light up if you're have to do some late night work on a car or something similar to that as well. Or, as we had mentioned, if you're a hiker, if you're a camper, it's easy to use it in that way as well.

These are just some of the few features that we wanted to talk to you about. It has a 1600 milliamp light polymer battery. That's what really gives it a long run time, accumulated run time of six hours, even on the turbo mode. If you think about that, some of our flashlights that we have that are 1,000 lumens, that are 900 lumens, 1200 lumens, around there. They don't even have that run time with the batteries that they have. So this is a really added bonus feature that it has.

As we had mentioned, this is available now. We have received these. They are available at You could purchase them there. If you want to buy an additional USB cable, you could purchase an additional USB cable. We also have AC adapters and DC adapters so you can charge it in your car, or you hook it up to the wall outlet and charge it that way.

Now, when we first started this blog, I had mentioned that we had a small surprise for you. We also have a new lantern that is in our 2017 product lineup that will be coming out supposedly this year. What is cool about this lantern? This lantern is 400 lumens. This is known as the CP30R. Just some of the features I want to discuss real quick that we know so far about this lantern. It's 400 lumens. It comes in two color options. IP66 rated. It also has a screw on for a tripod socket. It has a 10,000 milliamp power source. If you want to think about that, that's a lot of battery power. It has a built in Bluetooth speaker module and it is micro USB compatible, so you can charge it for micro USB and it also works as a power bank as well. It has micro USB that's charging as well.

You know, there is a lot of things. It has a module design so it's easy to use, easy to carry, a lot of lumen output for a camping lantern and 400 lumens, it has a magnetic connection as well. We are really excited to see this lantern come out here soon. So stay tuned for that.

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