Everyday Carry Flashlight Reviews


If you are a gear junkie like all of us here at Fenix-Store.com, then you understand how important it is to have an Everyday Carry (EDC) flashlight. This is why we have created the Everyday Carry Flashlight Reviews Page. We test some of the best Fenix flashlights and determine which one would best fit this category. EDC lights can come in all different shapes and size this is why we take every light and explain how it can be used and a EDC flashlight. We hope that you enjoy these reviews from Experts in the flashlight field. Below you will find all of our Reviews on Everyday Carry Flashlights.

Fenix LD15R Rechargeable Everyday Carry Flashlight

What makes the Fenix LD15R such a  great EDC flashlight? This review will answer this questions and explain the diversity and functionality of the Fenix LD15R flashlight. This small but powerful Fenix light has many features that you cannot find in most other flashlights. This is a one of a kind light that has quickly become a fan favorite since it came out earlier this year. Read all about the Fenix LD15R Everyday Carry Flashlight in the detailed and honest review. 


The Perfect Flashlight for traveling

Finding a flashlight that is suitable for traveling the world or even backpacking can be very difficult. We understand that all around the world there are regulations and restrictions on certain electronic items while traveling. This article will provide you with a compact flashlight that is easy to charge or easy to use with a disposable battery. The flashlight is ranked as one of the best EDC and Travel flashlights of 2018.


The Best Everyday Carry Flashlight of 2018

You will find the ultimate EDC flashlight in this review. We won't reveal to much, but it's sleek, powerful, and easy to carry in any pocket. The flashlight boasts a 1000 Lumen output and battery level indicator all powered from a single 18650 battery. Why wait? Read about the best Everyday carry flashlight below!


The Top Everyday Carry Flashlights available at Fenix-Store.com

We know that many of our Fenix family members are flashaholics, this is why we decided to take the time and review some of the best everyday carry flashlights that we have to offer here on fenix-store.com. This article review give a in depth look at some of the best EDC lights that we have. They range from small keychain light to larger pocket flashlights. Caution, we hold no financial responsibility after reading this review. If you decide to purchase all of these flashlights we would consider speaking with your wife first.