Fenix Flashlight | BC21R Bike Light Overview

Fenix BC21R Bike Light Overview



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Welcome back to Fenix Store. Today, I'm going to introduce you to the Fenix Flashlight BC21R Bike Light. It has 880 lumens, which is pretty significant, pretty bright light for either street or trail riding. It's detachable from your handle bars, so you could take it in after you ride or you could walk around with it and use it as it a light separate from your bike. It has four output modes and a flashing mode, which sometimes comes in handy when you're riding. The flashing light sometimes is more visible and let's people see you and where you are and where you're going a little better than a constant white light. It also has red lights on the side, which help a great deal. Gets people that are coming, approaching from either side, they can't see that front light they can see that red light on the side, so may avoid some collisions.

It operates off of either one 18650 rechargeable battery or two CR123s and you can't use rechargeable CR123s. Fenix Store has a variety of batteries available. You can check them out on the webpage at Fenix Store. You can, like I said previously, take this light off the handle bars, which is a convenient attribute for this light. The specifications on it. On turbo, that 880 lumens, it'll last an hour and 20 minutes. At high, it'll last four hours and 30 minutes at 380 lumens and on medium, 200 lumens, it will last eight hours and 30 minutes. Low, it'll last 15 hours and 50 minutes, almost 16 hours, at 100 lumens. Then, it'll flash at 380 lumens and a softer flash at 100 lumens, and that flash is real handy when you're riding the trail.

The Fenix BC21R is compact and handy. It's durable. It has a maximum beam distance of 410 feet, which is significant and sufficient, rather, for trail riding. One of the great features of it is that it is Micro-USB rechargeable and that is a real strong feature and a lot of the Fenix flashlights, most every one has a USB charging cable and an adapter to be able to recharge it for your next ride. You can charge it inside the light or you can take it out and charge it outside, if you chose to do that. It has one switch. It's easy. It's a user friendly operation. It has a built-in overcharge or over discharge protection. This has some smart technology in the electronics in it that won't allow you to burn it up by charging it, leaving it on the charger too long.

It'll turn off by itself. Has a battery level indicator. Let you know where your batter level is at all times, if you wanted to have a quick ride at night. It has a low power warning, which means it'll power down to the next power level, rather than turn off completely. If you were running at 880 lumens and the battery started to weaken, it would power down to the high level and run at that for as long as it could. It won't just stop in the middle of a ride. You'll know when your battery starts to weaken. It is waterproof. If you get caught out in the rain, you won't have to worry about your Fenix Flashlight shorting out or anything. Again, it operates off of an 18650 or two CR123s. It comes in package with a light, the battery, a bike mount, a charging cable, and it even comes with a couple of shims, in case your handle bars are not of standard size, and it has a strap that straps it to the handle bar.

Thanks for checking out the BC21R...I hope you buy your next Fenix Flashlight on Fenix Store! I appreciate you tuning in.