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Fenix BC30R Rechargeable Bike Light



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Hello, and welcome back to Fenix-Store. This is John. Today, I'm going to talk about the Fenix Flashlight BC30R rechargeable bike light. This thing has 1600 lumens. That's its max, and that is actually on the burst mode. It actually has, I believe, five different modes, including the high mode, which is 800 lumens, the mid, which is 500 lumens, the low mode, which is 200, the eco mode, which is 100 lumens, and then it has a flashing mode, as well, which is 200 lumens. Then, like I said, it has the burst mode of 1600 lumens.

To go over the body, it is the rugged aluminum body. Very durable. It's going to be able to withstand all those bike rides, and the occasional fall. The thing is it's really well built. The clip that it has onto the handlebar is really well made. It has a quick release, so you can quickly just take your light off, whenever you want to maybe like leave the bike in public, and you don't trust anyone. You can go ahead and take it off, just to keep it with you.

It does have just a screw, after you mount it onto the handlebar, to tighten it down, and this one is actually micro USB rechargeable. This is probably the reason why this is my favorite Fenix bike light. It is powerful, and it's micro USB rechargeable, and this one does have a dual distance beam system, which essentially you're going to get that natural flood light, but also, it's still going to reach really far. You're going to get the best of both worlds with it.

The efficient total reflection lens produces a superior beam width, while still reaching, I think about 155 meters. That's the max distance, so you're going to be able to see the trail right in front of you, as well as way down the road, without blinding any other fellow bikers, or people walking on the trail, or anything.

This light does include, whenever you purchase it, comes with the actual bike light itself, the remote pressure switch, which you can mount with a Velcro strap, to the handlebar as well. It comes with a micro USB cable. It has the handlebar mount, and it actual has spare handlebar straps, which are little rubber inserts, on the inside, so you can adjust the tightness, depending on the size of your handlebar. Then it does come with a user manual, and then its warranty card, like most Fenix lights.

To go over the water resistance, because that is a big key whenever you're on those bike trails, it does have the IPX6 water rating. This has a impact resistance of one meter, so that's really good. The weight itself is only about 7.8 ounces, so for its size and output, it's really well done. It's not going to weigh down your bike or anything.

To highlight the instant burst mode, it is instant. What you're going to do is have the remote switch plugged into the light, and simply, even with the light off, all you do is click the pressure switch, and you'll get that instant 1600 lumens. That will run for, I believe 20 seconds, and then you have to hold down the button for 20 seconds. After that 20 seconds, it'll go back down to the previous mode that you had it in.

I really do like the little LCD screen that it has on here. The OLED screen. It does show you your battery status while it's charging, or you can simply just press the main power button, and it'll display what your battery status is.

To turn this Fenix Bike light on, you'll just do a simple press for about a half a second. It'll turn on. It'll tell you which level you're on as well. There are two other buttons, right below the power button. What they provide is a simple plus button and a simple minus button. The plus button, you just keep pressing that one to go up in modes, and as soon as you get to the highest mode, you keep pressing the plus, it won't do anything. Simply to go back down, you just hit the minus button. They are back lit, so whenever you're on those trails at night, you will still be able to find the buttons. You don't have to stumble around and fall off, in case you're not being able to pay attention to the light or anything like that.

Whenever you are in the mood, it does show your estimated time left, on the battery. For instance, I'm looking at the eco mode, on level one, and it's showing 19 hours and 25 minutes left of batter, so whenever you're on those trails, you can really go ahead and plan those rides based on what kind of battery you have, whether or not to take the long way home or the short way home. You'll be able to determine which best route is for you.

Now, there is a flashing mode, like I said before. To activate this, you'll have the light on, and then simply double press the main power switch, and it'll indicate a little lightning bolt to show that you're in the flashing mode. That one does not have the run time display, only the lightning bolt.

Now, whenever you are up into the high mode of 800 lumens, it's going to have a run time of two-and-a-half hours, so if you're really needing the light for a long ride, I would recommend probably staying in mid or low, which I mean mid is still a 500 lumens. That's going to light up the trail adequately enough for you to be safe, or even the low, which is still 200 lumens. You're still going to be able to see a good distance out in front of you, in case you have to make a last second move, or anything like that. You should be fine.

Then, even in the eco mode, for those, that's probably for the night rides, which you're on an actual paved trail, I would recommend using the eco mode. You're going to get the most run time with that one, so you don't have to worry about running out of battery as often, or you don't have to worry about seeing super far ahead of you, because often those are lit by their own street lights, or what have you. Then there's also other bikers as well, that you can team up with as well.

This Fenix bike light's definitely one of my favorites, as I said before. One another thing I love about it is just the one time. It's like a one stop shop. Like I said, with all that comes with it and everything, you don't need to purchase any other kind of batteries, or any cables, or anything like that. Once you make the one purchase, it comes with everything that you need. It is really well built, and stable, and you can tell that it's going to be durable.

Now, it does have the 1600 lumens, like I told you, then the micro USB recharging. It does help the new bikers realize that the remaining run time, and the battery power, so you can better plan your night rides, or just make sure that you get back to a lit area in X amount of time that it's going to be telling you.

The dual distance beam, that I highlighted before, the one reason why that is very beneficial is that it makes it effective for not just on the road, but for the trail as well. You're able to see what's right in front of you, but also what's about to come. It's not just for the road, but the trail as well, which is very beneficial to those that have tried to bike ride in the night before. You know how important it is to see a good distance in front of you, while also keeping the area right in front of you pretty well lit.

Overall, this is a very well built bike light. Like I said, this has a 1600 lumen burst mode, which lasts for 20 seconds. Even on a constant brightness, that you don't have to hold down the button, of 800 lumens on the high mode, that's still going to give you two-and-a-half hours of run time, which that's still going to be a good amount of time to use that in dire situations where you need the brightness, whenever you truly need to see pretty far out in front of you, about 150 meters out in front of you. It'll definitely be there, for whenever you need it.

Then, it also just the other, lower modes, of 500, 200, or 100, are still going to be good. Then, even in the daytime, you can still have the flashing mode on, while you're on the road, just so ... You know, drivers, some of them are pretty careless, and are not going to go out of their way to be defensive, so if you have that flashing mode on, it always is going to help the possibility of the oncoming traffic or traffic behind you seeing you, as well. So this is, again, John Morris, and I'm going over the Fenix Flashlight BC30R Rechargeable Bike Light, and I hope you enjoy.