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Fenix Store has always distinguished itself as one of the best flashlight providers in the world, and today we're just going to discuss some of the flashlights that we have offered this year. These recent flashlights that came out through Fenix this year have really been the best flashlights of 2017. We're also going to discuss maybe what's going to be coming out later this year, but for right now let's go straight into it. We're going to be talking about the TK47 that came out early in January. Also recently the TK25IR, the FD20 and another particular product is the 18650 the 3500u.

             First, let's get started with the Fenix Flashlight TK47 and TK47UE. The TK47UE came out late January, early February, and they came out both the 47 and the 47UE came out back to back pretty much. The regular TK 47 is a 1300 lumen flashlight. It has around 2300 feet of throw. It also has a multifunction taillight, which could be used, for example, as a camping light and it has a radius of 26 feet. It's powered by two 18650 batteries and it is also IP68 rated, so you could put this up to 6.6 feet for 30 minutes, and it's going to be completely waterproof. You could also use CR123's, It's not recommended to use these, though, simply because the light won't go into turbo and you won't be able to change modes in this flashlight. This TK47 also comes out with a lockout function, and it has a deep focus reflector. That's what gives it the really long throwing distance. So a lot of people, especially police officers, EMT's, people like this would be using this flashlight for searching, search parties, or caving as well. This distance that it has, the 2300 feet, is beyond the limit of vision, so it's going to be pretty far out there, more than half a mile. So, it's a really great flashlight. Something that when you grab it and you hold onto it, you know that it's very well built.

             We also have the TK47 Ultimate Edition. This one is pretty much its big brother. Even though they pretty much have the same construction, this one has 3200 lumens, but it has less of a throw distance. Only 1339 feet, which is still pretty good, but the TK47UE is designed more to be a floodlight. It has that 10% angle, or beam angle, and has that orange peel texture reflector. Both of these lights are about ten and a half inches long. The orange peel reflector on the TK47UE is going to give it that wide beam, that wide floodlight that a lot of people look for also. It also has a great throw distance. So both of these lights came out this year. They are, as I mentioned, both powered by two 18650's. As I mentioned before, you can use CR123's, but it's not recommended, simply because the CR123's won't allow it to change modes and you won't be able to access the turbo mode on it.

             Moving on to another light that we are really excited about this year, that recently just came out, is the TK25 IR. So what does a IR mean? It stands for infrared, and yes, this is the very first Fenix flashlight, that Fenix has put out, that is infrared. It is 1000 lumens with the white light, so you're looking comparable, maybe, like at a PD35 or PD35 TAC in white light. So, it's very comparable in that sense. It's also IP68 rated, which allows you to put it up to 6.6 feet in water and it can still withstand that up to 30 minutes. This light, and something that we wanted to make clear from the beginning, it is an infrared light, but you do have to have the equipment to use it. What does this mean? You need to have night vision goggles to be able to use this light. We do not sell these night vision goggles, but maybe in the future we may be able to provide these. For right now, there are a few places that do provide them. One of them that we recommend would probably be Amazon. They sell a wide variety of night vision goggles that can be used for this TK25 IR(discontinued).

             It also comes with a really neat, quick-release belt clip; it's a really sturdy belt clip. We've even had people ask us if we sell that same type of belt clip for other flashlights. Sadly, we don't have it for other flashlights. It was designed specifically for this TK25 IR (discontinued). It is digitally regulated, like most Fenix lights. So, once the battery has only a certain amount of power, it's going to automatically step down to the next level. Taking about the infrared specs a little bit, it's a 3000 milliwatts. That is the highest ion the infrared, and you also have the option to go down to a 1000 milliwatts. Nanometer wise, it's 850, and it has a dual tactical switch. On the run time for the white light, you have two hours of run time with one single 18650 battery. So, you'll have a pretty good run time on there.

             A lot of the people that have called in specifically to use this, we've asked around, are very excited about this light. Specifically, we've had highway patrol, state troopers, police officers, border patrol, including private detectives. A lot of private detectives are going to be using this light to record with night vision cameras. That way the can do, or solve cases without being spotted. So this is another great reason why this light has come out. A lot of people have been asking for it lately, and once again, Fenix has delivered. Lengthwise, it's 5.6 inches. At the head diameter it's 1.6 inches. So those are just some of the details of the TK25 IR (discontinued) that just came out recently.

             Moving on, we have another light that just came out like a couple of weeks ago. That would be the FD20. If you have been looking at our previous blog posts, the FD20 is a light that is a focusable light. We've been talking about those previously, because this is something that a lot of people want to have in their lights. A light that can be rotary focusing, it could focus to a wide beam, or it could focus to a narrow angle pretty much, or have a really good flood light. This FD20 (discontinued) has a 70 degree floodlight. Maximum 350 lumens and the great thing about it, is you could use two AA batteries to power this light. It has a dual reflector system. As I had mentioned before, it's rotary focusing, so all you have to do is just turn the head of the light and you'll be able to go into that nice narrow beam. Turn it again and you'll be able to have that nice round flood that you look for in a good rotary focusing light.

             Beam distance, as I mentioned, is 350 lumens. Maximum beam distance at 115 meters, and beam distance, and it has what is known as a one switch control. So, to turn this light on, you pretty much turn the rear switch to turn it on, and then you tap on the rear switch. Now you don't do a full click, you just give it a little tap, and you'll be able to change between different modes on this light. Dimensions on this light is six inches on the light itself, one inch on the head. On AA's it can last up to 36 minutes on Alkaline batteries. You could also use a USB powered rechargeable battery, which is the 14500, and the 1600U. So if you don't want to spend too much money on getting AA batteries, you can get this USB rechargeable battery, which is 1600U. As I mentioned before, those will be your two options as to powering this light. The 1600U battery cannot be powered on an external charger; it can only be charged with a micro-USB cable. The flashlight itself has a micro- USB port, and we'll get into that here in a little bit with the 18650 as well.

             So moving on to that 18650, the 3500u. This just came out a few weeks ago as well. A lot of people had been asking us when we were going to come out with a battery that can be rechargeable, and to be honest we had had one already for quite some time, which was a 2600U, but not a lot of people wanted to have the lowest milliamp battery. Everybody wants that higher milliamp, that longer run time for your flashlights, headlights and lanterns. So we came out with the 18650U battery, which is a button style top 3500 milliamp battery that has a micro-USB port itself in the battery. So a lot of phones, for example, like the Android phones or smart devices, use that micro-USB cable to charge them or power them.

             Same deal with this type of battery. You can go ahead and charge the battery itself, since it has that micro-USB port with a micro-USB cable. Charge it out of your laptop. You know, if you have an AC adaptor, charge it out of the wall. If you're on the go, you could charge it in your car as well, using a cigarette charger adaptor, or a DC adaptor as it is known also. It does have a pressure releasement, so it will expel any gases, which is one of the protections we had added on there. It also has overcharge protection, overdischarge protection, and short circuit protection. So it is a really good all around battery, it's just a price difference. It's just going to be one dollar different from the regular 3500 to the 3500U. The 3500 costs $21.95; the 3500U costs $22.95.

             Moving on to what we will be having in the future. A lot of people have been real excited; they know we have the best flashlights. We have really been putting out the best flashlights of this year, of 2017 and people, even though we have put these out already, are still anxious to see more of what we will have in the future. Recently, we have been told that there is a new flashlight that will be coming out here in the second quarter. Our first quarter just ended with all these new flashlights coming out, but this will certainly be one of the best flashlights of 2017.

             This Fenix Flashlight flashlight competed in the Red Dot Design Award, and it won that Red Dot Design Award against 5500 entries. So you can imagine that a lot of thought had been put into this project and the name of the flashlight is the Fenix TK72R. Now we don't have many details yet as to when exactly it's going to be coming out. We just know that it will be coming out in the second quarter. Some other details that we do have is that it comes with a 14,000 milliamp battery pack, so that's going to have some serious, serious run time on it. But why would you need so much run time? Well, this TK72R has a total of 9,000 lumens, so that is going to really put out some power, thus why you really need that 14,000 milliamp battery pack in that flashlight.

             It also has a smart OLED display, which will allow you to see the battery power, from what we have seen, and other details of the flashlight as well. It's also going to have a charging and discharging function. So you'll be able to, more than likely charge it. We don't know which way it will be rechargeable, if it will have its own independent cord, or if it will be USB rechargeable. It also has a discharging function, from what we know. Pretty much, you'll be able to charge other devices., maybe you'll be able to charge other rechargeable flashlights, other camping lanterns, cell phones, things of that nature. As we mentioned, this is going to be released in the second quarter. So, we await for this great flashlight to come out. It's definitely going to be one of the best flashlights of 2017.  

             So that ends our post for today. We just want to thank everybody who has joined us here, and just sign up for our newsletter. If you have any questions in the future, don't be afraid to call us, visit our website Fenixstore.com. You can always contact us there through chat, if we are available. As I mentioned before, you can send us an email, or you can also call us. We are Fenix experts, so we do know everything about Fenix flashlights and we would be more than glad to help any of our customers troubleshoot or look at some of the new flashlights and products that we do have. Check out the Fenix PD35TAC that was ranked as a top 10 best tactical flashlight on this flashlight review site! That is all for today and thank you for listening to this review.