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Welcome once again to Fenixstore.com and today we are discussing all of our bike light options. We have had a really good selection of bike lights in the past. At the current time, the number of lights that we do offer is a little limited but we expect that Fenix will hopefully be releasing some more of these lights in the future. They always do very well, especially during the summertime, whenever everyone is getting out and going biking, especially at night because of the heat of course.

The lights that we have currently are a great offerings. We always like to have more options than fewer. We'll continue to hope for some more. Let's just dive right into the ones that we do have available currently.

First of all, let's touch on our most popular of our bike lights. It is the BC21R. This bike light is a very small, very compact, 880 lumen output light. It is only $74.95. As indicated by the R suffix on the model name, it is rechargeable, which means that it will not only come with the flashlight itself, but it will also come with a single 18650 battery as well as a micro-USB cable, which it uses to charge. For the $74.95, you're getting everything you need to in the package to run your Fenix BC21R flashlight. It has a very simple, but quality, elastic silicon band that attaches it to the handlebar mount, which it attaches to with a quick release mount, which means that it always is easy to quickly take the flashlight off of the actual mount, both so you can use it as a hand light if you get off the bike and you park your bike, and you want to continue walking or something like that. Also, so that you can leave your bike out and not have to worry about someone stealing this bike light. You can just park your bike, chain it up, and pull the light off and take it with you, so that it's secure.

It has a really great operation of the Fenix dual distance beam system, which all of our bike lights do offer. This allows that the light is actually divided into two segments, one that shines kind of close to your feet, or close to the path in front of the bike, and then the other that shines a little further ahead on the path. It also is angled in such a way to keep the light from blinding pedestrians and other riders and that kind of thing.

This particular model, the BC21R, also offers two side red lights, which is a really great option. This is a safety feature and these red lights will really help you to be reversible, and it also has a flashing red and white option. You can have it flashing while riding. This is ideal for whenever it may not be dark enough that you actually need the light to see, but it is dark enough that other people may have trouble seeing you. It's a really good safety feature, both for you and for others around you.

Next we have the Fenix BC30 flashlight. This is an 1800 lumen bike light. It is not rechargeable, directly at least. It doesn't come with batteries but it does take two, standard 18650 batteries so you can get those pretty easily and they're not too expensive. Every 18650 battery is of course rechargeable, so you can recharge them with a separate charger, you would just have to pull them out of the flashlight, stick them in that charger, and then they're ready to go for you, next time you're off to your ride.

Just like the BC21R, the BC30 does offer the same dual distance beam system, which lights up more of your path and keeps it out of the eyes of pedestrians and other people around you. It of course, also comes with its own bike mount, which also offers quick, detachable functionality for the same reason of the BC21R. It also has a remote pressure switch, which you can control with a button that you can attach on to the handlebar and that will actually put it up into that maximum. Pushing down on that pressure switch will actually put it up into that maximum 1800 lumen out put setting, which is really great if you need that momentary burst of light to see a little bit better before you go down a path, or as you're going down a path. It just really helps a lot with that kind of thing.

Of course, since it does just take two, standard 18650s, that also means that it can also use four standard non-rechargeable, CR123A batteries. This is a really good option to have in case you want a back up, your 18650s are depleted and you don't have time to charge them up. It's always nice to be able to use those CR123s as an option just in case.

Also, the BC30 and the BC21R are both water resistant to IPX6 standard, which means that they are rated against heavy rain and thick fog and splashing. They're not fully submersible, but you can happily ride this and use these in the rain and there will be no problem at all.

Next we have the BC30R, which is a very, very similar light to the BC30 as indicated by the similarity of their names. Basically, this is just a rechargeable version of the BC30. It has a 1600 lumen output and it just plugs directly in with a USB port to charge. It does also have an upgraded LCD screen, which will show what level of brightness that you're on, as well as how much run time you have left on that level.

This light is a little bit more expensive than the regular BC30. It is $139.95, but when you consider that you're getting the batteries, that the batteries are coming with this one, and they're rechargeable directly inside the model, the price really comes out about even, if not saving, because you don't have to also buy a charger separately. That is a positive thing even though it is a little bit more money at the beginning.

The BC30R as well as the BC30 and the BC21R will offer a 30 degree tilt that is both horizontal and vertical. You can adjust it up and down or side to side, depending on what exactly you need at any given moment. The BC30R also has a remote pressure switch option, again for lighting up something that temporarily with a little bit more light. Again, like we discussed, it has the really cool LED digital display, which is a very unique feature and shows you exactly how much time you're looking at before you run out of batteries.

This light is also IPX6 standard so again, protects from heavy rain and splashing, but not from being fully submersed. It also has the same dual distance beam system. It is directly rechargeable with the USB cord that comes with it. The charging indicator on it will let you know whenever it does need to be charged. Other than those three bike lights, we also have the ALB10 bike mount, which can convert any flashlight that you have that'll fit onto the mount, into a bike light. This is a very inexpensive mount and will fit mostly any light at about a one inch in diameter.

The ALB10 uses the same, standard, quick release bike mount as the other lights so that means you can actually get this in addition to the other lights to put the same quick release mount on multiple bikes. You can easily swap different bike lights onto different handle bars and that kind of thing. Of course, just use that bike mount with just a standard light.

That about wraps it up for the bike light offerings that we have at Fenix Store. Please, don't hesitate to contact us if you do have any questions. As always, we'd be happy to help. We have a live chat functionality now on our site, so we'd be happy to talk with you any time on there, or you can give us a call and don't forget that we are Fenix experts at Fenix Store, and we would be always happy to help you out with any questions you may have. Thank you very much and you have a good day.