Fenix Flashlight | TK47 vs. TK47UE Comparison

Hello. Thank you for checking in with us here at www.Fenix-Store.com, today I will be comparing the Fenix Flashlight TK47 to the TK47UE (Ultimate Edition). Now while these flashlights have similar overall designs on the outside, the outputs and run times are very different. They both measure 10 1/2 inches overall length with a body diameter of 1.1 inch and a head diameter of 2.4 inches. They are made of durable aircraft-grade aluminum with a premium type III hard anodized, anti-abrasive finish on them. They have stainless steel strike bezels, as well as stainless switches with dual-layer body construction for a durable feel. As well as a high impact resistance.

This dual purpose light has light on the head as well as one on the tail. The light on the tail includes a diffuser design that acts as a candlelight for reading, camping, or signaling. Both light sources have their independent switches that can be used simultaneously or separately. The flashlights have a dust proof and waterproof rating of ... it has a rating of IP-68, which is the highest dust proof and waterproof rating you can get. Which means it's submergible up to 6.6 feet, or two meters. It has an impact resistance of one meters. The lights have a digitally regulated output that maintains a constant brightness. There is a reverse polarity protection to protect from improper battery insertion. Intelligent overheat protection to avoid high surface temperatures.

There is a memory circuit that memorizes the brightest level used for the general mode. It also features a low level downshift function to maintain battery life. Both lights take two 18650's they can be rechargeable or non-rechargeable. The tests and specs used a 35 milliamp 18650's. The manufacturer does not suggest using flat top 18-650's. They do not suggest using rechargeable CR123A batteries, only non-rechargeable and it requires four. Now while the TK47 ultimate edition has a high lumen output, the TK47 regular has much larger throw and longer runtime. The TK47 regular utilizes a Cree XHP35 High-Neutral white LED with a lifespan of 50,000 hours.

This light has three brightnesses and a strobe. The first one, turbo is 1,300 lumens and that will last at an hour 15 minutes with a throw of 700 meters, which is 2,297 feet. It's high setting has 400 lumens and it has runtime of 700 ... A runtime of seven hours and 15 minutes. Medium is a hundred lumens at 40 hours and low is ten lumens at 200 hours and it has a strobe mode, which flashes on and off at the max of 1,300 lumens. The TK47 ultimate edition headlight utilizes a Cree XHP70 LED with a lifespan of 50,000 hours. It has five intensities with a strobe. The first, turbo is 2,300 hundred lumens with a runtime of an hour at 408 meters, which is 1,339 feet. It's next one is high at 1,000 lumens, which lasts for three hours and 20 minutes. Medium is 350 lumens at 11 hours and 20 minutes. Low a hundred lumens at 46 hours and Eco at 20 lumens at 170 hours, with strobe being it's maximum burst at 3,200 lumens.

The tail lights on both are identical, both have four settings with white or red light. The first setting is white with 30 lumens which could last 43 hours. Second is a constant red light which is one and a half lumens at a 150 hours. You have a red flash, which is one and a half lumens and a red pulsing SOS, which is also one and a half lumens. All tests were done with two rechargeable 18650 batteries that were 3,500 milli amps a piece. The Fenix TK47 ultimate edition has a whiter light and a much brighter overall flood, but to get this you sacrifice run time. With the Fenix flashlight TK47 regular you get twice the runtime, twice the throw, twice the difference.

When the tail light is in white mode it has a wide range of eight meter distance, which is 26.2 feet, spread on it, which gives plenty of light at night in a campground situation, or just outside.  These are the perfect outdoor lights. Between the TK47 regular, which can be used outside in many different ways, or the Fenix Flashlight TK47 Ultimate Edition, which would be perfect in the backyard, you'll never run out of ... you'll never find yourself in need of light, carrying either one of these products around.

Each light comes in a similar box, which is very well constructed. In the box comes the flashlight, a holster, a spare o-ring, a lanyard, the user manual and a warranty card. Speaking of warranties, the warranty on the flashlight is 5 years. The Fenix flashlight does not come with batteries. They must be bought separately. They both retail for around $130 to $150. While neither one is an every day carry, if you are someone who adventures outside at night, you cannot find yourself without it.