Fenix Flashlight | Warranty

Hello, this is Jacob with another Fenix Store Review. Today we're going to be covering the great warranty that Fenix has for our products. There are several different levels of Fenix Warranty and different aspects of the Fenix Warranty so we will be covering the basics here and what exactly everything means and how you might go about getting your flashlight repaired after you've purchased it on fenixstore.com

Fenix Light Guarantee 

Firstly, Fenix store offers a 15 day guarantee on all products. This is a guarantee that you will like the product so if you purchase a product, you have 15 days from the day of shipment to get that light, test it out, decide if you like it or anything else like that and if you don't, as long as you contact within those 15 days, we will authorize a return for a full refund of the product. The only deduction note there will be is if you choose the free shipping option on Fenix Store then we will charge you for the shipping that we paid initially to get it to you but other than that, as long as you return the flashlight in good re-sellable, brand new condition, then we'll provide a full refund. There also may be a fee if the box is severely damaged. That obviously doesn't apply for a light that come in a clamshell packaging, that's the packaging that you really have to cut into to open up. So if you have one of those packages, you're not going to be penalized for just for opening it. But if you just have a regular, just a regular box where the flashlight is pretty easy to get out, if the box is destroyed, there may be a small charge to replace that box.

Beyond the 15 day replacement, we also have a 30 day guarantee that the flashlight or bike light, whatever you might get, we have a 30 day guarantee that it will work straight out of the box. If any Fenix flashlight you get from Fenix Store stops working within the first 30 days that you received it, we will pay for you to ship it back to us and we will replace it at no charge. That is a policy with all Fenix flashlights and Fenix products including Fenix flashlights, Fenix bike lights, Fenix chargers and Fenix batteries. You can buy from us, making sure that you know that you are going to be receiving your light that you like and that it is going to work straight out of the box otherwise we will replace or process refunds, no questions asked really. Just to make sure that we know the situation an once we know the situation, we will happily prepare either a return shipment or an authorization number for you to send that back and once we receive it the refund or exchange will be processed as is necessary.

The 15 day and the 30 day warranty policy is supposed to be followed by anyone who sells Fenix Flashlight products. So even if you don't buy something off of fenixstore.com, if you buy from a local dealer or anything like that, they should still follow that rule of the 15 day guarantee of you liking it, any 15 day refund for any reason and the 30 day refund or exchange for a defective item.

Fenix Warranty 

Now beyond the 30 and 15 day initial policies for refunds and exchanges, Fenix also has one of the best warranty policies in the flashlight market. We have a limited lifetime warranty which means that for a certain amount of time, depending on the product, any defect that you discover with the flashlight that is a manufacturer defect or within a certain amount of general use defect, we will actually either replace or completely repair the flashlight at no charge to you. The only thing that you would have to do is ship it to our repair center and then we will repair and ship it back to you at no fee.

The period of time in which that repair policy is free is determined by the type of flashlight. Flashlights, headlamps, bike lights and camping lanterns that have a removable battery, that does include even rechargeable Fenix lights. As long as the battery is able to be removed, the flashlight itself has a five year full coverage warranty so for the first five years that you own that flashlight, you will be able to get any repairs done, both parts and labor will be absolutely free.

The second set of lights is for lights that do have a built in battery. That would include any flashlight that has a battery that cannot be removed; such as the BC30R bike lights and any other Fenix lights where the battery does not come out; those flashlights will have a two year guarantee on them for full replacement or full repair coverage.

Lastly, onto Fenix accessories and chargers and batteries. Our Fenix flashlight gun mounts or our battery re-chargers or the batteries themselves, they all have a one year guarantee on them. So, for the first five, two and one years for flashlights, flashlights with built in batteries and batteries and accessories, respectively that's five for the flashlights, two for the built in batteries and one for the individual batteries and chargers; for those time periods if you run into any problems at all with that flashlight, anything besides damage through severe use, we will repair that light for free, replace parts for free and ship it back to you at no cost.

Sometimes on certain flashlights and specifically on headlamps, the manufacturing process is done in such a way that we are not able to do the full work on them here in our domestic repair center at Fenix store. So, in those cases, we do have to send the flashlight or headlamp over to the manufacturer's repair center. In that situation, the repair process can take up to two months but it is usually less than that and if you need a flashlight to use during the time that your light is being repaired at the manufacturer, we will do our best to provide you with a loaner unit of the same or as similar as we can provide.

After the Fenix Warranty Has Ended 

Even after the warranty is up, we still offer repairs depending on the product and what we have in stock. We will offer free labor charges, there will be no charge for labor but there may be a charge for replacement of parts depending on what has to be replaced and depending on the type of flashlight. We always strive to keep our prices low. You will never pay for parts in the amount or greater than or even half of what the initial flashlight cost. We make sure that any parts that you have to purchase for a replacement are reasonably priced.

Voided Fenix Warranty 

Keep in mind that there are certain things that will void your warranty. The warranty does not cover anything that is damaged from just normal wear. So we will not provide warranty work or replacements for just simple scratches and normal wear and tear on the physical body of the flashlight itself. It also will not cover any damage or breakages caused by abnormally rough wear. If you shatter out the lens because you used the flashlight as a hammer, we cannot cover that. We also don't cover battery leaks, especially if it's not a Fenix battery that leaked. If it is a Fenix battery that leaks and damages your flashlight, we will consider the situation and deal with that on a case by case basis. However, if it is a different brand of battery that you're using that is not a Fenix battery, there will be no warranty work done for free on your flashlight because of another companies brand of battery.

We also won't cover any defects or damages that are caused by operations that you're not supposed to be doing with the flashlight. Like I said, if you're using it as a hammer or something like that, that will void the warranty. It will also void your warranty if you modify or in any way disassemble the flashlight.

That about wraps it up for our Fenix Warranty Policy. We are proud to say that we're Fenix experts here at Fenix Store and we are always happy to do everything that we can to help anyone that comes to us with warranty work. There is another repair center for the other distributors so there are times whenever we are not able to help a customer and we do just send them over to the other distributor who then will be happy to help for their customers. Any flashlights that are purchased directly from Fenix store or from any of our dealers and stores, local stores that we sell to, we will take care of all warranty claims here in Oklahoma. This is a domestic repair center here in Oklahoma, in house.

That about wraps up the warranty policies for Fenix. If you do have questions, please reach out to us using our Contact Us form.

We would be happy to help you out anytime with your Fenix Flashlight. If you have questions about this or any of our other policies or our products. Thank you very much and you have a good day.