Fenix Flashlights | Best AA Powered Lights


Today, we will be discussing some of the great Fenix Flashlights that are EDC compatible and use AA batteries. 

They all take AA batteries, some of them take what is called a 14500, which is a higher volt battery that is roughly the same size as the AA and is rechargeable. We will get into which ones use those and which ones don't. They are all water-proof, up to 6 1/2 feet in water for 30 minutes. They are all made of a lightweight, durable aircraft-grade aluminum with a type III hard-anodized, anti-abrasive finish on it, which is pretty hard to scratch. They all have a reverse polarity protection to protect from improper battery installment. They all have a digitally-regulated output, which maintains a constant brightness so they're good to use while filming or taking photos. They also won't give you a pulsating feel through the lens.


First up is the Fenix E12 V2.0 AA flashlight. It's about 3 inches long and weighs less than one ounce. It has a single tail switch control that's easy to operate along with three outputs. It features a high mode of 160 lumens, a medium mode of 30 lumens, and a low mode of 5 lumens, perfect for EDC. Also, it has a maximum runtime of up to 70 hours so this light is in it for the long haul. It's powered using a single AA battery. The E12 V2.0 is a great light to keep in your pocket and carry with you.   

Now, let's talk about the Fenix E20 V2.0 AA flashlight. This light is similar to a penlight, though it's a bit thicker and similar to the LD22 which we talk about below. It's 5 inches long and weighs 1.47 ounces. If you're into thinner lights, then the E20 V2.0 is a great option. It's powered by two AA batteries and you can use Ni-MH batteries if you'd like. It has a single tail switch operation and a pocket clip so it's easy to use and carry. With its four outputs, the E20 V2.0 is a great EDC light. It has a maximum runtime of 200 hours on the eco mode which is 5 lumens. This is a very durable and long lasting AA flashlight. 

Next up is the Fenix LD12, the 2017 edition. It is one of our most popular flashlights that we sell. It prefers the 14500 but it will accept AA's. The turbo with a 14500 is 320 lumens when the normal AA would be 150, then after turbo you have high, which is 70 lumens across the board. Medium mode is 30 and low is five. This flashlight is just over four inches long with a weight of just over two ounces, which is 58 grams. It is a really great flashlight and, personally one of my favorites.


Fourth is the Fenix LD22. Now, the Fenix LD22 is powered by two AA's, and this light will not accept the 14500 battery since it has a too high of a voltage for it. This flashlight is just over six inches long and it's 2.5 ounces, which is 60 grams. The 6 modes are turbo, high, medium, low, strobe and an SOS feature. The turbo can reach 300 lumens with high at 100, medium at 30 and low at five. The strobe will pulsate at 300 lumens. It also has a tactical mode. When in the outdoor mode, it has an integrated memory circuit, which means it goes into the previous setting that it was just in when you turn it back on. It is one of the largest of the LD series that has a pocket clip.

Next up is the Fenix LD42 flashlight. This is a powerful AA flashlight delivering 1000 lumens. It uses four AA batteries to help it achieve this brightness. It's 6.28 inches in length and weighs 3.53 ounces so it's one of the bigger lights on this list. It does come with a pocket clip that makes it easier to carry. It features rotary switch making it easy to operate with a single hand. This AA battery flashlight has 5 outputs: turbo 1000 lumens, high 350 lumens, medium 150 lumens, low 50 lumens, and eco 5 lumens. On the eco mode it has a maximum runtime of 130 hours. 

Onto the Fenix LD09 (this light is discontinued. Check out the LD series Fenix flashlights). It is 3.7 inches long, weighs 1.2 ounces, which is 35 grams. It is able to stand up on its tail, which is a very nice design feature. It does have a tail switch and the tail switch does not have a memory in it, which means that when you turn the light on it will automatically go to low-mode. Low-mode is three lumens no matter which battery is in it. If it's the normal nickel-metal hydrate, it will last for 70 hours. If it's the 14500, which this one does accept, it would be 58 hours. Medium is 50 lumens and high is 130, or if it has the 14500 in it, it's actually 220 lumens. That will last for an hour and 45 minutes run time with a nickel metal hydrate battery in it and 1 hour at 220 lumens with a 14500 battery.

The Fenix ARB-L18-800 14500 is a 3.6 volt normally, and they are rechargeable. We sell them. They look like a normal AA battery, which is slightly bigger but you have to be careful once you put them in because of the higher voltage. Almost all LD series come with pocket clips.





 Next up is the Fenix LD41 (this light is discontinued. Take a look at the Fenix LD42 AA flashlight.) It requires four AA batteries. This flashlight does not accept the 14500 because of the high voltage of all four added together. It's got a maximum lumen output of 960 and that's turbo, and high is 400, medium 150 and low is 6 lumens. This one also has an integrated memory circuit, which automatically remembers the last brightness setting entered.

Next up is the Fenix E25 (this light is discontinued. Take a look at our E series Fenix flashlights.) The Fenix E25 is the first of the E-series that can use the 14500 as as as the AA's. With the 14500 in it, it can reach a maximum turbo mode of 1,000 lumens, high, which can be reached with the AAs and the 14500, 250 lumens, medium 160, low is 50, and an eco-mode, which is 5. This light also does a strobe and SOS mode. This flashlight is 6.3 inches long, weighs 3.1 ounces, which is 87 grams. This one also has the intelligent memory to automatically remember the last setting chosen when you turn it back on. 

 Lastly, is the Fenix FD20 (this flashlight is discontinued), which is one of our focusable lights. It uses two AA's. It cannot use the 14500. The flashlight is six inches long. It can reach a turbo mode of 350 lumens, with high at 100, medium at 50 and low at eight. The Fenix FD20 has a dual reflector optic system to allow for a clean bright projection of the light. It has a 78° flood, which provides a really wide angle of light in front of you. The head rotates 360° for the focusing technology. When it's in flood mode, it casts a light at 157 feet. Then when it is on spotlight, it does it at 377 feet, and that is in turbo mode. It's a really great flashlight for all occasions whether you're just in your backyard, you're hunting with it, or you need to throw it down the street to look at something that's out of sight. 

Those are some of our Fenix flashlights that take AA's, which is always handy because you can always find those batteries at almost any store. Hope I informed you somehow. Thanks for reading.