Fenix Flashlights | Best Dive Lights 2017




                                   Hello. This is Brad with the Fenix Store. Going to be going over the Fenix diving lights with you today the Fenix Flashlight SD11 and the SD20. Both fairly new, as far as diving lights in the Fenix family. First we'll go over the SD11 and then the SD20….we think they are some of the best dive lights in 2017.

                                    Diving lights with the SD11, SD20, mainly designed for underwater photography and video shooting, although they can be used very well above water. The neutral light LED they both have is good for that anywhere.

                                    First off SD11. It's about five and a half inches in length, has a body diameter of one inch and the head diameter is 1.34 inches; so almost an inch and a half there, the head. Overall, very compact light with the size it is, being five and a half inches. So very easy to carry anywhere.

                                    It's comes with a high output setting at 1000 lumens, which is your white, neutral LED light. It has a run time of 2 hours and 147 foot beam distance. Next step underneath it would be low, which is 500 lumens, which has a run time of 3 hours and 40 minutes with a 98 foot beam throw. This one also has a red light at 250 lumens and has a runtime of 3 hours and has a 75 foot beam distance.

                                    This light also features the innovative R-Plus mode for better color rendering. Essentially it is a red LED and a white LED running at the same time for a really nice, slightly tinted shading. This is gonna make it a perfect fit for illumination and photography; photography on shore or in water. It has 110 degree beam angle, which is a really wide beam angle. This is great for wide-lens photography.

                                    This light also has a rotating magnetic ring for easy one hand operation. It's gonna come with a clip that you can mount to cameras; where you just have The SD11 sitting right on top of your camera. The mount really makes it a great addition to your camera use and any lighting needs you may have. Has a dual air body tube that's gonna guard against corrosion. Also has an enlarged lanyard hole for quick attachment. Also will come with the diving lanyard as well.

                                    Some of the other Fenix flashlights do have a smaller lanyard hole or a keyhole for that lanyard to go through. It would be really tough to weave or feed that in there with this SD20; and the SD11 makes it easier with the larger lanyard hole.

                                    Has integrated white and red light illumination. Has a neutral white LED, goes up to 1000 lumens. Has a digitally regulated output, so it's gonna maintain a constant brightness as long as your battery will support it. Intelligent overheat protection to avoid against high temperatures on the surface of the the flashlight and damaging of the internal circuits. Also has a low voltage warning, so it's gonna remind you when the battery replacement is gonna be needed. Reverse polarity protection, so you don't have to worry about installing the battery incorrectly.

                                    Again, made of aircraft grade aluminum; premium type 3, hard anodized, anti-abrasive finish. And it is, of course, waterproof, up to 100 meters which is 330 feet.

                                    Now it doesn’t include any batteries straight out of the box. So the batteries it's gonna accept is one rechargeable 18650, which is recommended. That will get you the best operation and runtime with this flashlight. Many of our Fenix L18 series that we have on the website would work perfect for that, depending on which capacity that you are looking for. Higher the capacity on the milliamperage on your battery is gonna give you a longer runtime before having to take them out and recharge it.

                                    Now you can use the nonrechargeable CR123's with this. There are usable but not recommended. So you can use those as a spare, backup, if you're out in the field and happen to not have any charged batteries. So great choice there for a backup are  two of the CR123's.

                                    So what's gonna come with the light is you're gonna obviously get the flashlight. It's gonna come with a flashlight clip with a camera mount, one band ring, diving lanyard, a couple of spare O-rings, user manual and warranty card.

                                    So overall a very good choice as far as a diving light or a photography light, since it does have the neutral light LED that is gonna enhance your natural color, above or underwater. Plus with the innovative R-plus mode, it's gonna make it an optimal combination of the neutral, white and red light to fit your underwater viewing and photography needs.

                                    So that pretty much wrap up the SD11. The retail price on that one is $94.95 at the Fenix Store or Fenix Outfitters.

                                    Next up is the larger SD20. Now this one is larger. This price is $109.95. Still 1000 lumens. Overall size is almost eight and a quarter inches. So a little bit larger, longer in length that is, over the SD11.

                                    So this SD20. 1000 lumens on high, which is gonna be another white light. Since this one does take two of the rechargeable 18650, you're gonna get quite a bit more runtime. So I'll go over that with you now.

                                    So SD20, 1000 lumens. It's gonna have a runtime, 3 hours and give you a maximum beam distance of 564 feet. Next one underneath that will be low setting at 400 lumens with the white light, that has a phenomenal runtime of 7 hours and 30 minutes. So that's really great; being an underwater light at 400 lumens for that length of time. And at that 400 lumens setting, it has a distance of 354 feet.

                                    So those are your two white settings. It does also have a red light, similar to that SD11 that we were talking about. The red light is 105 lumens on this SD20 has a runtime of 8 hours and have a throw distance of 239 feet.

                                    So it's got a little bit more power than that SD11; being a bigger light, taking two batteries. So you're almost doubling that runtime, depending on which batteries that you use.

                                    Also has a rotating, magnetic ring for one-handed operation, similar to its counterpart  the SD11. 110 degree beam angle. So it's gonna get you a very wide beam, Being able to light up everything in front of you and to the sides.

                                    Also it's going to have an enlarged lanyard hole where it's easier to fish the lanyard hole through on the tail. Integrated white and red light illumination ... Makes it the way you take really great pictures whether you're in water or above water. Still made of the same anodized aluminum aircraft with anti-abrasive finish. It's gonna have intelligent overheat protection to avoid high temperatures on the surface whether above or underwater. Reverse polarity protection so you don't have to worry about improper battery installation. Has a tail cap with a big buckle for fast, Convenient, quick draw.

                                    So operation is gonna be pretty similar to any other diving light that we have, the SD11. It's gonna be a twisthead operated light. We have three settings: the high, 1000 lumens white light, 400 lumens low setting with the white light and 105 lumens on the red light. So you just have the three settings there.

                                    And again, this one is gonna be a larger light, a little over eight inches. So it's gonna take two of the rechargeable 18650's. We had to take out the recharge on a separate external charger. Many of the Fenix ARB-L18 series we have on the website would work. So remember, the higher the milliamperage, the longer the runtime is gonna be, before having to take 'em out and recharge it.

                                    So the contents that will come with this SD20 will be the flashlight, SD20, a lanyard, actually a diving lanyard, spare O-ring, one conducting plate, user manual, warranty card.

                                    So this one is a little bit more powerful as far as your runtime goes since it is a big light, takes two batteries. But neither light, nor the SD11 nor the SD20 is gonna come with any batteries. So make sure you pick those up as well if you're gonna be purchasing one of these diving photography lights.

                                    So remember, if you have any questions, concerns, thoughts, anything, we always encourage customers to call in with any questions, ideas ... We'd love to hear from everyone as far as their Fenix lights and their store and how it's really helped them enjoy the outdoors more.

                                    So I thank you for your time, going over the SD11 and the SD20 today. Thank you very much.