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*The RC40 is discontinued. Our recommended upgrade is the Fenix LR80R 18000 lumen brightest spotlight. You can also browse our brightest flashlights

Hello, everybody and welcome to Fenix Store. My name is John and today I'm going to be talking to you about the Fenix RC40 Rechargeable Flashlight (discontinued; recommended replacement is LR80R), the brightest flashlight Fenix makes at this time. This is a 2016 edition. This is one is the 6000 lumens. First of all, I mean what else can you say besides this is a powerhouse. This Fenix flashlight is roughly, I think, about a little over 10 inches in length and it's about 2 inches in diameter with a head diameter of 4.3 inches. It has six different LED's all fitted with the Cree XM-L U2 LED's. I really do like the design of this. It has the deep ridges towards the head for the heat dissipation and I love that. It obviously will get hot at 6000 lumens, but it is obviously not too hot to handle.

It's really well designed. I love the location of the buttons, side by side as opposed to on top and bottom, makes it really easy to find even in the dark of night. They feel really good. The first switch is going to be the on and off button. Then the second switch is going to actually control the different modes and it's actually five in total with two additional ones with a strobe and SOS. Even, the eco mode at 45 lumens is still pretty good. Then the second lowest is low at 500 lumens and just even the third mode, medium, is 2000 lumens. The high mode is actually 4000 lumens. Even at high mode, even if the battery is a little bit low, you still have 4000 lumens pushing out.

Then at turbo you have 6000 lumens and that is just ridiculous. It throws about 2300 feet. It'll actually go almost 2400 feet. I personally do have a Fenix RC40 Rechargeable Flashlight and I have an old house, a big old pasture out in the back. Then there's a factory probably about half a mile away. I've had this guy out there and it would just light up the factory. Aside from being the brightest flashlight around, it was awesome to play with and awesome to actually use. Every once in a while I'll go on hiking and camping trips with some friends. Just being able to basically have your own spotlight in the palm of your hands, it was ridiculous.

Going back to the structure, it is the typical Fenix Flashlight design, the Premium Type III hard-anodized, anti-abrasive finish. It is of the durable and aircraft grade aluminum and it does feel really, really good. The end cap actually screws off really nicely, no rough edges, pretty smooth threads on that one. Then it actually will have three little gold plated metal indicators on the inside and on the outside, both of those holding its own design battery. It's 7800 milliamps. It's a really good battery. I haven't had any problems with mine personally. Then on the actual tail cap you have several different buttons, only one button, two different ports. You have the actual charging port, which is covered by the little dust plug. I never had any problems with that. I don't see how it could easily rip off or anything like that.

Then it actually has a standard USB port as well so that says that this light can actually serve as a power bank. I mean 7800 power bank will definitely power any other mobile device or whatever you may see fit. It does actually have a little button on here and that is for the battery indicator because it has four little small blue LED's. That's going to indicate where the battery is. You have four of them. All four are obviously going to be full power, it's ready to go. Then actually, whenever you're charging it'll beep, I think, clockwise. Yeah, it'll beep clockwise and then whenever you are discharging, as in like charging a phone or whatever, it'll actually blink at you counterclockwise just to indicate which one and the power's going, amber if it's going out.

This bad boy is waterproof. It's IPX8 standard so it can be submerged about six and a half feet or two meters for 30 minutes or so. It's definitely durable. I've never dropped mine personally but half of our customers say that they've dropped theirs and it worked like a charm. It's definitely durable. It does come with several different items. It's all in a box. It comes with obviously your flashlight. Then it comes with an AC charger, a DC car charger. It does come with a spare o-ring, a spare rubber switch boot. Obviously, the battery is going to be on the inside. It's going to come with a spare USB port anti-dust plug.

Now, onto the output again. The run times on this are really impressive. Fenix’s Brightest Flashlight, even pushing at 6000 lumens, it has an hour of run time after full charge. That's pretty impressive saying the whole 6000 lumens is still going to be consistent. We're not talking just a little burst or anything like that. This is definitely for those search and rescuers flashlight enthusiasts really, or the ones that just like to show off to their friends. Really, this could be for any and everyone, obviously not going to be for your everyday carry.

Then the two additional modes are the strobe and SOS. The strobe is going to be at 6000 lumens so you can use it for self defense. I'm not real sure what on this good earth could possibly keep coming at you with 6000 lumens being strobed in their face. Then the SOS is just 500 standard SOS. It does have an instant strobe for those tactical operations like I was talking about, maybe even self defense if it comes to that point, and it is definitely effective.

Then one of my favorite things is the lockout function that this rechargeable flashlight offers. All you're going to do is hold both of the buttons for I think it's about three seconds or so. Then it'll blink at you and then no matter how you try to turn it on, it won't. That's really, really key for really just like keeping it safe, so you don't accidentally turn it on and leave the room and you have a big old burn hole where it was, or for travel. Travel is definitely a big one for the lockout function as well. Another thing, it does come with a few different places for a strap loop. It does have a few different screw in locations so you can choose which one you like, which one is better fitted for you.

Then there's a protection that's going to be against over-discharge, then overcharge and overheating. Fenix really did think about everything just keeping this safe and the user safe as well. Now this flashlight actually holds the rapid scan beam for immediate illumination, I mean whatever desired output that you're wanting. There's no warmup period so to speak, so if you want the 6000 lumen immediately, it's going to go straight to that 6000 lumen. There's not going to be a need to go to the eco and then the low, mid, high, and then work your way up to the 6000 lumen. It's going to be able to go straight to 6000 which is key for the strobe function for self defense reasons or tactical operations or what have you….it’s always nice to have the brightest flashlight possible for those situations.

It does have an anti-roll-slip resistant body design, which it feels really, really good. It's not hard on the fingers. It's pretty smooth. This thing is just an absolute beast really. It's pretty much a monster. The durability and the reliability of this is beyond none in my opinion. It's going to have that intelligent thermal management as well so it's going to be able to protect from again the overcharge, over-discharge, overheating and all that kind of stuff. It does have intelligent memory circuit which is huge. Basically, that's just going to mean if you left it off in the turbo mode, whenever you turn it back on, it's going to go back in turbo, or whatever mode that you last had it on in.

The Fenix RC40 Rechargeable Flashlightdoes have a pretty fast charging I've noticed, pretty sure the stats on that is like I think a three and a half hour charge to full, which is actually really impressive for a 7800 milliamp battery. It's pretty impressive. Then there's also the intensity, That basically wraps it up, the Fenix Flashlight RC40…the brightest flashlight Fenix makes. The thing is absolute beast and in my opinion it's worth the money because it's a lot of fun and you never know when you might need it, and whenever you might want to just go have some fun outside in the woods or what have you.

Thanks for stopping by and this is again John with Fenix Store and I hope you guys have a blessed day. Thank you.