Fenix Flashlights | CL09 Emergency Camping Lantern


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Hello, welcome back to fenix-store.com. My name is Jacob, and today we're going to be talking about the CL09 camping lantern. This lantern was just announced and will be released first week or so of July, expected to come out on the 7th. We are very excited about this one. It's a really very, very compact item, and it has a pretty high lumen output for the size that it is. So, it will be really interesting to see how well this light does. We're really excited to get this one in.

The CL09 is a very small, very compact little lantern. It has a length of just over three inches and is less than an inch in diameter, and it only weighs about one ounce, just over one ounce. It only uses a single 16340 battery, which is a very small size. So, that kind of tells you about the size that you're looking at.

Before we go into the specs of the light, we can discuss what comes with the headlamp. The lantern comes with a spare O-ring and a key ring, as well as a single 16340 USB-rechargeable battery. It also comes with a user manual and warranty card. Beyond just the 16340, the ARB-L16-700U battery that the light comes with, it also can use a regular 16340 battery as well as a CR123 battery, which the non-rechargeable battery. Both types of the 16340, the ARB-L16-700, and the ARB-L16-700U are both rechargeable batteries. Both of them would be able to recharge inside the lantern, since it does have a integrated USB port on the lantern itself, but also you would be able to charge the U battery by itself.

The CL09 has four different levels of white light output, two types of red light output, and then a green light output. That gives you a lot of different options to use. The white light of course is the best for seeing, but can harm your night vision, which is why the red light is there, because you can use the red light for something close by and not harm your night vision. It also has red flashing, which is a great signal light, and a green light, which also can be used as a type of beacon.

On the white light outputs, the turbo setting is 200 lumens, and with a 16340, the rechargeable, it will run for two hours and four minutes. With the CR123, it will run for six hours. On high, which is 80 lumens, it will run for five hours and 40 minutes on a 16340, and 19 hours on a CR123. On the medium 30 lumens setting, it will run for 19 hours and 20 minutes on the 16340, or 36 hours on a CR123. Then the low one lumen output will last for 90 hours on a 16340, and 150 hours on the CR123. The red light will last 30 hours on a 16340, and 48 hours on a CR123. The green light will last 48 hours on a 16340 and 76 on a CR123.

The CL09 features a body that is rated to IP68 standards, which means it's 100% dust- and waterproof, and fully submersible down to two meters for up to 30 minutes. It has a very good temperature protective body, which allows it to be easily and safely used in low-temperature environments, like the very cold winters or on hiking in the mountains, and things like that.

The body of the CL09 lantern is completely spherical and made of a luminous plastic material that allows for 360-degree illumination. The light will fill out the plastic and really glow very well from any angle, and the beam distance on the turbo setting is ... it'll reach about 33 feet away. On the tail piece, it has multiple ways to be attached to things. It has a magnetic base, so you can stick it to things. You can stick it to the side of your truck, or if you want to use it while working on a car, you can stick it to the underside of the hood while it's up. It also has a hook to hook on a backpack or tent overhangs or anything like that, as well as a D-ring used to loop around something, or maybe with a carabiner or a key chain, something like that.

As with all of our lights, it also has a reverse polarity protection, which protects the light from improper battery installation. So, if you put the battery in the wrong way, positive side facing where the negative side should, there will be no damage to the light. The light will simply not accept power from this way, preventing any accidental damages. Again, like all of our other Fenix flashlights, it is made of a durable aircraft-grade aluminum material and the plastic is a PC-grade material. It also has a type III hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish that comes in either black or gray.

With the CL09, the way that you change between these brightness levels is just like our standard E05 flashlights. You will turn on the flashlight by twisting the base tight, and then it will come on in the low setting. Then, if you loosen the base and then tighten it again quickly, so turn it off and back on again, it will then go to medium, then high, then turbo each time with a quick turn off and turn on rotation, loosening and tightening.

The CL09 is a powerful and very versatile camping lantern. With a neutral white LED, it's very effective for getting better color-rendering for nature and other purposes, and because it has the red and green lights, it is a very multipurpose item. The lantern is great for camping or hiking, and the CR123 battery or rechargeable 16340 make it very, very good to have different battery options to use. At a price of only $34.95, it's really easy to add this lantern to your collection. Even if you don't need it for camping, it would be a great item for emergency preparedness, in the case of a power outage or something else that you need in your home.