Fenix Flashlights | CL09 Mini Camping Lantern Revealed

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                                    Hello everyone and welcome back to Fenix Store. I'm John. Today I'm going to be talking to you about the Fenix CL09, and this is going to be a brand new little camping lantern that Fenix just released. It's an ultra-portable, high performance camping lantern, which basically is a fancy way of saying that, it's a very small lantern that puts out high amount of lumens. It does have a max of 200 lumens and it can be powered by either a single 16340 Macro USB rechargeable with EM ion battery, of a 16340 rechargeable with EM ion battery or even a single CR123A non-rechargeable battery.

                                    It does come in two colors, one is iron gray and the other being black. A few features that we can dive into a little bit later are that it has the neutral, white light instead of cool white. It does offer a green light and also a red light. A few other highlights are that the neutral white light is better for color rendering. It does have a circle body that's going to give out 360 degree illumination, instead of just in one direction, it's going to be able to light up the whole area completely around the lantern. Again, it does have multi-functional red and green lights, and the battery that comes with it is the Macro USB rechargeable, Fenix, 16340 battery.

                                    The neutral white light that it includes has four different brightness levels, so it's going to have it perfect for many different variations or conditions. We can dive into those levels here in a bit. The red light that this Fenix CL09 includes is, whenever you have it on the constant on mode, it's good for protecting your night vision, so if you are out there hiking in the dark and you don't want to use a white light that can ruin the night vision that your eyes have built, you just use the red light to see the map or whatever you're trying to look at, and it will still protect that night vision. Also, the red light is good for not attracting mosquitoes. It does have a red flashing mode, which will, it can serve as a signaling or even an alerting light if need be. The green light that the Fenix CL09 comes with serves as a beacon light.

                                    I touched on the topic of the battery that's included with the Fenix CL09. As a complimentary ARBL16700U, lithium ion battery. It's the Fenix's 16340 rechargeable lithium, ion battery. It does have a little micro USB port built on the side of the battery, so you can either use your standard micro USB cord to charge the battery, or you can plug it into one of the Fenix chargers as well. The battery does have multiple protections built in, so it's designed for safety use. It has over 500 charge cycles.

                                    The other battery power source that I mentioned before is a CR123A battery and if, when using this and only the CR123, the Fenix CL09 can withstand temperatures down to -40 degrees Celsius, so it's very perfect and performs really well in cold and harsh environments.

                                    The Fenix CL09 does have many different ways of wearing or actual using the light. It does have a little D ring at the bottom of it so you can use that to hang it up somewhere on a hook or something, or you can use the magnetic, attaching at the bottom of the Fenix CL09.

                                    The Fenix CL09 is very compact. It's roughly 78.5 millimeters, which is very, very tiny. That comes out to be barely over 3 inches in length, and yet you're talking about it still puts our 200 lumens. That's pretty impressive. The diameter of the CL09 is only 22 millimeters, which is less than an inch. It's .87 inches. The weight of the CL09, whenever you don't have the battery or any other accessories attached, is 31.5 grams, which comes out to about 1.1 ounces. The Fenix CL09 is IP68 rated, so it's totally protected against dust and foreign objects. It's made to be fearless of harsh environments. It's submersible up to 2 meters, which is about 6 and a half feet.

                                    Now I will go ahead and go over the different output modes that the Fenix CL09 does. It has the low mode, which is only 1 lumen. Whenever you use the 16340 battery that's included, it runs for 90 hours. If you use a CR123A, it runs for 150 hours. Moving to the medium mode, it has 30 lumens and with a 16340 battery, it runs for 19 hours and 20 minutes. With the CR123, it can run for 36 hours. On the high mode, you are given 80 lumens and with the 16340, that can run for 5 hours and 40 minutes, and with the CR123, you're going to get about 19 hours. On the high mode, the highest mode, the turbo mode, you will get 200 lumens and with the 16340 you'll be able to run that for 2 hours and 40 minutes, or with the CR123A you'll get about 6 hours of run time.

                                    Then you have the first of the multi-colored lights, the red. The red, constant on, has 5 lumens and with a 16340 you'll get about 30 hours of run time. With the CR123A, you'll get about 48 hours of run time. Then you have a red flashing mode, which is 5 lumens, and then lastly, you have a green mode, which is a green, constant light, which is also 5 lumens. You'll get 48 hours of run time with a 16340 or 76 hours with a CR123. Whenever you have the light on the turbo mode, it has a beam distance of 10 meters, so essentially if you have that in the middle of a camp site, you'll be able to have that flash for 10 meters in diameter.

                                    Now I'm going to go over what is included in the package once you buy the Fenix CL09. It comes with the, obviously the CL09 camping lantern, whether it's in the black color or the iron gray color, and it comes with a Fenix ARB L16700U lithium ion battery. It comes with a spare O ring for the water sealage. It comes with 1 keyring. It comes with a user manual and a warranty card. The total weight for the package is about 3.5, 3.6 ounces.

                                    The way the Fenix CL09 operates is a lot like the Fenix E15, 2016 edition. What you will do is you will twist the bottom part of the CL09 and you'll tighten it to turn the light on. Then, to change throughout the modes, you will quickly turn the light on and then back off, and then back on, so you're just quickly just twisting it back and forth will change the modes. The sequence is low, low mode, which is the 1 lumen, and then medium with 30, high of 80, turbo 200, and then you'll move to the red and then the red flashing, and then the green constant. Then to turn it off, you will simply just loosen it until the light turns off. Then you're good to go.

                                    There is no memory function with the CL09. If the light is off for more than 1 second, it will default back to the low mode where it starts. To have the memory, you have to turn it back on within a second to change the modes as well. It does have reverse polarity protection, so that's going to protect against improper battery insertion, and it does have the neutral white light that I referred to earlier.

                                    Then, to go over a few highlighted specs to wrap up here, it does have the 3 lighting sources, a neutral white light, a red and a green light. It can be powered by a 16340 battery or a CR123A battery. The overall length is barely over 3 inches and the maximum lumens is 200. It does have 360 degree illumination and it has multiple ways for it to be hung or it can be used by magnet or the hanging loop. It is IP68 rated and it is made of the durable aircraft grade aluminum, and then the optical grade PC material. It does have a premium Type 3 hard, anodized, anti-abrasive finish as well, just like all Fenix flashlights do.

                                    That is going to wrap up the Fenix CL09. Thank you for stopping by and I hope you have a great day.