Fenix Flashlights | Difference between Fenix TK47 and TK47UE

The TK47UE and TK47 the biggest and baddest flashlights around 


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H: Okay, today we're going to compare the Fenix Flashlights TK47 Ultimate Edition to the regular Fenix TK47. I guess the best place to start is with the output mode. Matt, why don't you tell us what the differences are in those two flashlights and their modes?

M: First off, the biggest difference in the output modes is the lumens and secondarily, the beam throw distance. We'll start off with the ultimate edition which is going to be the brighter of the two lights, although its beam throw is not as far. On the head light of the TK47UE, you've got six output modes, starting with Turbo at 3200 lumens. That'll run for one hour with a 1,339 foot beam throw. Next we have high at 1000 with a three hour 20 minute run time. Next is medium at 350 lumens with an 11 hour 20 minute run time. Low is 100 lumens at 46 hours and Eco is 20 lumens with 170 hour run time. There is also strobe which flashes at 3200 lumens. Each of these lights has a taillight. A diffused light on the end of the light. The output for the taillight is going to be the same on each light. You’ve got a white light with 30 lumens that will run for 43 hours and 30 minutes. A red light at one and a half lumens for 150 hours and then there is a red flash and a red SOS mode, each running at one half lumens.

H:Matt, how does that compare with the regular TK47 as far as lumens and throw and run times?

M: The TK47 has less lumen output overall. But it's got a throw that is nearly 1000 feet further than the TK47UE. We'll start with the headlight again and it has five output modes for the headlight. We’ll start with Turbo at 1300 lumens with a run time of one hour 50 minutes and a 2297 foot throw. High is 400 lumens at seven hours and 15 minutes. Medium is 100 lumens with a 40 hour run time. Low, 11 lumens with a 220 hour run time. Also or last but not least is strobe with 1300 lumens. Like I mentioned before, this light also has a taillight that has identical run times as the ultimate edition.

H:And these lights run off of what type of batteries?

M:Either accepts two rechargeable 18650s or four non-rechargeable CR123 batteries. Each light accepts Fenix 18650 batteries. 2600. 2600U, 2900, 3500U, and also Tenergy batteries work, as well.

H:They're obviously made out of the same materials, same durability. What about waterproofing and dustproof?

M:Yes, each light is made out of durable aircraft grade aluminum and it's anodized with a type three anti-abrasive finish. The slide has a stainless steel strike bezel, stainless steel switches and a dual layer body structure. Each light has a digitally regulated output which maintains a constant brightness and the headlight has a lockup function. It's waterproof and dustproof rating is IP68, which is the highest in its class. Submersible up to two meters, 6.6 feet. Each of these lights is also the same size and the size of each is 10 a half inches with a head diameter of two and a half inches and a body diameter of 1.1 inches. Both the ultimate edition and the standard TK47, with in the package ... Come packaged with a holster, spare O-ring, a lanyard, a user manual, and a warranty card. Be sure to register your light for an additional six months of warranty through Phoenix Store. That needs to be changed.

H: The differences in the lights allow you to pick one that either has a tighter beam, a longer throw, or a wider beam and throws a shorter distance but each of them has a purpose and are a good choice.

M: Correct, yeah. Really depends on what you want. Spotlight or a floodlight that is ultimately brighter over a wider area. Each light has its own LED. The TK47 uses a Cree XHP35 high neutral white LED and the TK47 ultimate edition uses a Cree XHP70 LED.

H: Thanks again for joining us at Fenix Store. Go online and see the TK47's and all the other lights that Fenix has to offer.