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Welcome to Fenix-Store.com. Today we will be reviewing everyday carry flashlights also known as 'EDC flashlights'. EDC items don't have to be just flashlights. They can range from anything to pocket tools or knives, guns, even wallets. Anything that you carry on your person every day is considered an EDC item. There are lots of different blogs and Instagram accounts and are dedicated to EDC items and displaying the things that people carry with them every day. There's a very good following for this type of product. The people that subscribe to this type of thing, they will tell you that their EDC habits are absolutely essential. Some people, especially in the case of a pocket tool or a knife or something like that would say that their EDC equipment has possibly saved them from danger or, at the very least, been very instrumental in making their daily life better in some way.

On Fenix-store.com, you can easily navigate to our whole category of EDC flashlights just simply by going on the top bar. There's a navigation bar and you will see where it says 'Lights by Activity' with a little arrow next to it. If you just hover your mouse over that then look right there, you'll see a little thing that pops down. There are six different options. There's Biker's Corner, Hunting and Fishing, Work and Professional, Camping and Hiking, Tactical and of course, every day carry. 

In fact many of the lights that we have will fit into more than one of these categories. If you are looking at these categories, you may see the same light more than one time, but that's just because certain lights just so happen based on their design or their brightness or something like that. It just means that they fit in multiple categories.

Typically, an every day carry flashlight is going to be a little bit smaller. It's going to give you a high amount of power and functionality, but without having a large size. Some people don't mind flashlights that are a little big larger, but many people will tell you the best every day carry items are small, but would still be very functional and in the case of a flashlight be very powerful. We even have a handy EDC flashlight buying guide on Fenix Store as well that covers all sorts of different things that you might need to consider when buying an EDC light from construction, performance, the interface, the size and even the battery type and the applications that you can use your light for. If you need some more help deciding on which EDC light is best for you, you can read that little guide or you can just listen here.

At the top of the list on the EDC page you're going to see our most popular lights. It's organized typically by what is most popular. The first result here is the PD35 V3 flashlight and the PD35 TAC tactical flashlight. Those are the first two. Those are absolutely far and away our most popular two lights. They both have a single 18650 battery operation and a maximum of close to 1000 or more lumens for both of them. The PD35 V3 is a little bit longer and thicker because of that 18650 battery, so not everyone would want to have that in their pocket. However, it's very, very instrumental LED flashlights because of its high brightness especially at that price point to get 17000 lumens for $79.95 on the PD35 is just incredible. They also would both take the CR123A batteries as well if you didn't want to use the 18650 batteries, but the 18650s are more cost effective in the long run.

best-edc-pd35.jpgNext to the PD35, we also have the E12 V2, the LD11 (discontinued. Recommended replacement: LD12), and the LD22. These three lights here, these are all AA flashlights. Many people like AA flashlights as their everyday carry simply because you always know that no matter what happens, you can buy some AA batteries at the drug store down the street or at every Walmart you would go to. Basically, AA batteries are very easy to get a hold of. People like to have that option for their EDC just in case of an emergency. In an emergency situation, whenever perhaps stores are shut down or that kind of thing, it might be kind of hard to find a specialty battery like an 18650 or a CR123. People do really like to have the AA battery option. Many people will suggest that even if you do have a flashlight as your normal EDC that uses the 18650s or the CR123, that you would also consider buying an AA flashlight in addition to it just in case something were to happen and you were no longer be able to get a hold of those specialty batteries.

Continuing down the list, we see the UC35 V2, the E05 (discontinued. Recommended replacement: E05R), the E25UE (discontinued. Check out our other E-Series Fenix Flashlights). All of these three items are very, very different in their capacities. This is how you can see that EDC really just means something that you want to carry. The UC35 being very similar to the PD35, but then the E05 being a very small AAA flashlight. It's a keychain flashlight, but many people don't want to hold a full size flashlight or to carry a full size flashlight with them all the time, and they're perfectly happy with the almost 100 lumens, the 85 lumens that the E05 offers.

The E25UE uses AA batteries as an option, but also can use specialized batteries to get a maximum lumen output of 1000 lumens, which is just incredible coming from a light of that size. This is a primary example of one that would be really great to have those specialty batteries to get the 1000 lumens; then if something were to happen and you weren't able to get the specialty batteries anymore, you can just use AA batteries and it'll still work, it just won't be quite as bright for you.

best-edc-e25ue.jpgAs we continue down the list, we've got some rechargeable lights, lots of rechargeable lights. Rechargeable lights are great EDC flashlights because they come with everything you need. Many of our flashlights and many of our competitors' flashlights will only come with the flashlight itself and you'll have to buy batteries and a charger separately if you buy rechargeable batteries, but with the Fenix RC and UC series flashlight, that's not the case. They come with batteries and they come with everything you need. They charge via USB cable.

The RC05, RC09 and RC11 (all three of these are discontinued. View our other EDC flashlights for more options) are all really great options to have for EDC lights and they're all very compact in size. They're easy to carry and you don't have to buy a separate battery and it comes with the charging cable. All you need to do is just have that cable with you and you can charge it anywhere you go.

On the larger end of the spectrum of the EDC flashlights we have a few TK series lights. TK series flashlights are typically more on the tactical spectrum for police officers, military personnel, and hunters as well. They have a larger head. They're a little less comfortable to hold or to carry as an EDC because of the flared head making them hard to keep in your pocket. If you are okay with having it on a holster it would work out great. These types of lights are great EDCs for police and military and stuff like that. That would include the TK15UE, the TK16 V2, and the TK20R, which also is a rechargeable flashlight, so again it will come with the battery and charging cable.