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Hello and welcome back once again to Fenix-store.com. Today, we'll be discussing our many headlamp options available. We have several different ... Many different headlamps to choose from for varying situations, from the very casual, to hunting, and search and rescue, and hiking, and that kind of thing. We really have mostly anything that you could need as far as headlamps goes.

   Headlamps are incredibly versatile tools for hunters, campers, hikers, anybody really who loves the outdoors, loves being out past dark, but maybe you need your hands for something, to pitch your tent, or to hold onto your rifle, or just so that you don't have to hold the flashlight on the trail. We've got a large selection of headlamps that will be great for you. We have three separate series of headlamps. We have the HL series, the HP series, and the brand new HM series.

   The HL series, in general, any flashlight that has the HL in front of it, like the Fenix HL23 or Fenix HL30, or anything like that, these headlamps are typically more of a casual use headlamps. They can still be fairly bright, but in general they are not going to be quite as heavy duty. There are exceptions to this rule, so always be sure to look at the specs of the flashlight that you're looking into, or of the headlamp that you're looking into, because just because it says HL doesn't mean that it's not high quality, durable, and that kind of thing.

   On the other end of the spectrum we have the Fenix HP25R, which as you might imagine, are typically the more rugged, higher quality headlamps. You often see in the HP series a metal housing versus the plastic housing. Of course, they all have the same five year Phoenix warranty, so don't be concerned about that, but that's your main difference between the two. Then, of course, we have the Fenix HM series, which right now is just made up of the ... Just one headlamp is in the HM series, the Fenix HM50R, which is a brand new headlamp. It's very small, very compact. It's actually a predecessor to the Fenix HL50, but it adds higher lumen output and, of course, a rechargeable function. It's a really good headlamp.  

   In the HL series, our top seller is going to be the Fenix HL60R. Now this actually is one of the exceptions to the rule that I spoke about. The Fenix HL60R is just as rugged and just as bright, actually brighter, than any other HP series headlamp. It is an excellent flashlight, excellent headlamp, that the price point on it is just $74.95. It has a maximum output of 950 lumens, and it comes with the battery, and it is directly rechargeable, so it also comes with the charging cable. You just charge it directly in the headlamp, which is excellent. That way you don't have to buy an extra battery, don't have to buy the extra charger. To get all that for just $74.95 is an incredible price.

   We also have the Fenix HL55, which is a non-rechargeable version of the HL60R, as well as a HL-35, both of which are going to be a heavier duty HL series headlamp. Now the headlamps that ... The HL series lamps that do fit into the more relaxed category, I've got Fenix HL23, Fenix HL30 flashlights. Both of those are ... They're a good quality, but they don't have the same lumen output as the others, so they're going to be quite a bit cheaper. The Fenix HL30 puts out 230 lumens, and the Fenix HL23 puts out 150 lumens. Another reason for that is ... Or for the inexpensive price point on those is that those both run on double A batteries, so they're very easy to get, very easy to use.

   We've also got an Fenix HL10 headlamp, which is a very small triple A headlamp, costs only $26.95. It puts out just a little bit of light, 70 lumens, but in the darkness, 70 lumens is still a good amount of light. It's really works very well for what it does. It's a really good cheap alternative. We also have an Fenix HL05, which is ... It's mostly a reading lamp. It's a very, very tiny light. It only has 8 lumens, but it also is only $14.95. It's good to use for reading, or just even at home, or reading a map at night, or something like that.

   Then we also have what is one of the light that was fairly recently released, the Fenix HL15 headlamp. This light is designed specifically to be used while just going for a walk or a jog at night, even in the city. It's a very inexpensive light, puts out 200 lumens, and it has a built-in reflector, not to reflect ... Not to throw the light from the LED actually, but to reflect light from an oncoming car or something like that. It has that, and it also has a red flashing and a red constant on mode. It's a really great option for walking or jogging in the city or suburbs or whatever. It's really all about being visible. Of course, the 200 lumens it puts out is also a very good amount of light to put out, so even for other uses, 200 lumens is going to be great, but that light is specifically designed for that sort of activity. Just mostly for safety and for visibility.

   We also have the Fenix HL26R, which a really cool light. It's a very inexpensive option for 450 lumens. It has both a spot and a floodlight separate, which is great because the only other alternative before this, for a spot and flood designation would be for almost double the price. To get it for ... To get that option for $49.95 is really awesome. Finally, with the HL series, we have the brand new, recently released, just announced Fenix HL16 headlamp. This is a 70 lumen headlamp. It is designed with kids in mind.

   This is a type of thing that you would want to get for your child if you go on family camp outs and that kind of thing. It's a very lightweight headlamp. It has 70 lumens, so it's enough light that it's going to make a difference, that you're really ... That it is going to be enough for you to see at night with, but it's not so much that it causes the price to skyrocket. It's only $24.95, and it's perfectly designed and sized for children. That comes in a nice blue, a fun yellow, or a good pink. You've got that to choose from as well for your kids.

   Then on the HP side of things we've got the Fenix HP25R, which this is actually the other ... Another headlamp that has the designated spot and flood options. This was the first headlamp to introduce that option, and it is really very, very bright light. It has 1,000 lumens. This is probably our brightest headlamp that we have. You have both the spot and the floodlight are both controlled completely separately. It comes with an 18650 battery, and it charges within the headlamp. It's very convenient and very bright. That's what the R at the end is designating, by the way, is that it is rechargeable.

   We also have the Fenix HP12, which is not rechargeable, but it's a little bit less expensive. It's a very compact light, puts out 900 lumens maximum, and it's a really good ... This is probably the smallest and cheapest of the HP series headlamps. Then finally, we have the Fenix HP30R. This is our big, big kahuna headlamp. This light puts out 1,750 lumens, which is just incredible coming from a headlamp. It comes with two 18650 batteries and is powered by both of those via a battery pack that sits on your belt. You can not only charge the batteries directly in the headlamp, in that battery pack, but you can actually also charge other devices from it, like your cell phone or something like that. This is truly a great survival tool as well as a headlamp.

   Thank you very much for joining us for the headlamp overview on Phoenix Store. Always remember that we are Phoenix experts here and so we, of course, would be happy to assist you with any questions that you may have about Phoenix products. You can always call us. We're here Monday through Friday, nine to five central time. We are in Oklahoma and we are here nine to five. You can reach us at 800-616-1326 extension 2, or you can send us an email at Support@fenix-store.com. We also have a chat, an online chat function set up on the website. You can just get on there and chat with one of us. If we're not available, it'll send an email instead and we'll respond to it as soon as we're able.  Thank you very much again, and you have a great day.