Fenix Flashlights Headlamp Comparison - HL26R vs HL15


Hello, I am a member of the Fenix Store team and I am here today hoping to talk a little bit and possibly even enlighten you on two of our amazing Fenix Headlamps. We will be covering the low cost high functional HL15 and also the mid cost Trail running, HL26R. Now even though both of these Fenix Flashlights are both Durable and cost efficient The real question is which would be the better purchase for your lifestyle and what you will be doing it. Let’s get to the Hl15 first.

The HL15 is a lightweight running headlamp, weighing in at a little over 2 ounces, with a maximum Lumen output of 200 Lumens. Which if you are new to this world of Lumens and are wondering well yeah 200 Lumens, How Bright is that, that is about 50 meters of Light. Which does translate to almost 165 feet! Now, reasonably you will most likely not be needing all 200 Lumens, which is on turbo mode which does only last roughly over an hour. This is where the HL15 really shines for me. Most functionality I have used my light on has been on the high mode, which is only 70 lumens for a distance of 29 meters or 95 feet. The real eye-opener for me was that is with a 3 and a half hours of runtime. Now, while this is a running headlamp, I have used it for many other situations in my everyday life. For example, Camping is one of my favorite past times. I cannot stress enough as to how useful and helpful this headlamp has been on many of my trips. From simple finding your way to the restroom or pitching a tent in the dark or even looking for misplaced car keys. This Light is one that I will use for times to come. Lastly, for the HL15, I would like to discuss a few of the specifications. This headlamp does have 4 brightness levels. Turbo at 200 Lumens for 1 hour and 30 minutes, High at 70 Lumens for 3 hours and 30 minutes, Medium at 30 lumens for 8 hours and 30 minutes, and Low at 4 Lumens at 37 hours. It also does have a Red light mode to alert others. This light has Eco and Flash, which is at .2 lumens for 75 hours and 150 hours respectively. Due keep in mind under these parameters this light is using an Alkaline AAA battery, using a Nickel metal-hydride battery will have lower battery lifespan but will not affect Lumen Output. All in all this is a wonderful Headlamp for your amateur camper, runner, or hiker.

On to the Hl15’s bigger, badder, Brighter Brother the HL26R. This headlamp is a beast of a headlamp at a whopping 450 Lumen output on turbo that roughly lasts 1 hour and 30 minutes. This Light is such an amazing headlamp for quite a number of reasons, however, I would like to go over some of my favorites. This Light straight out of the box has everything you need. The battery is built into the light and it comes with the USB charging cable. My Absolute favorite thing about this light has to be the two functionalities of it. This light has a spotlighting mode which has the farther throw of the beam and a floodlighting mode which has the big dispersal to see the immediate surroundings. So in terms of running you may prefer to see farther ahead rather than the scenery around you and a hiker may prefer to illuminate all possible areas. This light has and does both. Its spotlighting function has four modes turbo at 450 Lumens for 1 hour and 30 minutes, High at 130 Lumens for 6 hours, Medium at 70 Lumens for 12 hours and Low at 30 lumens for 25 hours. Its throw of the light on Turbo is 100 Meters. Now the Floodlighting setting has only 3 modes. High is a 40 Lumens for 13 hours, Low at 4 lumens for 100 hours, and lastly a SOS function at 40 lumens that can last for 26 hours. Even though the lumen count is not high comparable to the spotlighting do remember that the floodlighting setting has a 100 degree flood area. With these two functions on the light another impressive aspect of this light is how simply easy it is to switch between the two modes. The light has two buttons on top, one for spotlight and one for the floodlight.

Another thing to mention about both of these lights is that they do have three color options each. The HL15 has the choices of Black, Blue, or Purple. The HL26R has the options of Black, Blue, or Yellow. There is a slight price difference between the two. The HL15 is priced at 29.95, while the HL26R is priced at 49.95. You do get almost twice the amount of lumens and runtime with the HL26R. However for the Non-avid runners and hikers the HL15 Packs enough of a punch to get you through any activities that may be on your endeavors. Which every model you pick for yourself or maybe a gift for a loved one, Fenix Lights have a certain reputation. Every Fenix Flashlight has a 5 year warranty. Also here at the Fenix Store we have our award winning Customer Service team to answer any questions you may have or any advice that you could need concerning our Lights. On top of these great services, we also have an in-house repair center for any problems that could occur.

In conclusion, which every light that you would purchase, you are also purchasing a service. A service that here at the Fenix-Store we take very seriously, and whole heartedly. I do hope this information about these two lights and our services has answered any questions that you may have had. And if you have any more specific questions please feel free to contact us. I know as a member here, we are always excited to help with any of your Fenix needs. So as always from your friendly Fenix Store team, illuminate your adventure.