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Hello. Welcome back to Fenix Store. This is Jacob. We're here today talking about the Fenix Flashlights HM50R Multipurpose LED Headlamp....the Best Headlamp of 2017 in my opinion! This headlamp was just released last week. It's a brand new item, and it's already doing very well. We've had lots of pre-orders before it came out and then lots of orders since it did come out as well. Lots of positive feedback on this light already. The HM50R is an upgrade to an older model, the HL50. This is a new upgrade. The HM50R is an upgrade in lumens as well as an upgrade by adding a recharging functionality, which is a really great feature. What it does carry with it from the older HL50 model is its compact size, its single button operation, and the ability to remove it from the headlamp holster, which allows for very convenient hand operation. You can just take the flashlight right off the headband and start using it as a hand light, which is really great in situations where you might need an up close and personal light.

One of the really great features of this light, making it the Best Headlamp of 2017, is its cold resistance. The light is built specifically to withstand very low temperatures, and it has an IP68 rating as well. So it's fully dust and water proof, fully submersible under water up to two meters for up to 30 minutes, and the metal housing allows it to be very cold resistant. To complement that it is also compatible with the CR123A batteries, which are a very cold resistant battery. This allows you to use this in frigid environments without worrying about the headlamp being damaged or without your batteries being drained.

It uses the newer Cree XML2 U2 LED. This LED has a lifespan of 50,000 hours, so it is very unlikely that the Cree LED will actually go out within the lifetime of the flashlight. It is very rare that we actually see these LEDs go out even whenever there are other defects with the product. It does come with a single 16340 battery, which is very similar to a CR123, but it is rechargeable, and, like I said earlier, the HM50R is a directly rechargeable headlamp, and it comes with the 16340 battery. You can charge the battery directly inside the flashlight through an onboard micro USB port.

The HM50R (the Best Headlamp of 2017) has four different brightness settings all controlled with one convenient switch for both power and mode functionality. You'll hold the button down for half a second to turn it on, and then you'll click it while it is on to cycle between low, medium, high, and turbo, and then hold it down for another half second to turn it back off again. The low output is 4 lumens and will work for 90 hours on a 16340 battery or 128 hours on a CR123. The medium setting is 30 lumens and will work for 24 hours on the 16340 or 48 hours on the CR123. The high lumen output is 130 lumens. That will work for 10 hours with the rechargeable battery and 14 hours with the non-rechargeable battery, and then finally the turbo mode is 500 lumens with up to an 80 meter throw distance, which is 262 feet, and that will last you two and a half hours with the rechargeable 16340 or just two hours with the non-rechargeable CR123 battery.

As with most Fenix flashlights it does also, of course, include a reverse polarity and protection that will allow you to not have to worry about accidentally putting the battery in wrong. The light simply will not accept any power unless the battery is inserted the correct way. This keeps the batteries from being damaged as well as preventing any circuitry in the headlamp itself being damaged. The HM50R also has a new version of the headband that it comes with. This new headband has built in reflectors stitched into the outer rim of the headband so that it will allow you to not only be spotted if you are in an emergency situation, but also the headlamp would be useful to be spotted in a traffic or if you're in a dangerous situation.

It also has, on the backside, sweat channeling silicone attachment. That grips your head better keeping the flashlight more secure, but it also will keep sweat from dripping down into your eyes or anything else from the headband. It will hold it there. That way you can easily just take the headband off and clean it rather than getting sweat in your eyes. The part that holds the headlamp, the actual HM50R unit onto the headband actually is made of a very flexible silicone. It is tight enough to hold the headlamp on tightly, but also is loose enough that you can actually slide the headlamp out very easily in order to use the handheld lighting function. That way you don't have to worry about taking the headlamp off of your head, messing with a bunch of pieces, unscrewing stuff, anything like that. You just take it off, slide the headlamp right out, and you've got a small handheld flashlight.

The silicone material also allows it to be resistant to both high heat from external sources and from the headlamp itself, as well as it keeps it from becoming brittle in the cold like a traditional plastic holder would be. The light is made from an all metal aluminum housing. The fact that it is aluminum keeps it a very, very light weight, and the fact that it's metal makes it very resilient to damage, both from dropping or scratching or anything like that. The light is only 67.5 millimeters long and only weighs 63 grams. That makes it a very easy headlamp to carry and to use, as well as being very compact even while in use, as well as during storage.

The light also comes a battery level indicator. So if you have the flashlight off you can click the button just one time, and it'll light up on the side. A battery indicator light will light up, and it will tell you about how full your battery is. If the light is green constant on, then you'll know that you have over 80% of your battery left. If it flashes green you'll have between 50 and 80%, and if it is blue constant on, you'll have between 20 and 50%, and a blue flashing light mean that you're getting very low and you're at less than 20% left on the battery.

As with all of our Fenix flashlights, it does come with Fenix's standard five year warranty. That is a five year period for all of our standard headlamps and flashlights where if anything goes wrong with the light at all, if it stops working for any reason, besides being damaged through heavy use, we will repair or replace the light at no charge. That, of course, does not include very heavy use or battery corrosion or anything like that, but if you just have the flashlight, and it just stops working randomly for no reason or it gets reasonable damage through regular use like if you drop it within the drop rating, the light will be accepted as a return and either be repaired or replaced.

That is the standard Fenix warranty carried across almost all the products in the brand, and it's really a great security to have to know that even if your light breaks you have five years where it will be replaced or repaired.

Thank you very much for joining us today to discuss the HM50R Headlamp....the Best Headlamp of 2017. I hope that you are happy with this new Fenix product and as always if you do have any questions about the Fenix HM50R or any of our other flashlights, both new and older, we'd be happy to help you out. We are Fenix experts at Fenix store, and we are happy to help any customers that have any questions about our products.

You can always reach us by phone at 800-616-1326 or you can contact us by email. We have several emails available. We have support@fenix-store.com, support@Fenixoutfitters.com, and service@Fenixoutfitters.com, as well as cs@landrunbrands.com. Any of these emails you can use to contact us, and we'll be happy to help you out with anything that we can. Thank you very much again for joining us, and have a great day.