Fenix Flashlights | HM50R Rechargeable Headlamp



What make the Fenix HM50R so great? This new headlamp is rechargeable and has a max lumens of 500. It can be removed, so it can be used as a mini-flashlight as well, which is a huge bonus. It is a spiritual successor to the ever-popular HL50, which was a huge seller and still is, so we definitely expect this one to do the same.

The HM50R is an all-purpose rechargeable headlamp that can be used in all seasons. It can be used down to -40 degrees whenever using CR123A batteries. It is cold-resistant, it is compact, and it is rechargeable.

Like I said, it is rechargeable. It is rechargeable by micro-USB port located on the underside of the headlamp. It does have an all-metal housing surrounding it, so it's very durable. It's detachable from the silicon lamp-holder. That way you can hold it around in your hand instead of having it still as a headlamp. So you can use it as a little mini-flashlight as well.

Now, it is rechargeable, but it's only rechargeable with the 16340 batteries. Obviously it's not going to be rechargeable with the CR123 batteries. For the charging status indicator, again, that's only going to be whenever it's being able to charge, whenever you're using a Fenix 16340 battery. They can be charged while inside the headlamp with the micro-USB port and it's fast and very convenient. It does come with a common micro-USB cable. And then the charging indicator displays blue when charging, and then it will turn green whenever it is done and fully charged. While it is charging, you can only use it on the medium output.

As I mentioned before, it is cold-resistant down to -40 degrees Celsius, when using CR123A batteries. So it's perfect for high-altitude climbing, hiking or even running in the rigid environments. It does have a detachable snow cone lamp holder and the headlamp holder is made of enhanced silicon, which gives it a good anti-tearing ability and mechanical strength. It also makes it resistant to low and high temperature and ultraviolet rays, acid, and alcoholic corrosion. The headlamp can be removed from the holder to be used as a mini-flashlight as mentioned before.

Also as mentioned before, it does have an all-metal housing. The headlamp body is made of quality aluminum alloy, featuring premium type III hard anodized anti-abrasive finish. It's only 67.5 millimeters in length, and 63 grams in net weight, making this very compact headlamp and easy to carry.

The Fenix Flashlights HM50R Rechargeable Headlamp does use a Cree XM-L2 U2 LED. Those LEDs have a lifespan of 50,000 hours and the headlamp is able to emit a max of 500 lumens. It has four different output levels. Going into the four output modes, we have Turbo, at the high of 500 lumens. That'll run for about two hours with the CR123 or two and a half hours with the 16340. The distance of that beam will be roughly about 80 meters, about 260 feet. It does have an IP68 rating. It can go underwater up to two meters.


The High mode is 130 lumens. That'll run for 14 hours with the CR123A battery or ten hours for a 16340 battery.

The Medium mode is 30 lumens. It'll run for 48 hours with the CR123A or 24 hours with the 16340 battery.

The lowest mode is called Low mode. And it'll only have four lumens. And it'll run for an amazing 128 hours with the CR123, or even 90 hours with the 16340 battery.

The headband that is included on the Fenix HM50R is actually pretty special. It is a new sweat-channeling reflective headband. It does have reflective lines and a silicone line on the headband itself. But besides that, that has the occlusive headband design prevents the headlamp from slipping or falling up the headband by external force, so it's very good for running. One with the reflective and the sweat-channeling aspects of that headband will assist the runners with 1) being seen, and 2) keep the sweat from getting into their eye while running.

The Fenix HM50R does only have the one switch control, that makes it fast and convenient. It just has the one side switch on the side of the headlamp. And what you'll do is to turn it on, you'll press and hold for about half a second and then to select between the modes, you'll simply do a single click and that'll cycle through the Turbo, the High, the Medium, and the Low modes. And then, this headlamp does have intelligent memory circuit. Which means it will remember the last selected brightness. So if you have it in High mode when you turn it off, the next time you go to turn it back on, it'll resume in the High mode. And it'll continue to do that as long as the battery has enough power.

The Fenix HM50R does have a battery status indicator. When the lamp is off you'll do a single click of the switch to check the remaining battery level. It does have four different indications to tell you what your battery percent is at. If it's a blue light that is flashing, you're less than 20%, so you'll need to charge it pretty soon. A blue constant light is between 20 and 50% battery power. A green flash means you're between 50 and 80% battery. And then if you have a little green LED that is constantly on, that means you're at least 80% or higher.

As mentioned before the Fenix HM50R is IP68 rated. It is dust proof, so it is totally protected against dust and foreign objects. It is water-proof, submersible up to two meters, which is about six and a half feet. And so this is making this little headlamp pretty much fearless of any harsh environments as well. Just be sure to replace the micro-USB cover, whenever you're done charging. Just so you still have that port.

Now, to go over what comes with the Fenix Flashlights HM50R Rechargeable Headlamp whenever you purchase one. What you will get is, of course, the actual Fenix HM50R headlamp. It'll come with a spare O-ring, a spare rubber anti-dust cover for where the micro-USB port cover is to charge it. It'll come with a spare snow cone holder. It'll actually come with a Fenix ARBL16700 rechargeable lithium ion battery. It'll come with your standard micro-USB charging cable. It'll come with the Fenix user-manual and then a Fenix warrantee card. The size of the package is about six inches by four inches by about one and a half inch, and it's total weighs about six ounces.

Now to do a little re-cap of the Fenix Flashlights HM50R Rechargeable Headlamp. It does use the Cree XM-L2 U2 white LED. Is, once again, powered by either a single rechargeable 16340 lithium ion battery or one CR123 lithium battery. Whenever you're including the lamp holder, it is 67.5 millimeters long, 33 millimeters wide, and 28 millimeters high. It is about 63 grams whenever you're not including the battery. The Fenix HM50R does have reverse-polarity protection. So that's to protect it against, both the battery and the headlamp itself, from improper battery insertion. It does have the easy one-switch operation with the switch on the side of the headlamp. It is micro-USB rechargeable. It can be removed to be used as a mini-flashlight. And it's cold-resistant so it's perfect for the rigid environments. It has a sweat-channeling, reflective headband. It's made of quality aluminum, premium type III hard anodized anti-abrasive finish and it has a toughened ultra-clear glass lens with anti-reflective coating.