Fenix Flashlights | HM50R Rechargeable Headlamp Overview


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Hello, this is Brad with the Fenix Store. I'll be going over the newly released Fenix Flashlights HM50R Multipurpose LED Headlamp. It's a brand new headlamp, we just put it on the website today. It retails for $59.95. It has a maximum output of 500 lumens, so we'll be diving into that here in just a few.

                                    Overall size of this new Fenix Flashlights headlamp is going to be about 2.6 inches in length, inch-and-a-third in width, and just barely over an inch in height. Coming in at about three ounces with the battery, so overall a very compact, durable flashlight. This is going to be a multipurpose light, meaning you can use it as a headlamp. You're also able to take it out of the silicone flashlight holder and use it as a regular flashlight. It also has a cold resistant rating to negative 40 degrees Celsius. It's great for high altitude climbing or hiking.

                                    Very good runtime, a max runtime of 128 hours as a maximum, so very good with that size of headlamp that it is. It's got four different output modes. First setting is low at four lumens. It has a runtime of 128 hours with a rechargeable 123, which is a 16340 battery. The next step up is medium, which is 30 lumens, the same battery used as 48 hours. Third setting, which high, is 130 lumens, runtime is 14 hours. The highest setting, the turbo, is 500 lumens, which has a runtime of two-and-a-half hours with the rechargeable 16340 battery, which comes with it.

                                    It is Micro USB rechargeable, so it really makes it easy as far as not having to pick out a battery, since it does come with one. Of course, it's always a good idea to carry spare backups in case one dies out in the field on you. You definitely don't want that. It's made of the same high quality aircraft grade aluminum. It's got reverse polarity protection. It protects against improper battery installation.

                                    It does have a easy one-switch operation, which is also going to be your charging indicator. It's going to be blue when charging and then once it's completely done, it's going to turn green. Very easy to turn it on and off with that same switch. You got to just hold it down for half-a-second to turn it on or off.

                                    It does come with a sweat-channeling reflective headband. It really keeps the sweat out of your face and out of your eyes. Also, it does come with a waterproof rating, which is IP68, so it'll be two meters for about a half-an-hour. Completely dustproof, the only thing, you just have to make sure that the Micro USB rubber port cover is in place to keep out the dust and any other particles that may get in there.

                                    Now, with the charging indicator, it does give you battery status as well. When it's solid green, you have more than 80% left on your battery. When it's flashing green, that'd be anywhere from 50 to 80% battery remaining. Solid blue would be anywhere from 20 to 50% remaining. Flashing blue would be under 20%.

                                    This bright headlamp will come with a rechargeable 16340 installed in it already, but we do have spares available on the website, a regular 16340. We also have the USB rechargeable 16340 battery, which will work in there and is compatible as well. Now, you could also use the non-rechargeable CR123s in there as well, you would just need one of those, you just wouldn't be able to charge that, being a non-rechargeable battery.

                                    When you pick this up at your Fenix Store or Fenix Outfitters website, what's going to come with it is obviously the headlamp itself with the 16340 rechargeable battery in it already. It's going to come with a spare O-ring, a spare rubber anti-dust cover, which is honestly a great idea because those are really easy to come off if you're not careful, one spare silicone holder, which the flashlight or headlamp goes into on the headband, the charging cable, user manual, and a warranty card.

                                    An excellent choice for rugged or rough terrain environments. It's compact, plus you can take it out of the headband, so really the possibilities are endless. Keep it in your gear bag, hiking, camping, fishing, possibilities are endless. Fenix really hit one out of the park with this multiuse, multipurpose headlamp. I know us here at the Fenix Store and Fenix Outfitters are very excited for this release. I know a lot of you customers out there as well are pretty excited for this. This looks like it will be a great Fenix Flashlight seller...so Go ahead and pick yours up at the Fenix Store today! Thank you.