Fenix Flashlights | New Fenix HL16 Headlamp for Children

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Today, I'm going to be talking to you about the brand new headlamp from Fenix, the HL16. This is a kid-friendly headlamp from Fenix, the very first one. It does feature 70 lumens and comes in three different colors.

The HL16 is an outdoor headlamp that is specifically designed for parents and children, which the HL16 has passed through the CPSIA and the REACH certification. The secure lock on the battery cover guarantees the application safety for children. And it is powered by an easily accessible AA battery, a single one. And then the headlamp emits three different output levels. And it can deliver over 60 hours of runtime.

It does have a neutral white LED, which is better for color rendering. And it also has a red light, and a red flashing mode. So this makes this Fenix HL16 a super suitable headlamp for parenting outdoor activities.

A few highlights is that it does have, again, the secure lock for children. It does have the neutral white light source also with the red light. It features a one switch control for easy and convenient operation. And it includes a reflective and sweat channeling headband.

The different certifications that the HL16 has acquired is the CPSIA, which is a consumer product safety improvement act which the limited targets is for all children products sold in America areas, for the products designed or produced for children under age of 12 like toys, erasers, [inaudible 00:01:52] and metal children accessories. Regulated content is lead content, some tying components result in children suffocating, toy safety standard, third party test and verification. Thus the label can be traced. The safety database of consumer goods is established. All that was met by the Fenix HL16.

Also, the REACH certification is concerning the registration, evaluation, authorization and restriction of chemicals.

It does have a wider range than the RoHS certification. It does limited targets, all imported and produced chemicals in Europe. The regulated contents are any commodity should be recorded in the registration files with all chemical components listed, and state how the manufacturer used the chemical component, and offer toxicity evaluation reports.

To go over a few of the details of the Fenix HL16. Like I said, it does have the secure lock for children so you know, the children may be feeling curious about the lamp structure. And so for the sake of security, the lamp is equipped with a secure lock over the battery cover which can only be opened by the adults with the included Allen wrench. So they can't open it and start sticking their fingers anywhere that may cause harm.

It does offer the neutral white light which is better for color rendering and eye protection. It's fitted with the Cree XP-E2 R3 neutral white LED, and also the red light which is used for alerting. It does have two side red lights featuring red constant on and then a red flash. Thus children are easy to see in dim light environments. And so then for running and camping activities, it provides reliable protection.

It does offer the one single switch control so it's fast and convenient. And it does include the reflective and sweat channeling headband. So it has reflective lines around the whole headband surface to help enhance the wearer's visibility to others, ensure safety. The silicone line on the inside guides the sweat away from the eyes and prevents the headband from slipping.

It is compact and very lightweight which makes the HL16 a perfect fit for children. The lamp is powered by just 1 readily available AA battery. And the net weight is approximately 55 grams. That's excluding the battery.

It does offer a frosted design so a soft and even beam. And it does have a 60 degree tilt mechanism.

The Fenix HL16 is IP66 rated protection. So that means it's dustproof so it's totally protected against dust and foreign objects. And then also waterproof so it can withstand heavy rain and heavy splashing.

Now I'll go over the modes of the Fenix HL16. All these above parameters are tested by a 2,500 milliamp nickel–metal hydride AA battery. And also the included alkaline battery that comes with the headlamp. Starting with the high mode, it is 70 lumens and with the nickel–metal hydride battery, it runs for three hours, with an alkaline battery, it can run for 2 1/2 hours and it can shine about 35 meters. At the medium mode, we have 30 lumens and it'll run for seven hours with either a nickel–metal hydride or an alkaline battery. At the low mode, it is four lumens and it'll run for 60 hours with a nickel–metal hydride battery, or 58 hours with an alkaline battery. The red constant light has one lumen. It'll run for 75 hours with a nickel–metal hydride battery, or 85 hours with an alkaline battery. And then the red flashing mode has one lumen. It can run for 150 hours with a nickel–metal hydride battery, or 170 with an alkaline battery.

It is one meter impact resistant as well.

Now I'll go over what comes with your Fenix HL16 whenever you purchase it. It does come with the HL16 headlamp of course. And it comes with a AA alkaline battery. It also comes with the Allen wrench for that secure locking mechanism. It comes with a spare O-ring, a user manual, and then a warranty card.

A few highlights to go over, in conclusion, would be that the LED used is the Cree XP-E2 R3 neutral white LED with a lifespan of 50,000 hours. It is powered by a single AA battery which can be a nickel–metal hydride or an alkaline battery. It is about 62 millimeters in length, 39.5 millimeters in width, and 37 millimeters in height. And the headlamp itself is about 55 grams, that's whenever that the battery compartment is empty. It is digitally regulated so it'll maintain that constant brightness. It does have the red light which is used for night vision, and then the red flash which can be used for alerting. They offer the 60 degree tilt mechanism so you can be able to tilt the light wherever it is needed. It does offer the one switch control for easy and fast operation even for children. It does include reverse polarity protection, so it's going to protect against from improper battery insertion in order to protect the battery, as well as the headlamp itself. It does offer intelligent overheat protection so that's going to protect against the headlamp getting too hot on service. It is made of quality aluminum and plastic. Again, it's certified by the CPSIA and REACH and does offer the secure lock for the children. So the included Allen wrench is the only means of removing the battery cover. So for adult use, they will simply remove the screw and replace the battery whenever it is needed.

And that will wrap up the Fenix HL16. Hope you all enjoyed. And be sure to check this out. It really does make the perfect fit for making that hiking trip during the weekend turn into a family event and a family affair. So there's not going to be the need to leave the kids behind, or worry if they are going to mess with the headlamp and maybe injure themselves, or what have you. With this kid-friendly headlamp from Fenix, you are in the clear. And it's a sure way to make the weekend a lot more fun for all parties involved.

And that will wrap up the Fenix HL16. Thank you all for stopping by and I hope you all have a great day. And I hope that I was able to give you some insight on the brand new headlamp from Fenix. Thank you.