Fenix Flashlights | Q&A - Commonly Asked Questions


We will be answering the most commonly asked questions about our Fenix products. This includes flashlights, camping lanterns, and headlamps. We hope that this forum is beneficial in helping any concerns you may have. Let's get started!

1. Why do some lights come with batteries and others don’t?

Many Fenix flashlights purchased on Fenix-store.com will come with batteries. Flashlights that include batteries are all part of our rechargeable lights, these lights include the UC series and the RC series rechargeable lights along with many headlamps and bike lights. This is the main reason why some flashlights include batteries and some do not. In essence, if the light is rechargeable and is purchased on Fenix-store.com, it will include a battery.

2. Why does my Fenix PD35 TAC go through the different lumen modes?

The Fenix PD35 TAC has quickly become an all time favorite, surpassing its brother the regular PD35, but what makes it so different? Tac mode, or Tactical Mode. The Fenix PD35 TAC has a Tactical Mode that allows you to turn the light on with the rear switch and go directly into it highest output which is turbo mode, a slight tap of the rear switch will allow the light to go to strobe mode. There are many users that benefit from the Tactical Mode, specifically police officers and military personnel.

To go back to the Outdoor Mode which allows you to use the side switch to increase light output you have to turn the light on with the rear tail switch, and then hold the side switch down for 3-4 seconds, the light will go to strobe and then flash slowly 2-3 times and then it will stay on. Once this has been done the light is once again in the Outdoor Mode which allows the side switch to be accessible.

3. Can the Fenix CL30R and Fenix CL26R Camping lanterns be used while they are being charged?

Yes, but only the Eco, Low, and Mid levels will be available. The CL30R and CL26R can also be used while serving as a power bank. Both of these camping lanterns have voltage indicators which allow you to see how much battery power is left.

4. My Fenix UC35 is not charging when I plug it in! Why?

The Fenix UC35 is one of the best rechargeable everyday carry flashlights available. The UC35 does not start charging as soon as you plug the light in. To start the charging process the light must be off and plugged into a Micro USB cable, once the light has been plugged in you must click the rear tail switch, this will start the charging sequence for the Fenix UC35. It's also important to note that the rear tail switch on the UC35 has a dual function. A full click on the rear tail switch will turn the light on, as the half press will be a momentary on.

5. My Fenix HL60R has a turbo of 950 Lumens, but it will only stay on for a certain amount of time then go back down to the high output, why does it do this?

The Fenix HL60R is rated to last at the total of 48 minutes in the turbo mode, this is accumulated time. The HL60R and many other Fenix lights have thermal control protection, so the runtime of the turbo output level is the accumulated time. It is good to note that the accumulated runtime can be longer if 18650's with a higher mAh are used.

6. I just purchased a new Fenix RC40 Flashlight (discontinued; recommended replacement LR80R), but it does not want to turn on, why is this happening with a new flashlight?

The Fenix RC40 and with all of our other rechargeable lights that come with a battery have an insulator disc inside the battery tube. This insulator disc is placed there to prevent the light from turning on while being shipped. The disc is easy to remove, some light will have the disc at the top of the battery and some will have it inside the battery tube as is the case with the Fenix CL30R.

7. What is the best-recommended charger for batteries?

Choosing a charger is not easy, especially if you have various lights and various batteries. So to answer this questions we will go by a number of batteries you need or have. Let's say you have a Fenix PD35 TAC, you will need a minimum of 1 battery and 1 charger, we would recommend the ARE-X1 Charging kit. This includes 3.6V/2600mAH 18650 and USB charger that can also work as a power bank.

If you are looking for a charger that can handle both 18650's and AA's and AAA's we would recommend the ARE-X1+ charger at 12.95. if you have multiple batteries that you need to charge the choice would be easy, the Fenix ARE-A4 which has four slots for multiple charging at the same time, and it can take 18650's, 16340's, AA's, AAA's, 14500's and 26650's.

8. Fenix BC30R - How does this hold up to mountain bike/single track riding etc, is the mount tough enough?

This light is designed to work with both extreme cycling and weekenders. The BC30R has a sturdy bike mount that can take on any type of pavement or dirt road. If you are an experienced cyclist that takes on off roading tracks or a new and upcoming rider this light will work well for both situations.

9. Can the strobe on the Fenix TK20R be turned on with the rear tail switch?

No, the Fenix TK20R does not have the option to turn on the strobe with the rear tail switch, the side switch must be held down for 0.5 seconds to activate the strobe option. If you are looking for a light that can activate the strobe with the tail switch we would recommend the Fenix TK16 V2 or the Fenix PD35 TAC, both of these lights allow you to turn the strobe on with the rear switch.

10. Can I use regular 18650's for my Fenix RC40?

No, The Fenix RC40 uses a proprietary battery known as the ARB-L3. This battery was specifically designed for the RC40 to sustain the high output for the 6000 lumens. Regular 18650's would not work on the RC40. Specialty batteries are not common on Fenix lights but a few our flashlights do use specialty batteries. 

We hope this small Q&A has helped answer some of our most frequently asked questions. As always if you have any other concerns you can contact us using our Contact Us form. Thanks for visiting Fenix-store.com