Fenix Flashlights | The Amazing Fenix HP30R Headlamp - Brightest Headlamp 2018


Today we're going to be talking about the Fenix Flashlight HP30R Headlamp, AKA the brightest headlamp of 2018, the brand new headlamp that Fenix just released. This headlamp is Micro USB rechargeable with 1,750 Max Lumens, it has a spotlight and a floodlight. The HP30R does have a micro USB port to recharge the actual light. The batteries required are Fenix 18650's. Those 18650’s are the ones that you are going need for the light to  be recharged. If you use the CR123's, they will not recharge. Same with the discharging function that the HP30R also has. You must use 18650's inside the battery case to use it as a power bay.

I should add that the discharge function or power bank function only will work with micro USB items, so if you have a phone or tablet this function would work for those type of devices as long as they are Micro USB. So the discharge function will work only with a micro USB cord, so if you have a lightning cord for your iPhone or iPod, that will not charge, nor will anything else that has other types of USB, like a USBC, or anything like that. 

The battery case has a nice feature on it, as well, there is a button on the top that you can click, that will show how full the charge is. There are four small blue LED's if you click it, it will light up one to four LED's, depending on how full your batteries are.

And to go over those four lights, they're gonna mean different things depending on what is displaying. If it just one flashes, that means you're lower than twenty percent. That means you probably going to  need to charge it as soon as possible. If there's one constantly on, that means you're between twenty and forty percent battery power left. If there are two little LED lights on, that means you are between forty and sixty percent. If there's three constantly on, you're between sixty and eighty percent. Then, if you have all four of them on, you have more than eighty percent power. Again, this only works with 18650's. If you have CR123 batteries in there, the status indicator will not light up.

The HP30R, like most Fenix lights is very durable, this one is particularly very nice in that headlamp. Many of the Fenix headlamps are made of plastic, but the Fenix HP30R (discontinued) is actually made with an aluminum alloy. It's a very durable light and it has better dissipation than standard plastic.

The Fenix Flashlight HP30R Headlamp does have a little casing above where the buttons are. That is actually serves a special purpose to avoid accidental operation, and makes it convenient for carrying, just so you don't accidentally change your modes maybe from the highest to the lowest, and then you're all stranded. It does have a sixty degree tilt mechanism. You can direct a beam whether it's right in front of you, or if you're out hiking you can light up the trail right in front of you.

The HP30R is IP66 rated for protection. It is dust-proof, so it's totally protected against dust and foreign objects, and it is waterproof, but it can withstand heavy rain and splashing. It's not submersible.

So as we discussed previously the HP30R does have both a spotlight and two flood light LED's. Like John said earlier, you can combine those into a total of 1,750 Lumens  (brightest headlamp of 2018), but they also can function separately. The spotlight has a maximum output of 1000 lumens by itself, and the floodlight has a maximum output of 750 Lumens. There are two buttons on the top. One to control the spot, and one to control the floodlight. The spotlight function at 1000 Lumens of maximum output will last 4 hours. You also have a High output of 400 lumens, which is a really good amount of light, and that will last you 6 ½ hours. Then medium output for a situation where you don't need too much light coming out, is 130  lumens for 21 hours. Finally, a low mode at 30 Lumens  for 83 hours.

Then the floodlight has a maximum lumen output of 750  for 4 hours. Then 400 lumens for 6 hours. 130 lumens for twenty-three hours, and 5 lumens for 400 hours. The floodlight mode also has an additional SOS function.

The floodlight does have a ninety degree beam angle. So it's definitely going to light up everything in your surroundings. The size of the HP30R is pretty standard, it's a bit bigger than the HP25R, but a bit smaller than the HL60R. The length is just over 3 inches, and it's about 2 in width. The height is a little less than 1½ inches. The battery case itself is a little over 6 inches in length, a little over 2 inches in width, and about 1 inch in height. The HP30R is powered by either two 18650's or four CR123 batteries. It does include two twenty-six hundred milli amp 18650 batteries. But it can also operate with any of the 18650's that we have on our store.

It can also operate with four CR123 batteries as well, but like was already discussed, if you use the four CR123's they're not rechargeable, and you won't be able to discharge from the battery case with the CR123A's.

The package comes with the HP30R headlamp and one cable clip to help to hold it all together. It comes with a standard around the head headband mount, and then a top headband mount, an extra O ring, a belt clip for the battery case, a USB charging cable, and two of the twenty-six hundred milliamp batteries. The HP30R does come in two different colors. We are gonna have it in black and also in iron gray. There is an actual lock-out function for the HP30R as well, just to prevent accidental activation, and it makes it convenient for carrying. It does also have intelligent memory function, which will remember the last Lumen output mode you were using.

In conclusion, the Fenix HP30R, brightest headlamp of 2017, is a really great headlamp that a lot of people have been waiting for. It's a very powerful, rechargeable, light with the spot and the flood options, which is really great to have both of those options available to be used individually or at the same time depending on your situation. The old version of the HP30 was a fan favorite, lots of people thought the separate battery case was really convenient. We have included that in the HP30R, it’s nice to not have the battery case up on your head, or anything like that, so you don't have to have that weight on the back of your head, so the belt case is a pretty popular edition.

The micro USB output option is a really great feature. You don't have to carry an extra power bank with you, if you just carry some extra batteries, then you always will know that you have enough energy for not only your flashlight, but also any of your other micro USB rechargeable devices, like your phone and GPS. In general, just a really great light for mountaineering, snowing, skiing, search and rescue, and any other demanding outdoor activities.

So as you are planning all those summer vacations, be sure to head over to Fenix-store.com and pick up your Fenix HP30R Headlamp today!