Fenix Flashlights | The Amazing Top Rated PD35 and PD35TAC Flashlight

Have you purchased a G700 Flashlight or a X700 flashlight recently? You may have noticed that they are not all that great. Today we are providing you with two replacement options for either the G700 Flashlight or the X700 Flashlight.

Fenix PD35 V3.0 Everyday Carry Flashlight 

 Fenix PD35 V3 EDC Flashlight

Let's start with the Fenix PD35 V3.0. With the PD35 V3 it has a maximum output of 1700 lumens at turbo. This light is brighter than many search and rescue flashlights on the market while remaining a fraction of the size and of the cost. Now the PD35 has five modes in it. It has a turbo mode, which is 1700 lumens and it runs for about an 1.4 hours. It has high, which is 600 lumens, and that runs for about 2.5 hours. And mid, which is 150 lumens, and 8.5 hour of runtime on that. And then we have low, which is 50 lumens and that's 26.4 hours of runtime on that. And the final one is economy. Eco is 5 lumens and it can run for about 230 hours. All these times measurements are based on our Fenix 2600 milliamp USB rechargeable 18650 battery that we sell here. Now, most of our Fenix flashlights are based upon the 3500 milliamp battery if it uses 18650's, but it's impressive to see these runtimes on the PD35 V3 with a 2600 milliamp battery.

Now, the strobe on PD35 V3 is another mode that you can have. It runs off of 1700 lumens, so it runs on the turbo. It can be reached by holding the side button down and then it'll reach into strobe mode. To get through to turbo, high, mid, low, and economy, you just click the side button while the light is and the PD35 will cycle through. So, just the only difference is you just have to hold it down and it'll go to strobe.

Now the maximum beam distance for this flashlight is 1171 feet, which is 357 meters. It also has an intelligent memory circuit, which means it remembers the last mode before turning off. So, if you switched it to turbo and you turned it off, when you turn it back on that thing is gonna be in turbo. So, in my opinion you should turn it down to economy before you turn it off, so whenever you turn it back on, wherever you're at, if you're with some friends you want to show them your light and you turn the light on, it doesn't blind them. That's happened a lot here, and if I'm telling you the truth, it happens a lot.

Now with this light the 2600U 18650 battery is included. But if you'd like to see longer runtimes, we do recommend the Fenix 18650 3500 milliamp battery. If you'd like, you can get the USB rechargeable 18650 3500mAh battery as well. And that will give you the maximum runtime that these five modes of operation run on.

Now I'm gonna tell you some of the things that come in the flashlight box when you order it. It comes with the flashlight, of course. It has a pocket clip on it. And then it comes with a holster, a lanyard, a spare O-ring and a spare rubber boot. And one instruction sheet and a warranty card.

Now, the packaged deal that you can order separately. (Currently, there is no package deal on the Fenix PD35 V3. These next few paragraphs discuss the older version, the PD35, and its package deal). They like to give you a sort of a good setup if you want to start using your flashlight more, like some people will buy a Fenix flashlight just to see it and then just buy the batteries and stuff later. But this one, it tries to set you up with everything you'll need to keep it sustained. This Fenix PD35 packaged deal includes the flashlight box with all that comes in it. Then you get a Fenix ARE-X2 smart charger, which can charge 18650s. It can charge AA rechargeables and AAA rechargeables. So, the ARE-X2 charger can charge a lot of different batteries.

Then, the packaged deal includes two of our Fenix 2900 batteries. Now, 2900 batteries are not the 3500's, they are the smaller milliamp version, which means they won't run as long, but they are still our second best battery. We have the 3500 milliamp battery, the 2900 milliamp battery, then we go down to 2600 milliamp battery. And so the 2900 is in the middle, it's a good battery and it'll still keep you running for a long time, it's not like a drastic change and plus you have the smart charger, so you want to put one battery in the charger while you're using the other battery in the flashlight, you can just keep switching them out and you'll always have a battery.

It also comes with two of our CR123 non-rechargeable batteries. Now, you can put two CR123 batteries into your flashlight and it will run the flashlight, but they are not rechargeable and you'll just have to keep buying more ones. So, those are just for if both are your batteries are not charged and you're like, "Oh, well I need to use it right now so I'll put these two in." That's basically what that's in there for.

You also have your Fenix AOD-S diffuser, which basically turns your flashlight into a torch. So, when you put the diffuser on it gives a huge flood and you can see a lot around you so that's really useful. And then the next thing it comes with is a waterproof battery holder, which can hold two 18650's or four CR123 non-rechargeable batteries. It also has a USB wall adapter included. So, you'll always be able to plug everything in because the X2 smart charger comes with the USB cord that can plug into the wall adapter and then just plug into your charger that charges your battery so you don't really need to add a USB port into the packaged deal. So, that's all of the Fenix PD35 that I have to tell you.

Fenix PD35 TAC Tactical Flashlight 

Fenix PD35 TAC tactical flashlight

Now, onto the Fenix PD35 TAC. The tactical edition of the Fenix PD35 remains pocket size and has a higher performance and focus on tactical employment. It goes from outdoor use to law enforcement, and you can count on the Fenix PD35 TAC to deliver reliable and powerful lighting. Now, it's modes are a little bit different. It has the Tactical Mode and the Outdoor Mode.

First I'm gonna touch base on the Outdoor Mode. The Outdoor Mode is the same thing as the PD35. It has the five modes: Turbo, high, mid, low, and eco. And then it has the strobe function. Outdoor's the same thing as the PD35 on how to use it and everything else. But it does change in lumens because tactical comes with the max level 1000 lumens, and the PD35 V3 regular comes with the max of 1700.

Now with the turbo, it goes 1000 lumens with 1 hour and 10 minutes of runtime constant. And then high is 500 lumens, 2 hours and 55 minutes. Then mid is 200 lumens with 8 hours and 30 minutes. And low is 60 lumens with 29 hours and 15 minutes, and eco is 8 lumens with 140 hours. Then the strobe is 1000 lumens like it usually is, and the strobe will always be on turbo. If there's a strobe in any light that we sell it will always activate in turbo.

Now, I'm going to explain first how to get into Tactical Mode with the PD35TAC. When you get the PD35TAC it will always be set in Tactical Mode when you turn it on. Now, to get back to Outdoor Mode, (or back into Tactical Mode - it's the same process), you turn on the flashlight and then you hold the side switch down for three to four seconds to switch between the modes. So, if you're in Tactical Mode and you want to go back to Outdoor, you hold that side for three to four seconds and it'll switch you back to Outdoor Mode and then you can switch between the modes as normal, the side switch like you do on the PD35.

I don't know if I touched based on that at all but they do have a side switch on them that allows you to switch between the modes. And in Tactical Mode, there is a difference between how you switch between the modes. In Tactical you can switch between the brightness modes with the tail switch, you can't switch between the brightness mode with the side switch. To switch between brightness modes you have to half press the tail switch. So, instead of fully clicking the tail switch to turn on, you would click it halfway down and it will go into a mode, whichever one you want, and when you let off the button it's going to turn off. So, you don't fully press it because it's meant for just being like a instant whenever you need it on you half press and hold it down to keep it on that mode that you have it in. Or to quickly switch between you just quickly half press multiple times you get through the modes.

The Tactical Mode will always turn on in turbo when you switch it from outdoor mode, though. So, it's always gonna be in turbo when you switch from Outdoor. And then with the Tactical Mode there are three different brightness modes. There's turbo, which is 1000 lumens, of course, the same as Outdoor Mode. And you can switch between those like I said switching half press, and then it goes low and then strobe. So, it depends on whatever you want, you can quickly switch through the three different modes. And with that, that's about it with the Tactical Mode.

So, now we're going to talk about the Fenix PD35 TAC bundle (this bundle is discontinued). Now with this Fenix flashlight it has different bundles in the original to make it more tactical compatible. So, it comes with the box of the Fenix PD35 box and everything that comes inside of that, which is the holster and everything else that comes with it. Like the warranty card, the instruction sheet, and the O-ring and rubber boot. But it also comes with, in this packaged deal, it comes with the Fenix ALG-01, which is a flashlight mounting ring so you can put it on something and mount it in there I think that's used for guns. Our Fenix AER-02 remote pressure switch, which is useful for when you do mount it on your gun you can have that pressure switch set up to where you can line it up back to where your hand is holding the trigger, you just click back between them.

And then they have the Fenix ARE-X2 smart charger, which, like I said, is a really good charger. And then the two Fenix 2900 batteries that will work for 18650's. The waterproof battery holder and two CR123 non-rechargeable batteries and a wall adapter. So, the only thing that changes between the two bundles is the diffuser and then the two tactical pieces on the tactical bundle, which is the ALG-01 and the AER-02, so those are the only differences. They come with the same things, otherwise the chargers, the batteries, the waterproof holder, and the wall adapter.

Well, that's about it for these two tactical flashlights. Thank you for reading this and I hope that you visit the Fenix-Store soon and if you have any more questions, talk to a Fenix-Store representative and buy one of our awesome Fenix flashlights. Well that's gonna be it guys. Thank you for reading.