Fenix Flashlights | The Best Rechargeable Flashlights for Everyday Carry

Hello and welcome again to Fenix-Store.com. My name is Jacob, I'm the warranty and customer service manager here. Today I will be talking with you about our Fenix rechargeable flashlights.

Fenix-store.com has a wide range of different rechargeable flashlight options. We've got everywhere from a very small key chain light at 45 lumens, and then a bunch of smaller sizes in that type of area, all the way up to the more full-size lights and tactical lights, cradle charging lights, headlamps, and all the way up to camping lanterns. We have also three camping lanterns ... I'm sorry, two camping lanterns. These are all directly rechargeable, which means that not only will they come with a battery, but most of them will charge with just a standard micro USB cable, which is also included.

Basically if you're buying a Fenix-store.com rechargeable LED flashlight, you know that you are getting everything that you need with the package minus an adapter for the wall, which since it is just a standard USB ... or, sorry, a standard micro USB cable ... most people will find that they already own an adapter for the wall or at least another adapter or a charger that plugs directly into the wall with a micro USB on the end. You'll find this is the same type of charging port that all or almost all Android phones use, as well as many other devices ranging from smart watches to MP3 players to tablet computers, and many, many other things. This is a very standardized plug type and almost everybody will already have the tools they need to recharge one of these flashlights.

Some highlights of the Fenix-store.com rechargeable flashlight series.

Fenix-store.com has many different series of flashlights that are rechargeable. You'll find that we have the UC series, which consists of the UC01, UC02, UC30, and UC35 flashlights. Then we have the RC series, which consists of the RC 9, RC 11, RC 20, and RC 40. Then we'll also have any flashlight that ends where ... that it's small number ends with an R, which is many different types. We've got several headlamps, the HL 26R, HP 30R, HL 60R, and a bike light as well, BC 30R and BT 30R. These are all ... anything with that R on the end is going to be rechargeable as well, just with the USB. Then we've also got the CL 25 and CL 30R lanterns, both of which are.

Let's talk about the UC series for a moment first. The UC 40 was our first rechargeable flashlight. It has been since discontinued, but we currently now have many other flashlights in the UC series, all the way from a small key chain light, the UC 01 ... which just puts out 45 lumens ... Then up to a UC 02, that's another small key chain light, puts out 130 and comes in many different colors, including two stainless steel options. Then all the way up to your standard use UC 30, at 960 lumens ... A more tactical version of the UC 30, the UC 35, also at 960 lumens. Lots of versatility in the UC series. The UC 35 probably is our most popular of the rechargeable lights, just for its simplicity and its price point. This is basically a rechargeable version of the PD 35, which is our top seller. You get all the features of the PD 35 plus it comes with a battery and it's rechargeable. No real losses there, it's all positive.

As mentioned, we also have the RC series. Now the RC series is a little bit different. All the lights in the RC series will have a standard USB as the plug in side, where you plug into the wall, so you can use it with a standard USB adapter or plug it directly into your car if you have a car that has a USB port, or into a standard USB adapter for a vehicle into the cigarette port.

The difference is where that charger actually connects to the flashlight. On the smaller ones, the RC 05 at 300 lumens, the Fenix-store.com RC 09 at 550 lumens, and the RC 11 at 1000 lumens, you'll find that all three of those actually use a magnetic charging cable. It will plug into the wall with the standard USB just like anything else, but on the other end there is actually a small magnetic circle that will connect to the flashlight. It actually will charge just through that magnet, which is really cool. You don't have to worry about any sort of charging port plugs becoming undone or getting filled with water or dirt because all you have is that magnetic charging surface. It's 100% waterproof and completely reliable and safe. That's those three, the RCs 05, 09, and 11.

Then we also have the Fenix RC20, which is a particular favorite for police officers. This is a 1000 lumen light and it actually has a charging cradle. The cradle plugs in with a standard USB just like the others, but then the light, you will just set the light in the cradle and that is how it charges. A lot of officers like this because they like to be able to set up that cradle in their vehicle and just be able to pop the RC 20 in there while they're driving or whenever they're out on their rounds ... easy access to it while it's charging, and that kind of thing, which is very positive.

Moving on to the bike lights that we offer, just the one bike light that we offer, we have the BC30R bike light. This is a 1600 lumen bike light, a very impressive amount of light coming out of a very small item. It charges also with a standard USB to micro USB cord, which it does come with, and has a nice little LCD screen where it shows your remaining run time on whatever mode you're on, as well as your mode selection. Just a very good bike light, it's probably one of our more popular ones.

Next we have many different options for the headlamps. We have an HP25R, which is a 1000 lumen light with a single spot ... it has two single independent LEDs, a spot LED, and a flood LED. This light, it has a single battery, battery carrier, and it puts out 1000 lumens of light on the spotlight. Then we also have an HP30R which is a 1750 headlamp. That is a lot of light coming out of the lamp, that is our brightest headlamp that we offer right now. It also has a single designated spotlight and two designated flood lights, the difference being that not only can you turn those two on at the same time, the spotlight and the floodlight, but this one also has a rechargeable battery carrier that is separate from the headlamp. It goes and sits on your belt. It accepts two 18650 batteries, and you can actually use that carrier to discharge to a different device. You can actually use it like as a power bank to charge your other devices in an emergency situation.

We then have the HM50R, a very, very small compact light that is a 500 lumen headlamp. The Fenix-store.com HM 60 R ... I'm sorry, Fenix-store.com HM 50R. Then we have the HL 60R, which is probably our most popular headlamp at 950 lumens. Also of course, rechargeable like all the things on this list.

Finally, we have two different camping lanterns, the CL 25 R at 350 lumens, and the Fenix-store.com CL 30R at 650 lumens. Now, the CL 25R comes in black and green and the CL 30R comes in black or gray. It's nice to have those two color options on both of those lights, and really just a great amount of light to come out of a small little lantern like that. These are both really popular sellers, especially the CL 25R at a really low price point, and it's just a really good thing to have around the house in case of a power outage, or yeah, of course going camping.

That about wraps it up for the offering of Fenix-store.com rechargeable flashlights. If you do have any questions, don't forget we are Fenix-store.com experts here. You can always get online on Fenix-store.com, we have a live chat function available now. You can also give us a call at 800-616-1326, or send us an email and we'd be happy to help you any time. Thank you very much, have a great day.