Fenix Flashlights TK25 R&B LED Flashlight | Hunting Flashlight Tactical Flashlight

                  Hello. Thank you for visiting Fenix Store today. We have an exciting new announcement from Fenix Flashlights, a new light that we've been eagerly awaiting, is the Fenix TK25 R&B (discontinued). And what that is is a tri-colored hunting and tactial flashlight. Has a similar form and function to the TK 25IR that was released earlier this month or late last month. And the TK25 R&B is a light that has integrated red and blue LED's, specifically designed for use as a hunting flashlight or tactical flashlight, in which you can access the red light or blue light with a twist of the bezel. And, you can also access the white light just by turning the bezel. 

                  For use as a hunting flashlight the Fenix TK25 R&B allows the user to easily access the Red LED light for stealth operation on the way to a deer stand or hunting blind. The red LED is harder for animals to see, making it a great early morning hunting flashlight. The Blue LED is also useful in a hunting flashlight because it is said to be helpful in blood tracking wounded animals. In some situations, the blue light exposes drops of blood better than a normal white LED. Both of these features, make the TK25 R&B a great option for a hunting flashlight.

Features requested in tactical flashlight are similar to the ideal hunting flashlight features listed above. In a tactical situation, a good low leave red light is great for map reading or crating local visibility that is not easily visible from a distance. The quick access to white light and red light make the Fenix TK25 R&B a great option for a tactical flashlight.

                  The Fenix TK25 R&B has a Cree XP-G2 S3 white LED. And the red and blue LED's are Cree XP-E2's. The white light has a maximum output of 1000 lumens and a beam distance of 225 meters, the red LED light has a maximum output of 150 lumens, and the blue is a max output of 60 lumens. The Fenix TK25 R&B is powered by one 18650 lithium ion battery or also, as most Fenix flashlights, two CR123A batteries.

                  This light features two tail switches. It has the tactical primary switch which allows you to tap for momentary on. And a full press of the tail switch turns the light on or off. The secondary switch is also on the tail and it's recessed slightly on a bevel. And that switch clicks to cycle through the different output levels. So, once the light is fully on using the primary switch, a tap of the secondary switch will change the brightness levels. If the light is in the off position, a press of the secondary switch will access the instant strobe when it's on the white LED. And on the red LED, will be in the max output and that's just a momentary on function of when it's on the red LED.

                  The cool thing about the TK25 R&B and the TK25 IR infrared version is you can freely switch between each of the different light sources with a patented twist of the head, a rotatory selection of which colored LED the light is using.

                  On the white LED, you have four output levels. As I mentioned previously, 1000 lumens on the max output and on the lowest setting, you have a max run time of 110 hours. Here's the four settings for the white light. I already mentioned 1000 lumens on turbo. You have 300 lumens on the high mode with a run time of five hours and 20 minutes. You have a 100 lumen output on the medium mode with a run time of 22 hours and 20 minutes. And on the low mode, 15 lumens output with a run time of 110 hours. On the red LED, you have 115 lumens max output for seven hours and 30 minutes. And on the low mode of red, you have 25 lumens output with a run time of 40 hours. And on the blue mode, blue LED, you have 60 lumens of max output with a run time of six hours and 40 minutes. Of course, you still have the strobe which is 1000 lumens of max output.

                  The light is rated for IPX68 standard, which is under water for two meters without any effects and it's impact resistant rated at one meter.  Included in the packaging for the TK25 R&B you have a holster, a lanyard, spare O rings, a body clip, the user manual, and the warranty card.

                  Additional product features for the TK25 R&B is overall length of 142 millimeters, 25 millimeter body diameter, and a 40 millimeter head diameter. It weighs 156 grams without the battery. As all Fenix flashlights, the majority of them made with aircraft grade aluminum, type three hard iodized anti-abrasive finish, and a glass lens with anti-reflective coating.

                  The TK25 R&B does have an intelligent memory on the white light only. That means when you turn off the light in medium mode it will come back on in medium mode. If you turn it off in high, it will come back on in high. And the momentary switch will also activate it in that last mode that it was in before it was turned off.

                  On the red and blue, the max output is the default, so, it will always come on in red at the maximum output and the same with blue. It has a low voltage warning and this is something that has been on the recent lights. As the voltage level drops below certain levels, the light will automatically dim to the next brightest setting. This just gives you a warning that your light's running out of batteries and you should charge them or replace them soon.

                  The TK25 R&B version also has a strike bezel and a dual layer body. This gives it additional toughness, it's good for tactical situations. The dual body helps the shock resistance of the light.

                  The TK25 R&B will work with many of the existing Fenix accessories. The diffuser tip model is the AOD-M. It also works with the tactical flashlight clip and both versions, the ALG-01 (discontinued) and ALG-00. The pressure switch that works with this light is the AER-03 V2. And the traffic cone that fits is the AOT-L. And any of the Fenix 18650 rechargeable batteries will work, but we strongly recommend the ARB-L18-3500U for optimized runtimes.

                  Again, this is the new Fenix TK25 R&B that was just announced by Fenix today. We're all excited here to get our hands on this new light, similar to the TK 25IR, has the patented technique of rotary mode selection, changing between the different LED outputs of the light and that is patent pending, currently in the United States, makes it easy to switch just by the quick rotation of the head.

                  So, whether you are looking for a great hunting flashlight or tactical flashlight, the TK25 R&B is a great option. It will retail for $89.95 and, as I mentioned, that is available at https://www.fenix-store.com. We look forward to serving you and let us know if you have any questions. Thanks for shopping at www.fenix-store.com.