Fenix Flashlights | TK35XML vs TK35UE Comparison


*The TK35XML and TK35UE is discontinued. Check out the upgraded Fenix TK35UE V2.0 tactical flashlight or browse our other excellent tactical flashlights

Hello, I am a member of the Fenix store team. I am here today hoping to talk a little bit and possibly even enlighten you on two of our amazing Fenix flashlights. Today we'll be talking about the Fenix TK35, the 2015 Edition, and the Fenix TK35, the Ultimate Edition. Both of these awesome flashlights are in our medium range with output of lumens and size. I would like to start today with going over the specs of each of these lights, and then touching on some of the common uses for each light respectively.

Let us first start off with the Fenix TK35 2015 Edition. Now, this Fenix TK35 2015 Edition is a portable, and multifunctional flashlight. It does have a max 960 lumen output. It does feature the unique dual tail cap switch system. It offers a fast selection between different brightness levels. Now, to go over the modes of the Fenix TK35 2015 Edition, you do have the Turbo mode with an output of 960 lumens. The run time for that turbo mode is approximately two hours. Next, we have the high mode. That output has 400 lumens. The run time on the high mode is six hours and 45 minutes. Next, we have mid-mode, which the output is 150 lumens, with a run time of 21 hours. Next, is Low, and that has an output of 50 lumens for 60 hours. Lastly, the Eco-mode, which is eight lumens at 240 hours.

The distance for this light is 355 meters maximum. It has an impact resistance of up to one meter, and is waterproof underwater for two meters. Now, the Fenix TK35 2015 Edition does include the flashlight of course, a lanyard, a holster, a spare o-ring, the user manual, and warranty card.

Now, I do have a friend who works nights as a security guard, and he absolutely loves this light. He uses it every night he goes to work. He said he mostly likes the light for its run time, and durability. The size of it is perfect for his belt, and he loves the dual tail cap feature. For him being able to illuminate a large scary area is perfect for his patrols at his job.

Next, I would like to touch base on our next light. The Fenix TK35 Ultimate Edition. Now, we will see some similarities between both of these lights, but let's go over the specs of the Fenix TK35 Ultimate Edition.

Now, like the 2015 edition it does have five brightness levels. Let's begin with the Turbo mode. The output for the Turbo mode is 2000 lumens with a runtime of one hour and 15 minutes. That's over twice the output of lumens compared to the 2015 edition. Next, we have the High-mode with an output of 1050 lumens with a runtime of three hours and 10 minutes. Still, even on high that is higher lumen output than the 2015 edition on Turbo. Next, we have the Mid-mode at 380 lumens with a runtime of 9 hours and 15 minutes. Next, Low, with and output of 120 lumens for 33 hours. Lastly, we have Eco at 20 lumens with a runtime of 160 hours. And this also has the impact resistant of one meter, and is also waterproof for up to two meters. Like the 2015 the flashlight is included, lanyard, the holster, the spare o-ring, the user manual, and the warranty card.

Now, personally my brother opted to purchase the Fenix TK35 Ultimate Edition, and after going over the pros and cons of this Fenix flashlight. He decided that it would be best for him to have something with a tighter beam, more of a spot light or focus light, and not so much flood. That was perfect for him and the livestock that he has on his land. And he says it is no problem for him to light up a spot on any part of his land, and see anything that could be going on or where his livestock is.

So all in all, to sum up the main differences of these two lights is mainly going to be the throw of the light, and the flood. And also the runtime on the lights on the respective modes. As we have gone over, you can see there are quite a few similarities as well. Now, deciding which of these lights is best for you or a loved one for a gift. For any certain holiday that may be coming up. It is really going to come down to the intention of the use of the light is going to be used for. If you're needing something to light up an area rather than a specific spot far away. The TK35 2015 Edition may be best for you since it does have such a wider flood, than the Ultimate Edition. And vice versa, if you're needing something that has a good throw and a tight focus light, the TK35 Ultimate Edition would be the best one for you to pick among the two.

Now, another thing to mention about both of these lights is the slight price difference between the two. The Fenix TK35 2015 is priced at $99.95. While, the Fenix TK35 Ultimate Edition is priced at $129.95 here at the Fenix-store.com. Now whichever model you pick for yourself or maybe a gift for a loved one, Fenix Lights has a certain reputation. Every Fenix light has a five year warranty, and also here at the Fenix-Store we have our award-winning customer service team to answer and questions that you may have, or any advice that you could need concerning our lights.             On top of these great services, we also have an in-house repair center for any problems that could occur.

So, in conclusion, whichever light you would like to purchase you are also purchasing a service. And a service here at the Fenix store we take very seriously and whole-heartedly. I do hope that this information about these two lights, and our services has answered any questions that you may have had. And if you have anymore specific questions please feel free to contact us. I know as a member here we are always excited to help with any of your Fenix needs. So, as always, from your friendly Fenix-Store Team, illuminate your adventure.