Fenix LD22 - Best AA EDC Flashlight?

All right thanks for joining me today, this is Brad again with the Fenix-Store.com team and I'll be going over our Fenix LD22, the most recent edition which came out back in 2015. Since its release back in the summer of 2015, it has been easily been one of our most popular double A tactic flashlights, lighting up at a max of 300 lumens on just two double A batteries. It's pretty incredible honestly with the LED have come a long since the old incandescent bulbs that used to be. It has four different brightness modes plus a rapid strobe and a hidden SOS. It also has a new function I call a tactical mode, which if you're familiar with the PD35 Tactical that's very similar to that so it has a tactical mode and a regular outdoor mode, which basically disables a side switch and activates the turbo, strobe and medium mode through the tactical tail switch alone. So it basically just bypasses that side switch for more tactical style application.

fenix ld22 aa flashlight

Operating the Fenix LD22 AA Flashlight 

Just like many other Fenix lights, this Fenix LD22 Tactical Bundle AA (bundle discontinued; see AA batteries) Light utilizes a Cree XBG2 R5 LED with a rated life span of 50,000 hours and has a toughened ultra clear glass lens with anti reflective coating and is made from high quality aircraft grade aluminum. It also includes a tactical tail switch with a momentary on function meaning if you just half press the tail button the light will come on until released. Of course, you can always fully press it to have a constant on light. For a two double A flashlight it has an incredible beam throw of 390 feet or 120 meters. A stainless steel switch allows for output selection under the regular outdoor mode. It's a little bit easier to find in the night than the old rubber switch that the old one had. Outdoor mode is a factory default setting but you can access tactical mode by turning the light on from the rear and holding down the side button for three seconds. At that point the light will blink twice at you. After the strobe you'll see it blink twice letting you know that you changed modes.

And then to go back to the regular default outdoor mode you just repeat the same process and hold it down till it blinks twice past the strobe. Now, the flashlight will come with the standard intelligent memory circuit when in outdoor mode only so that way it automatically will enter the previously used brightness label when you turn it on. Plus it's digitally regulated so it's gonna maintain the constant brightness as long as your battery will support that mode that you're currently in. Has a great waterproof rating at IPX8 Standard, which means it's waterproof for three meters or about 10 feet for half an hour. So it's really got several real cool features on the new Fenix LD22 2015 edition. So next I'm gonna go over the size. It's pretty identical to the old one and it's 6.1 inches long, has a diameter of 0.8 inches or 21 and a half millimeters and weighs about 2 and a half ounces without the batteries.


The Fenix LD22 AA Battery EDC Flashlight

With the batteries, you're probably looking at close to 3 and a half with the two double A's. So, as I mentioned earlier, this flashlight is powered by two double A batteries. You can use alkaline or chargeable, whether it be lithium or nickel mineral hydrate and the standard 1.5 volt alkaline if you're using those, which everybody usually has quite a bit of those just lying around the house just waiting to be used as a standard size battery. But no matter which battery you use you're gonna get the same lumen output, whether you use rechargeable or non rechargeable. So next I will be going over the output modes on with the run times but before I get into those, speaking on the batteries, that is recommended that you do not mix batteries of different brands, size or capacity. If you do, you run the risk of damaging the flashlight with the batteries that were used.

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So factory default is the outdoor mode, as I mentioned earlier. The turbo setting at 300 lumens and has a max run time with a rechargeable nickel metal battery of an hour and 25 minutes. If you use a standard alkaline, which is non rechargeable, you're gonna get about 40 minutes on the highest setting on the turbo. Next will be the high mode, which is 100 lumens and will run for 7 hours and 10 minutes with a rechargeable nickel metal battery. If using an alkaline battery, it'll last about 5 hours and 5 minutes. Next, below that, would be the mid setting, which is 30 lumens, has a run time of 25 hours with a nickel metal rechargeable and 22 hours and 30 minutes with the alkaline. Finally, the lowest setting is called low and it's 5 lumens and has a run time of 100 hours with a nickel metal rechargeable and 90 hours with the standard alkaline.

The strobe function is always gonna be set at 300, the same as the turbo. Strobe is basically used for disorienting an enemy. It'll operate at the standard 300 as well as the SOS is at 300 lumens as well. Basically any type of emergency or signaling for any type of help that you may need, whatever the situation may need. So to access those features you basically just turn the light on and hold down the side switch for about half a second and then it will enter into strobe and then click it one time to enter the SOS. And once you're done with those settings you would just hold it down for half a second just like you did when you turned it on and that will take you back to the previous used constant on setting. Some pretty cool accessories come with it is obviously this pocket clip which a very sturdy, strong pocket clip. I've never seen one break. I mean, you may lose 'em but I've never seen one break or bend. They make a really good pocket clip to go with this light.


More Goodies for the Fenix LD22 AA EDC Flashlight 

But we also have some colored lens filters in red, green and blue that fit this bright, tactical flashlight. Those are also purchased at Fenix-Store.com where you can give us a call at our 800 number listed on the top and the side as well. If you do buy 'em online you will need the same size and that would fit that size of flashlight head on that LD22 Tactical Style Light. As you can see the Fenix flashlight is a must have for birthday, Christmas gifts and year long basically. It makes a great gift especially with being taking two double A's, anybody can use this light. It's easy to use, it's fun to use. You can use it outdoors, for recreational use, camping, hunting, fishing or at home, keep it in your nightstand for if the power goes out. I like to use these lights in the movie theater on the low 5 lumens so it doesn't disrupt other people are you're walking to find your seats before the movie starts.

fenix ld22 edc flashlight


When you purchase the Fenix LD22 Tactical Light from the Fenix-Store.com it's priced at $54.99 so with that purchase you will receive the Fenix LD22 of course as well as the flashlight holster, a lanyard O-ring. We're gonna throw in also two non rechargeable double A batteries, an instruction sheet and the warranty card. I've mentioned earlier there are several accessories with that LD22 besides the colored filters, we have lampshades, diffusers, traffic wands and also there's a bundle listed online as well that would come with basically everything that you would need, rechargeable and non rechargeable batteries and the accessories that come with that. It also has a bike mount that you can purchase on the website as well that would fit this smaller size, pocket size light.

So there you have it folks, that would be the Fenix LD22. I highly recommend this as a standard double A tactical style flashlight. 300 lumens, really can't get much better with a double A flashlight than the Fenix LD22. So I appreciate everybody taking the time to read this. Remember Fenix-Store.com you always get free shipping inside the United States. Thank you.