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Thank you for joining us today here at Fenix-Store.com. Today we plan on talking about who we are and what we do here, why we are more than just a flashlight company, and how we connect with our customers. We have interviewed a few of our employees to answer simple questions about Fenix-store.com.

1. Why sell Fenix Flashlights?

We sell Fenix flashlights for many reasons, but to sum it up all in a few words, I would say we sell Fenix flashlights because we love to provide our valued customers a high-quality product that is dependable from a company like us Fenix-Store.comthat is trustworthy. I believe that we have the best flashlights around, not only the brightest tactical flashlights and the best military tactical flashlights but we also have the best Everyday Carry (EDC) flashlights. This makes us the best flashlight company around.

2. Where is Fenix-Store.com Located?

Fenix-store.com is located in Oklahoma. At least once a day we have a customer ask where does the Fenix store ship from? We are happy to say we are based here in Oklahoma inside the United States. The majority of orders placed before 3:00 PM Central Time will be shipped the same day from our warehouse. Our main shipping carrier is USPS; most packages arrive within 3 to 5 business days. We offer a tracking number for our flashlights if you include your email during purchase, once the package has been shipped you will receive a tracking number via email.

3. What is the goal of Fenix-Store.com?

We have achieved many goals throughout the years, but our main goal remains the same, to provide high-quality flashlights to all of our followers and customers. This goal will probably never change, and we'll never be satisfied! This is why Fenix Customer service is the best that you will find.

4. What are your favorite Fenix Products?

Currently, one of my favorite Fenix lights is the Fenix UC01 Mini flashlight is perfect for my keychain and it is rechargeable so I don't have to hassle with getting new batteries. For my EDC I also like the Fenix UC35, once again because of the fact that it is rechargeable and has a good amount of lumen output. (EDITOR'S NOTE: These two products have been discontinued and replaced with the E03R and UC35 V2, respectively.)

5. What makes Fenix-Store.com different from other flashlight companies?

I guess you could say that our service and warranty department is what really makes us different. We are an official Fenix Flashlight distributor here in the USA. This gives us the advantage over everyone else, most lights can be fixed here in our in-house repair center. Our communication process is by far the best, other than contacting us by phone, you can also chat, email or even Facebook message us during normal business hours. The Fenix store phone number is 1-800-616-13426, Chat can be found at Fenix-store.com.

6. How often does Fenix-Store.com have a sale or discounted prices?

Fenix-Store.com believes in always helping the customer. We always have 10% off on our online purchases using code APP10. We periodically offer a Fenix store coupon code via our newsletter. We recommend signing up, sometimes the coupon code will offer a 20% discount or $20 Off a certain amount. And you could say we always have our Fenix flashlight for sale since we offer discounts on our retail prices that are listed on our site. So no matter where you look online the cheapest Fenix flashlight will always be at Fenix-store.com

7. What other projects does Fenix-Store.com have going on?

Fenix-store.com currently offers a variety of reviews for our flashlights. We have been working on this project for quite some time now. Our plan is to provide reviews in every category. We have the best tactical flashlights reviews, survival flashlights reviews, and expert reviews on our most popular flashlights like the Fenix PD35 and The Fenix PD35TAC. We are currently working on adding more content regarding our flashlights and gear. We want to be the go to guys for anything that has to do with flashlights and gear! If you have a question there is a 90% chance we will be able to answer it, and if we can't we know someone who will or will get the answer for you.