Fenix TK35UE 2018 Edition | The Best Handheld Flashlight


A good tactical flashlight is crucial to have. This is why we have decided to review one of our favorite tactical flashlights that was just upgraded, the Fenix TK35UE. If you have not had a chance to look this flashlight over, we recommend you go to FenixStore.com and take a look at all the upgraded features that the Fenix TK35UE has. Specifically, just to start off, 3200 lumens. It's a beast of a light, and it has all the features that you would want to have in a flashlight.

Fenix TK35UE Tactical 18650 Flashlight 


Let's get straight into it. Just like all the previous lights, the Fenix TK35UE, it takes two 18650 batteries. The only difference is that this time, the charging cradle is USB rechargeable. So going forward, you will be able to take the charging cradle out, plug it directly into a micro-USB cable, and charge it that way, avoiding the hassle of taking each battery individually out and then having to set it on a charger. We do recommend using the Fenix L18-3500U batteries. These batteries are going to be the ones that give you the longest run time on the flashlight itself.

If you really want to have a flashlight that's going to last you, or give you a really long run time, we do recommend using those 3500 milliamp batteries. It's perfect for military, police, search and rescue, or even outdoor exploring. It has so many functionalities, especially with all the features that it has.

Operating the Fenix TK35UE Tactical Flashlight 


What is another thing that makes this Fenix TK35UE, 2018 edition, different from all the others? Well, there are many added features. First of all, it does have a Tactical, Outdoor, and lockout function. So on the Tactical Mode, you will only be able to reach the 2000 lumens, and you will only have two outputs, which would be the turbo 2000 and the strobe.

tk35ue-3200-lumens.jpgSo with that, you will be able to switch between all the different outputs or output modes with the rear switch. The second function that it has is the Outdoors Mode. Just like any other Outdoor Mode, you're going to have five different output levels, a strobe, and then a SOS as well. And last, it does have a lockout function. So with the lockout function, the light will stay green when it's locked out and when you try to turn it on, telling you that it is in that function, so it prevents from it turning on accidentally via your holster or if you may drop it. That way, it avoids being turned on.

Now you can switch it to the lockout function while the flashlight is on. As you know, many of the other Fenix flashlights, you either have to have the flashlight off or do a dual switch press down to go into that lock out. And this one, you can have the flashlight on and then go directly into the lock out, which is a really nice added feature. As we had mentioned previously, it takes two 18650s. The solid red on the battery carrier will indicate that it is charging. Once it turns to a solid green, then that shows that it has been fully charged as well.

So those are just some of the things that you do want to keep in mind with this Fenix TK35UE updated model. It does have a instant strobe as well for emergency situations. This is going to be something that a lot of people like police officers or law enforcement are going to really like, because you'll be able to access that super bright strobe function with the Fenix TK35UE. Another great feature that a lot of people don't consider to be a feature, but here at Fenix we do, is that it does tail stand. There are a few flashlights that we do have available that are able to tail stand, and the Fenix TK35UE is one of them.

It will come with a standard holster, and also a lanyard as well in the packaging. It is IP68 rated. So you will be able to use this in heavy rain or conditions where you're surrounded by water as well. It'll be submersible for 2 meters up to 30 minutes at max. The IP68 rating is a feature that is now pretty much standard in almost all Fenix flashlights. Let's talk about some of the outputs and also run times that are to be expected with this flashlight.

Fenix TK35UE LED Flashlight Multiple Modes 


Talking about the Outdoors Mode, as we know, it's going to have a total of 3200 lumens. Now, with the Outdoor Mode, you won't be able to access the first turbo, which is the one that is 2000 lumens. You will only have the 3200 lumen turbo, the high, medium, low, and then eco, and of course the strobe and the SOS. The SOS will be working at 100 lumens and the strobe at 3200 lumens. Your first output level is going to be the eco, which is 20 lumens. Then your low, which is 100, your medium which is 350, your high which is 1000, and then finally, your turbo on the Outdoor Mode, which is 3200 lumens.

tac-and-outdoor.jpgExpected run time is 1 hour and 30 minutes of accumulated time. As we know, pretty much all Fenix flashlights have an intelligent temperature regulation, so what will happen here is that once the flashlight reaches a certain degree, it will drop down, and then once it has cooled down, you will be able to access that turbo once again. So that'll be 1 hour and 30 minutes on the turbo, and you will get distance about 300 meters of throw distance on that turbo option as well. Moving on down to the turbo 2000, which is only accessible through the Tactical Mode, you will get about 2 hours of run time on that one and about 233 meters of throw distance.

Next, moving to the high output, which is 1000 lumens. You will get about 3 hours and 40 minutes of output, of accumulated run time, and you'll have about 169 meters of throw distance. Moving on to our medium output, which is a 350 lumens, you'll get 10 hours and 50 minutes, and then a 100 meters of throw distance on that output. Next is the low, which is 100 lumens. You'll get about 38 hours and 40 minutes of accumulated run time, and then you will also have a 55 meter throw distance. Last is the eco, which is 152 hours and a total of 20 meters in throw distance.

So those are some of the run times and specifications just to have in mind with the Fenix TK35UE. Another thing to have in mind is the LED that it does use. Just a quick comparison on these LEDs. The previous model, which was the TK35UE, or ultimate edition 2015, used the XHP50. The 2018 edition has been upgraded to the XHP70, so it is one of the more modern LEDs that Cree does have available. The spill beam, or angle, is a little different as well. On the 2015 edition, you had about a 61.5 degree spill beam angle. On the TK35UE, the 2018 edition, you will have a 63 degree spill beam angle on that one. All these features really make the Fenix TK35UE one of the best tactical flashlights of 2018.